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October 2009 Email this to a friend


By Staff reports

NOTE: This is an archive article. For an updated and expanded Louisville article click DailyXtraTravel

The biggest event of the year for this engaging city on the Ohio River is the Kentucky Derby (the first Saturday in May), which inspires lots of celebrations, and the bars stay open all night. Book early because the town fills to capacity. There's also the St. James Court Art Show in the fall, and the Breeders Cup in November.

The Word of Indianapolis, and the Louisville Letter cover the gay scene here.

Connection (120 S. Floyd) is a complex of many varieties that include a big dance club with fireplace lounge, a drag pageant show bar, a leather bar, a video lounge with full moon best butt contests, and a shower bar with hot midwest male exotic dancers every Friday and Saturday night. Connection is open nightly at 8pm, and Sundays are under 21 nights.
Boots is their smaller men's bar to warm up for the night ahead, in the same building but with a separate entrance.

Other bars in Louisville include: Teddy Bear's (1148 Garvin Place), an intimate locals'nook with pool tables; Tryangles (209 S. Preston) mostly men neighborhood bar with dancers; Starbase Q (921 W Main St) video bar with strippers, drag shows and dancing on weekends; Rincon Latino (208 E Burnett Ave) Latino club at the former Woody's location, with garden patio, large pool room, open weekends; Tink's Pub (2235 S Preston St) with mostly women; and Magnolia Bar & Grill (1398 S 2nd St) a neighborhood locals favorite, with mixed crowd and famed jukebox.

Wild and Woolly Video (1021 Bardstown Rd) rents and sells over 20,000 classic, obscure, weird and gay titles.

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