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Welcome to Odyssey

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By Staff reports

Club Odyssey, Winston-Salem
Justin feels no pain at Club Odyssey in Winston-Salem

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NOTE: This is an archive article. For an updated and expanded Winston-Salem article click DailyXtraTravel


Much of gay life here is focused at the dance and show bar Club Odyssey (4019 Country Club Road), which pulls a young 18+ fun-loving crowd Tuesday through Sunday from 9pm with high-energy dance music Wednesdays through Sundays. There is Friday cabaret with Cass Westbrook and male strippers at midnight. They have periodic pageants here too. Saturdays feature urban tunes to dance to.


In Greensboro, you can't miss Warehouse 29 (1011 Arnold), weekend dance club with late night Sundays, Latin nights, and Sunday Tea Dances. Their Loading Dock patio bar has summertime volleyball on the sand court, and there are lots of pageants here too. Saturday night dance parties include go-go boys, fan dancers and special guest entertainers, sometimes stars of gay film on their center shower stage; but also singers and comedians.

Another bar in town is Q Lounge (708 West Market St) an alternative, unpretentious gay bar with special events, barbeques, bingo and a friendly mix of locals.


Right along the Blue Ridge Parkway, Asheville is in one of America's most scenic areas.

The town attracts a quirky mix of folk and is a focal point for this mountain region.

In the gay scene there's Scandal's (11 Grove Street). Scandals calls itself "The hippest, most fabulous, exciting, almighty dance club in the history of the world." They are open Thursday to Saturday from 10pm and offer Asheville a great bar and dance club. If it's wall-to-wall men and boys that you want (18-plus) then you must be there on a weekend night, for Southern hospitality at its best. Their house drag-show cast is one of the best in the country and staff here is great.

Other clubs include Club Hairspray has a downstairs dance spot, decor inspired by the John Waters movie, and DJs, live music, and variety shows of drag kings and queens; and O'Henry's (237 Haywood Street).

Q Notes is the local gay press with updates on upcoming events.

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