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June 2009 Email this to a friend

Fort Worth

By Michael LaBelle

Stampede, Fort Worth
Albert & James at Stampede, Fort Worth

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Fort Worth !

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NOTE: This is an archive article. For an updated and expanded Fort Worth article click DailyXtraTravel

Fort Worth

Fort Worth is not only a "Cow Town" with it's Museum district and Sundance Square retail and restaurant/bar scene downtown. They have gay rodeo here and also their own gay and lesbian film festival in May. Click on Q Cinema for details.

Rainbow Lounge (651 S. Jennings) which replaced the old Hot Shots, made international news recently when police roughed up patrons, prompting community outrage.

A short drive from the gay-friendly Hotel Trinity (2000 Beach St; 800-989-3556) are two other clubs: Best Friends (2620 E. Lancaster) a laid-back cocktail and dance club with patio; and Changes (2637 E. Lancaster)just across the street, a neighborly hang-out with dancer nights to look out for.

Copa Cabana (1002 S Main St) is a recently opened Latino bar with dancing, drag shows, weekend hot-body male dancers and lots of energy.

Forth Worth's flagship gay club Stampede (621 Hemphill St), closed recently after a fire.

The Tarrant County Lesbian & Gay Alliance has updated information on what's going on around town including Gay Pride Week 2009, that features an October 4th parade and a picnic on October 10th.
Cowtown Leathermen brings together Fort Worth's leather community with events and information.

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