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Boxers 'n Briefs Thumbnails  or  Slideshow
55 Four Corners Lane
Centreville, IL 62206
Phone:  618-332-6141
Fax:  618-332-6145
Email:  info@boxersnbriefs.com
Web:  www.boxersnbriefs.com
Type:  Bars & Clubs
 Restaurants & Cafes
Boxers & Briefs, St Louis
In full color, live on stage

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From Our Article...
On the other side of the Mississippi River in Centreville, Illinois, this is one of the few places in America with completely nude male strippers, and with an emphasis on youthful beauty. Performances are on the bar and on-stage, or -- if you prefer -- in the VIP lounge for private shows. There are shower shows, too. Every night here is 18-plus, and they're open until 6am Fridays and Saturdays (closed Mondays). They also have full range of x-rated videos and DVDs for sale.... Read the Article

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