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April 2010 Email this to a friend

Still a cabaret, old chum

By Staff reports

Connection Club, Berlin
At Connection Club Berlin

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NOTE: This is an archive article. For an updated and expanded Berlin article click DailyXtraTravel

A vast and diverse set of gay scenes, thoughtful civic amenities, and tourist-popular pricing make Germany's capital an ever-more popular destination

Berlin is a Mecca, and not only for gay people. Prices here are reasonable compared to other European capitals, and rent-refugees from the other EU countries and beyond are flocking in, creating an ever-more cosmopolitan ambience. English is firmly established as the second language of most people, especially in the west, so English-only tourists will have little trouble communicating.

The city is blessed with many beautiful parks, not least the cruisy Tiergarten, where people can enjoy the summer sunshine without a stitch on, raising nary an eyebrow. Biking is easy here as well, with designated paths to most everywhere. There's a network of public swimming pools with saunas, water cascades, and wave makers. In winter they provide a warm and cozy indoor retreat. In summer, open-air pools and lakes offer relief from hot weather. For info see Berlinerbaederbetriebe. For those interested in nudist-friendly spots, look for the "FKK" designation.

Getting started

To trace Berlin's gay history visit the Schwules Museum (Mehringdamm 61). But to make your own gay history in Berlin (which boasts an openly gay mayor, Klaus Wowereit), there are many neighborhoods to explore. Best known to tourists are the quiet tree-lined streets of Schoeneberg, with a well-established gay community of many facets. Here you'll see same-sex affection and leathermen in full regalia alongside families and kids on bikes. As in other German cities, the straight folks blend right in.

Located in the western part of the city, Schoeneberg is just south of Kurfurstendamm, past the vast and elegant department store KaDeWe in Wittenbergplatz. The gourmet shop, cafes, and a restaurant on the top floors are something to experience here. Nollenbergplatz anchors the area at its eastern edge.

From Wittenbergplatz or Nollendorfplatz stations in the west, the U Bahn will take you to Eberswalder Strasse and Schoenhauser Allee in the east. Around and between these latter stations, the Prenzlauer Berg area of East Berlin is full of interesting sights. East German gay society emerged from, and was a part of, an alternative art and political milieu which came of age under the old regime behind the wall. The district retains, almost a generation later, an appearance and atmosphere apart from that of what was West Berlin. There are gay sex shops, saunas, restaurants, and bars here, but gay sensibilities and perspectives owe less to American and Western European models than to their own history. A sense of this spirit can be gleaned from visiting Fuck parade. The Kreutzberg and Friedrichshain districts have a similar feel, plus a more multi-cultural mix of neighborhoods.


The brightly colored Art Hotel Connection (Fuggerstrasse 33) is located on the third floor right above Prinzknecht bar. Vaulted ceilings in the entry hall are painted with frescos that recall Italy. The hotel has 15 newly renovated rooms, some with private bath, all with phone, TV, and mini-bar with fine wines. There's free wi-fi, as well as free computer internet stations for those without their laptop. An elaborate buffet breakfast Fruhstuckraum is a great place for "morning after" socializing. If you feel you need to be a little kinkier, they rent a toy-filled SM playroom. Minutes walk from Wittenbergplatz and neighborhood bars, Art Hotel Connection has a perfect location in the gay district, and staff here are multi-lingual, and relaxed but very conscientious about making you feel comfortable in every way.

Kinky Tulip (Welserstrasse 24), a guesthouse for a stay you won't forget, is exclusively for gay leather and fetish men, above the Connection at Fuggerstrasse. With slings, eight bondage equipped rooms, and a special "clinic-room," this isn't a standard hotel! Guests are encouraged to live their fantasies and let go of their inhibitions, so it's a place more for adventure than for rest. They have a large open room with big windows to greet the morning, for meeting other guests or watching TV; plus a kitchen to make your own breakfast from food that's provided. The showers are communal locker-room style, and towels and linen are available as you need them. Access the internet here at the free terminal, or with your laptop through a secure wi-fi connection.

The gay-owned but straight-friendly Arco Hotel (Geisbergstrasse 30) offers elegant simplicity and comfort. This turn-of-the-century building has 23 rooms with private baths or showers, phone, and cable TV. They're near many gay hangouts, the famous Ku'damm (Kurfurstendamm), and just a few minutes walk from Wittenbergplatz. Rates start at 50 euros for single rooms. There's a free breakfast buffet from 8 to 11am in the breakfast room or lovely outside garden, where you may catch a glimpse of their hunky gardener, Pekka, provider of all the fresh flowers that adorn the Arco. For laptop luggers, there's wi-fi internet access throughout the hotel, and they'll rent you one if you're traveling light.

Tom's Hotel (Motzstrasse 19) is at the heart of everything in Shoeneberg, with single and double rooms starting at 79 euros, all with TV, DVD player, free wi-fi, private bathroom, and fresh fruit. They also have short-term rental apartments. Tim and Mario are wonderful hosts, and guests receive discounts from many local gay businesses.

New from the same folks as Tom's Hotel Gay Hostel (Motzstrasse 28) has modern and immaculate single, double and shared rooms at the center of everything at fabulous rates from 19 euros per bed a night. Television, storage lockers, towel and linen, fridges, microwaves, free coffee and WiFi are provided, and you get discounts at local businesses too.

The old-world style BB Hotel Berlin (Fuggerstrasse 13) is mixed but gay-friendly, and convenient to all the bars and restaurants.

Many Brits and North Americans curious about Berlin's old east zone behind the wall, like to stay at Schall Und Rauch (Gleimstrasse 23), just off Schoenhauser Allee in Prenzlauer Berg. This inexpensive pension has seven rooms, each with bathroom, shower, and internet access starting at 45 euros. For a taste of the simpler, less stressed life of the east, with all the youthful energy of this district, you can make reservations by phone or online. At street level they have one of the area's hippest bars and restaurants (see more below).
City Guesthouse Pension (Gleimstrasse 24) is right next door, with large comfortable rooms, all with TV and bath.

Another inexpensive option in the center is Gaybed with rooms from 29 euros (single) and two apartments for rent.

In the higher price ranges, designed for the upscale gay traveler, the elegant, stylish and compfortable Axel Hotel Berlin (Lietzenburger Strasse 13/15) is close to everything in the Shoeneberg gay area.

Bars, cafes, and dining

Berliners party hard and late, and while many bars seldom get busy before midnight, some start earlier, building a crowd by eight or nine o'clock. But with no regulated times for bar closings, there isn't a rush, so events can take their own course.

More Cafe (Motzstrasse 28) is one place that's busy all afternoon and late into the evening. This restaurant and bar serves creative and delicious breakfast, lunch (with daily business specials), Sunday brunch buffet (10am to 4pm), and dinner selections daily. Their entrees are expertly prepared, thoughtfully presented, and generously apportioned, so you won't go away hungry; but you will still want more! Their website lists all the menus. The long low bar at center of the restaurant is perfect for leisurely afternoon chats over tea, coffee, or drinks, and there are sidewalk tables open to Motzstrasse for summer afternoons and evenings, covered and heated at cooler times. Your host Eric and the staff here are charming and devoted to customer satisfaction.

Several fun watering holes along Motzstrasse await you after dinner. Hafen (Motzstrasse 19) has been a place of cavorting for years. Good vibes from owners Ulrich and Johannes and their easy rapport with staff create a truly friendly atmosphere at Hafen, making conversation with a stranger here is perfectly cool. Wild DJs, drag shows, various performances, Monday Quizz-o-rama, and Banty's Basement every Friday and Saturday night featuring one of the Snoopy Lads (Arte television came recently to film here) make this bar a continuing pleasure to return to night after night.

Heile Welt (Motzstrasse 5) is known for its decor and its fun-loving and friendly crowd. The bartenders are cute, smiley, and fluent with the fluids. Outdoor seating is available, weather-permitting. Their front bar is wall-to-wall packed with people most nights, but there's also a sophisticated, ultra-modern, and comfortable lounge that extends far into the rear. It's open Wednesday through Sunday for casual cruising, or just to get some spreading-out space. Heile Welt roughly translates into "perfect world," and you can't get more perfectly queer than this.

There are ample opportunities for sex in Berlin clubs. Many are the dark-room and video arcade options, and numerous dance clubs and ordinary bars have naked nights and sex parties that might surprise and delight North Americans accustomed to more regulation. Sexual opportunity is so common as to be unremarkable here, and except in some of the kinkier and serious fetish venues it's usually playfully casual.

Scheune (Motzstrasse 25) is a longtime favorite that draws many butch men and their admirers. Leather and uniform, though popular , is not strictly enforced. Cruise the video bar and check out the porn videos playing before heading into the darkroom. There are naked safe-sex parties on Sundays at Scheune, and many other special events throughout the year.

Tom's Bar (Motzstrasse 19), famous for their heavy darkroom action, has a cruisy vibe with hot videos firing up an already obviously horny crowd.

Prinzknecht (Fuggerstrasse 33) has sidewalk seating (and indoor darkrooms) as well as great original art lining the walls. Come sunset, Wednesday's two-for-one happy hour, 7-9 p.m., attracts a nearly overwhelming crowd that spills out onto the street. Next door the Connection Club closed in May 2010.

You might notice some young men who frequent the corner at Motzstrasse and Eisenacher Strasse. It's no coincidence that Tabasco (Fuggerstrasse 3), the self-described "largest hustler bar in Europe," is here. Play pool with the guys in back, or catch an eye, and someone will soon say hello. Their friendly doorman keeps an eye on things and the troublesome ones are kept away. The staff can also arrange meetings for anyone either too shy or without the necessary language skills. For special events there are table dance strip shows and in good weather they have sidewalk seating by the trees.

Next door is Pinocchio (Fuggerstrasse 3), a cozy and sociable place, also with sidewalk tables. Blue Boy (Eisenacher Strasse 3a) across the street, also has a doorman to buzz you in, and a friendly mix of young and old of many backgrounds who come here to meet one another -- not just a pick up bar (that too) but a social hang-out as well. Next door, and extending around on Fuggerstrasse, Blond (Eisenacher Strasse 3a) is a bright open bar with sidewalk tables serving breakfast each morning from 10am for only 3.50 euros, or for cocktails afternoons and late into the evening. Blond has free Wi-Fi too.

Tramps (Eisenacher Strasse 6) is a neighborhood men's bar with early opening hours, and Eldorado (Motzstrasse 20) is a handy meeting place on a busy corner, for coffee or drinks, with a pool table and evening shows.

Woof (Fuggerstrasse 37) is home to the German Mr. Leather events, and pulls a good crowd of leather and fetish guys and bears most every night. Regular naked parties take place Thursdays and Sundays.

Mutschmann's (Martin-Luther-Strasse 19), a serious leather-and-fetish men-only bar, has a dedicated following. They have a large cruising area and backroom that gets going late. They're known here also for frequent naked sex parties. On Wednesdays, the dress code is lifted and a two-for-one happy hour brings in a randy group of guys.

Other bars in the area include: Hell (Lietzenburger Strasse 20b), Maxxx (Fuggerstrasse 34), Storks (Kleistrasse 7), and Pussy Cat (Kalckreuthstrasse 7).

Cafe Berio (Maassenstrasse 7) is a local icon with sidewalk tables, the place to see and be seen by passers-by in Nollendorfplatz any warm afternoon or evening over Ice cream, pastries or coffee. Breakfast is on the menu here from 8 a.m. through midnight.

Windows (Martin-Luther-Strasse 22) and Rastatte Gnadenbrot (Martin-Luther-Strasse 20a) are bar/restaurants at the other end of Motzstrasse with local flair. On the third corner here the great little pizza and pasta place Pizza Luna (Martin-Luther-Strasse 21) is conveniently open until 4 a.m. Fritz & Co. is the rainbow-flag adorned stand for quick currywurst and french fries, on the way to Shoeneberg from Wittenbergplatz U-bahn.

For those with only sex in mind, New Action (Kleiststrasse 35) attracts a kinky men-only crowd, and the action here is even later than at most clubs. Next door Bull is a men-only fetish space that runs into afterhours (until 6am) Saturdays and Sundays. Jaxx (Motzstrasse 19) is a membership sex party club associated with Tom's Bar. Reizbar (Motzstrasse 30) is a new men's cruise bar, making this busy corner even more interesting. Ajpnia (Eisenach Strasse 23) also does sex parties. Stage Club (Nassauische Strasse 36a) is another men's sex-party club in nearby Wilmersdorf.

Two tubs on this side of town are: Apollo Sauna Club Brasil (Kurfurstenstrasse 101) and Steam Sauna (Kurfurstenstrasse 113), each with all the amenities.

The Tiergarten (park) is not far away, and near the Siegessaeule (Victory Column) there's a legendary cruising spot. There's also action around the Lowenbrucke (Lion Bridge).

Shopping and services

Between Schoeneberg's bars Wittenbergplatz you'll find Prinz Eisenherz (Lietzenburger Strasse 9a), a large gay-and-lesbian bookstore. The friendly, English-speaking employees here are helpful guides. Here are vended all the local gay press and maps, and they offer a large gay assortment of books of every kind, magazines, videos, postcards, and photography from the world-over. They also have a good English section and a pleasant garden patio in which to sit and relax awhile.

Galerie Janssen (Pariser Strasse 45) is a men's gallery of imagery offering a large assortment of gay video DVDs, photo books, magazines, and cards spanning a wider and deeper range of male erotic themes than can be found most anywhere else -- from art to raunch, of several eras, and for many varied tastes.

Men & Media (Nollendorfstrasse 23) is a pleasant internet cafe at the center of the gay neighborhood with all the local gay mags and maps and the Guide too. Christopher Isherwood, who wrote so evocatively of his years in Berlin, lived on this street (at number 17) over 70 years ago.

Mister B (Motzstrasse 22) -- the leather, rubber, and accessories store with its roots in Amsterdam -- also has a boutique here in Berlin. From cockrings to leather chaps, you'll find all the famous, well-designed Mister B items for sale here plus cards, videos, and magazines of interest to Berlin's thriving leather, rubber, and fetish scene, plus their own brand of lubes and slippery sex-enhancers. They also sponsor the ongoing series of leather and fetish "Perverts" parties -- large affairs that take place in some of the big and crumbling, but very atmospheric, industrial cast-off buildings around the city twice a year. For more info and dates, see Perverts, or stop by the Mister B store.

At Gear (Kalckreuthstrasse 13) owner Rob and his staff are outgoing and helpful at their centrally located, spacious, comfortable store. They stock an imaginative line of leather, rubber, and urban sports wear, footwear and accessories, plus cards and photo books.

RoB Berlin (Fuggerstrasse 19) is another Amsterdam transplant to Berlin with a store full of leather clothing and accessories and a helpful and engaging staff.

Garage Store and Movies (Fuggerstrasse 33) offers leather ("hard and not-so-hard wear") clothing and accessories and also the flicks. Their erotic video arcade here is a chance to explore the ways in which European porn movies differ from those of North America, along with other diversions. There's a subterranean labyrinth here too, one of the best in the city, for those seeking rapid relief.

A number of other sex video arcades and sales outlets are nearby, including: City Men (Fuggerstrasse 26); Duplexx (Martin-Luther-Strasse 14); Man's Pleasure Chest (Kalckreuthstrasse 15); and out a bit from the center, Maze World (Kurfurstenstrasse 79).

Next to the Manometer community and information center, at Nollendorfplatz U-Bahn station, Brunos (Bulowstrasse 106) is a giant block-long store, one of several in Germany from the folks who publish Spartacus travel guidebooks and the Bruno Gmunder photo books, magazines, and calendars. They also carry porn DVDs, books, and magazines from far and wide. A second Bruno's Berlin store is in Prenzlauer Berg (Schoenhauser Allee 131).

For massage that's both a turn-on and also deeply relaxing physical therapy, Bodyworker (Nollendorfstrasse 26) offers man-to-man, hand's-on work with sensitive erotic techniques and tantric traditions too. Centro Delfino (Nollendorfstrasse 20) has relaxing physiotherapy with Swedish, Ayurveda, and Shiatsu procedures among others, and classic whole-body oil massages.

Heading east

Prenzlauer Berg is quite intriguing with lots of sidewalk cafes, restaurants, and little shops to explore.

A good first stop would be at Schall Und Rauch (Gleimstrasse 23). Besides their guesthouse, they have a restaurant, cafe, and bar with sidewalk seating and a menu to please everyone, including vegetarians. There are weekend and holiday breakfast buffets, daily lunch from noon, with ever-changing specials, and tea-time with pastries and 20 kinds of tea to choose from, week-day afternoons. A recent menu addition to their world-cuisine menu is typisch deutsch food -- good basic old fashioned German fare. Their bar offers over 100 kinds of cocktails, and Schall und Rauch celebrates all the holidays with special drinks and food.

Sonntags Club (Greifenhagener Strasse 28) bar and cafe is also a meeting house that dates from the GDR days, and retains some of that ambience still.

Several bars in this area are solidly male territory. Baerenhoehle (Schoenhauser Allee 90) is a cozy cave for bears coming up on nine years of providing comfort and converstation space for a broad cross-section of guys, but expecially for those big friendly ursine ones.

For an even more sexually charged atmosphere there are other bars nearby. Black Box (Paul-Robeson Strasse 50), Greifbar (Wichertstrasse 10), and Darkroom (Rodenbergstrasse 23) are some cruisy neighborhood bar options, and Stahlrohr (Greifenhagener Strasse 54) organizes diverse and uninhibited sex and fetish parties. Area video arcade and sex shops include XXL-Berlin(Schoenhauser Allee 131) and Bad Boys (Schliemannstrasse 38).

Flax (Chodowieckistrasse 41) at Prenzlauer Berg south has a fun crowd. Highlights are Wednesday pasta buffets, topless service-boy Fridays, and a big Sunday brunch buffet. First Fridays of each month Flax is known for a big karaoke party of (mostly) young guys, that gets quite wild; a photo gallery on their website tells the story.

Treibhaus Sauna (Schoenhauser Allee 132), located near several of the bars, is known as "Berlin's most beautiful sauna." They boast a huge whirlpool, Finnish sauna and two levels of action. Toys, magazines, and other queer goodies are for sale, and they provide internet access too. Good food and drinks await you at their in-house bar and cafe, and in the lounge you can relax after long sessions in the wet area. Therapeutic massage appointments can be arranged too. Treibhaus is one of East Berlin's most popular gay businesses and attracts a truly varied crowd of men of all ages, open 1pm to 7am daily and non-stop through the whole weekend until Monday morning.

Located 300 meters from the Brandenburg Gate, the aptly named Gate Sauna (Wilhelmstrasse 81), the other bathhouse on the east side, is a cozy, intimate place, often frequented by bears and their cubs.

There's outdoor cruising here at Friedrichshain's Volkspark around the Marchenbrunnen (water-fountain area), both day and night, but be cautious after dark.

In Kreuzberg district, besides the big dance venues, there are several smaller gay clubs to check out.

Triebwerk (Urbanstrasse 64) is a gay sex club/bar on two floors with DJs, and naked sex parties more than 250 times each year. They share the address with Darkzone a cruisy video arcade and DVD sales shop. Ficken 3000 (Urbanstrasse 70), near Volkspark is a sparky little bar, also with darkroom sexual adventures, and Club Culture Houze (Gorlitzer Strasse 71) is another erotic playground for just about any taste, or gender.

Melitta Sundstrom (Mehringdamm 61) is coffee shop fronting Schwuz nightclub and the Schwules Museum with a more elaborate restaurant to be completed on the second floor sometime this summer. The atmosphere here is very East Berlin, and well worth a visit for stimulating conversation over drinks. While in the area, Barbiebar (Mehringdamm 77), Rauschgold (Mehringdamm 62) and Drama (Mehringdamm 63) are cafe/bars to check out.

Dance parties, events, and film

The men-only Perverts at Glashaus (Eichenstrasse 4) will return September 3, 2010 as a part of this year's seventh annual Folsom Europe 2010 leather/fetish/skin/rubber events September 1-4. The Perverts decor and ambiance is industrial on two levels (each with DJ), with glass block dance floor lightshows; and they typically draw a crowd of over 1500. Check out the music CDs at the Mister B store. They also have dark rooms, a porn cinema, and chill-out areas in this former GDR border patrol/tram maintenance building. Pig is the other big Folsom party event, on September 4, men-only, with a strict leather, rubber, uniform or skin dress code.
Other Folsome Europe events will happen all over town in bars and bathhouses, and a big streetfair for all on Fuggerstrasse will take place from noon on Saturday. See their website for more details.

As a part of the Gay Pride festivities from May 28 to June 20, 2010, Schoeneberg is the annual site of Gay Stadtfest, Europe's largest queer open-air event, this year the weekend of June 12-13, 2010. Main stages attract the largest crowds, but the surrounding streets, clubs and beer gardens in the vicinity of Nollendorfplatz will be packed in all directions, with over 450,000 people expected to attend.

This year on June 19, 2010, the Christopher Street Day parade typically includes a hundred floats that proceed from the Kurfurstendamm to the Siegessaeule with half a million or so people, and more than a few playful shenanigans in public.

Berlin has a good selection of many dance venues that are constantly changing, exploring new entertainment concepts and moving around town. Here is but a sample.

Check out the big GMF gay dances at Weekend Club (Alexander Strasse 7) with appeal for a large and broad cross-section of people at their Alexanderplatz venue on two levels plus a roof terrace.

Schwuz (Mehringdamm 61) is a favorite weekend gay dance option for many young Berliners, in the Kreuzberg district on three floors with music and shows for many tastes, and styles. Men-only sex parties also take place here. SO 36 (Oranienstrasse 190), another Kreuzberg location, has a ever-changing variety of events, shows and dance nights including techno fests, Turkish and Arab music events. Every Sunday their tea-dance dubbed Cafe Fatal features Deutsche Schlager (German pop) and an rare and unlikely mix of folk.

Two more clubs in Friedrichshain are just across the Spree. Haus B (Warschauer Platz 18) has big gay and mixed weekend dance nights, and Wednesday night amateur strip offs. Club Paul is their men-only space within the larger complex each Saturday.

Berghain/Panorama (Radersdorfer Strasse at Wriezener Bahnhof) is techno-partier's dream in a spectacular former power plant. A mainly gay crowd comes for Klubnacht on Saturdays. No sex act seems left unexplored at Lab.oratory at the same location. Snax is the bi-monthly men-only sex and fetish party here, a shared event with Berghain, and the words naked, fuck, anal deep throat, rubber, and piss adorn their website list of events like a liturgy.

Ackerkeller (Bergstrasse 67), in the central Mitte area, has weekly Tuesday men's dance nights, naked parties each second Saturday, and other mixed and queer events all week long. Also in Mitte, Bangaluu (Invalidenstrasse 30) is a restaurant with couch-reclining dining and Sunday night La Loca dance parties between stark-white walls. Klub International at Kino International (Karl-Marx-Allee 33) is a big first Saturday monthly gay dance party on four floors of one of Berlin's most attractive venues -- each first Saturday of the month.

Kitkat Club (Kopenickerstrasse 76) at the southern edge of Mitte, calls itself a "socially, political, experimental techno club & fetish event playground for the enlightened, and uninhibited." Their dress code encourages erotic flambouyance. Young and old, gay and straight of all classes, and several genders mix for a "complete sensual and multi-sexual focus." At Chromanova.de you can hear live-stream music direct from the KitKat. FickstutenMark is the latest addition to monthly events here, when stallions freely have their way with mares."

In Nollendorfplatz, Propaganda is a gay dance every second Saturday night at the elaborate old theater Goya (Nollendorfplatz 5) on four floors with two dance floors, go-go dancers and table dances.

Other dance nights to check out include Saturdays at Ken (Obentraustrasse 19-21) near Hallesches Tor; Dice Club on Fridays and Saturdays just south of Alexanderplatz; and Spy Club once a month at Cookies, Unter den Linden.

Hustlaball with it's "world of hustlers, hookers, pimps, streetwalkers, flesh-peddlers, porn stars and other scandalous sorts" takes place the long weekend of October 21-25, 2010, with main venues to be announced -see their website.

Wigstoeckel is an extravaganza for transgender people that takes place each October. Check their website for updates and photos of previous events.

Connection Club (Welserstrasse at Fuggerstrasse) the long-time dance club in Shoeneberg, has closed their doors after their last night, May 1, 2010.

For even more party nights, see the nightlife page at website of local gay magazines such as Siegessaeule in German and English, or that of Blu for German language info.

A big gay/lesbian annual party for Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg called Parkfest Friedrichshain takes place in Volkspark with thousands in attendance and lots of local talent. This year's party will take place on August 14, 2010.

For film lovers, Verzaubert, the international queer film festival that moves between Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne and Berlin is the event of the year, and one of the most important gay festivals in the world. See their website for events to be scheduled for November 2010.

Yorck has a list of interesting films around town. Mongay, is a the gay Monday night cult movie screening at Kino International (Karl-Marx-Allee 33), the former GDR's classiest cinema.
Berlin's Gay/Lesbian cinema Xenon Kino (Kolonnenstrasse 5-6) is like a year-round gay film-fest with new films weekly from around the world.
The CineStar IMAX at the Sony Center in Potsdamer Platz screens mainstream films in their original languages -- which usually means English.

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