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Saloon, The
At The Saloon
At The Saloon

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By Staff reports

Saloon, Minneapolis
At The Saloon

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NOTE: This is an archive article. For an updated and expanded Minneapolis/St Paul article click DailyXtraTravel

Minneapolis combines the Dakota word for water (“mine”) with the Greek word for city ("polis") — a fitting name for a city with so many of Minnesota's 12,034 lakes. As the state’s largest city, Minneapolis combines the buzz of urban life with the neighborliness of smaller towns. Residents enjoy cultural and recreational opportunities in beautiful natural surroundings.

Both Minneapolis and nearby St Paul attract young people from the rural areas stretching hundreds of miles in all directions, making the Twin Cities the buckle of the northern farm belt. As with much of the Midwest, you will feel very welcome.

Marquette Hotel (710 Marquette Ave; 612- 333-4545) large downtown hotel, close to everything.
Saloon (828 Hennepin Ave; 612-288-0459) European- style gay hotel, downtown location, affordable rates.

Bars and clubs
19 Bar (19 West 15th St) oldest gay bar in town, near Loring Park, mixed crowd, jukebox, pool games.
Bolt Video (513 Washington Ave) latest videos, showtunes Sunday, movies Monday.
Bolt Underground (501 Washington Ave) dance club, industrial vibe, bear, leather and fetish nights.
Brass Rail Lounge (422 Hennepin Ave) video bar, weekend strippers, beer busts, drag and burlesque shows.
Minneapolis Eagle (515 Washington Ave S) leather, bears, buff guys, dancing, pool table, year-round smoking patio.
Gay Nineties (408 Hennepin Ave) six- bar complex, dance floor, strippers, drag shows, 18+ Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.
Jetset (115 First Street N) Manhattan-style lounge, cocktail bar, karaoke, hip-hop and house music.
Saloon (830 Hennepin Ave) dance club, video bar, Sunday amateur shower contests, 18+ Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.
Tickles (1032 3rd Ave) weekend live entertainment, mixed neighborhood crowd, full restaurant.

St Paul
Camp (490 North Robert St) video, dance and piano cabaret bar for upscale crowd.
Innuendo (213 E 4th St) area’s newest dance club, cocktail lounge, drag shows, special events.
Town House (1415 University Ave) piano bar, neighborhood hangout, mixed crowd.

Mall of America, minutes from the airport, is one of the world’s largest retail centers with over 520 stores, 50 restaurants and 14 movie screens. Minnesota has no sales tax on clothing.
Rainbow Road (109 West Grant St) new- release DVDs, thousands of gay titles and erotic films.

Lavender Magazine tells you everything you need to know about the local gay scene.

Event Planner
Minnesota Freedom Band and Queer Music Consortium Concert
1360 Lexington Pkwy
Pride Minneapolis
The parade marches down Hennipin Avenue.

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