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July 2009 Email this to a friend


By Staff reports

nobiz, Bern
On the scene in Bern

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NOTE: This is an archive article. For an updated and expanded Bern article click DailyXtraTravel

Bern (Berne)

The Swiss federal city has attracted tourists for centuries. Not only for the unique medieval architecture, but also for the surrounding countryside that will make you want to yodel. It's a perfect place to begin a day trip, hiking through the famed Bernese Oberlands.

For fresh air and recreation closer in, there's Sun Deck (Lšngasstrasse 65, rear), a short bus (number 12) ride from the train station. Their sauna is a fragrant dark grotto of twinkling lights and secret nooks, and there's also a bio-sauna, jacuzzi, videos, and a TV room. The maze has a comfortable expanse of comfy bedding for group activity, and there's a workout area and a bar and mini-restaurant too. Nude sunbathing is okay on the expansive, wood-decked rooftop in comfortable deck chairs. For cold or cloudy days they have a tanning bed.

Aqualis (Brunnmattstrasse 21) is a sauna with large steamroom, power showers, overnight rooms, cubicles with videos, a sling room, and large-screen cinema. Studio 43 (Monbijoustrasse 123) is a third bathhouse option here.

For nightlife, visit Bar Samurai (Aarbergergasse 35), a bar and small disco that's tucked away, near the train station, behind the long covered promenade so characteristic of Bern streets

Other local gay spots include: Comeback Bar (Rathausgasse 42), a cocktail bar with an intimate dance floor; Aux Petits Fours (Kramgasse 67) a local cruise and conversation bar with a nookie room in the back; and Blue Cat Bistro (Gerechtigkeitsgasse 75) cafe and bar.

The sex and video shop Loveland (Gerechtigkeitsgasse 39) is also in the center of the historic part of town with active cruising during the day.

For "wild gay nights in the capital city" visit Bubennacht (Hotelgasse 10) dance club. Other gay dance venues in Bern are listed on Guidemag.com. For party dates and other local updates see Gay-bern.ch.

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