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At Masque
At Masque

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February 2010 Email this to a friend


By Staff reports

Masque, Dayton
Strippers at Masque, Dayton

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NOTE: This is an archive article. For an updated and expanded Dayton article click DailyXtraTravel

Ohio's fourth largest city, about an hour drive from Columbus to the east, and Cincinnati to the south, is USA central in most every way. Travelling through? A night out in this town is worth the stop. The friendly and good-looking guys who call this home know how to party.

Aquarius (135 E. 2nd) has drag and karaoke, blackout parties, college nights, talent shows, and shows by the Aquaboys.

Masque (34 N. Jefferson) is a world-class nightclub experience. Masque has become the one of the most exciting gay-nights-out in the Midwest, and people come from all over Ohio and nearby states. The 18-plus crowd is young and enthusiastic, the staff attentive and personable, and the dancing young men atop the bars are fresh, friendly, uninhibited, and sexy. Level one has an elaborate stage, two bars, lounge seating, and a pool table. Level two is nearly all dance-floor beneath a ceiling packed with lighting. The crowd goes wild as the Kryogenifex nitrogen cooling system blasts into the dancers and colored strobes light up the fog. DJ Scott Woxman plays a variety of current house, R&B, pop, and retro mixes downstairs. DJ Rick Corder plays vocal Progressive and Gay House upstairs. This club has one of the finest sound systems ever heard-- chest pounding, yet crisp and clean. All kinds of special nights fill the calendar, with talent and drag shows, dance-offs, and the hottest male dancers you'll ever see getting sexy on stage and under the showers (see the photos on the website). Headline recording artists, drag comedians, and circuit DJs are regular extras.

MJ's Cafe (119 E Third St) has lots going on with entertainment every Friday and Saturday night, Sunday Family Dinner, karaoke nights, "Pretty Boy Reviews" variety, and open stage drag shows.

Right Corner (105 E. Third) is a long-time gay locals' favorite getaway for drinks and conversation.

The Stage Door (44 N. Jefferson St) is a neighborhood bar, open seven days a week with a gay mix of all kinds, mostly guys, drag shows and lots of special parties.

A short distance east on I-70, in Springfield Ohio, the Why Not III (5 N Murray St) is open nightly from 9:30pm, with free Wi-Fi internet, karaoke and free pool on Thursdays and Saturday shows.

Pride Day & Shopping

Pride Dayton has a kick-off night May 1st, and the main event Greater Dayton PrideFest on June 5, 2010, with a parade leaving from Cooper Place at noon. Check their website for the Festival location.
Also on May 5, the Dayton Gay Men's Chorus will have a concert at Victoria Theater (138 N Main St) at 8pm.
Other Pride events include Pride Nite movies at the Neon (130 E 5th St) on June 17, and the Miami Vally Pride Picnic at Irelan Park, Kettering, at 2pm on June 27, 2010.

Get anything you need in rainbow colors at Q Gift Shop (1904 N Main St), also jewelry, clothing, home items, books games, movies, music and more. They're online too.

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