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June 2009 Email this to a friend

Salt Lake City

By Staff reports

Salt Lake City
More fun than you expected

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Salt Lake City!

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NOTE: This is an archive article. For an updated and expanded Salt Lake City article click DailyXtraTravel

A vibrant community, Salt Lake City impresses many first-time visitors. The 2002 Winter Olympics helped put Salt Lake City on the map, and the many world-class ski resorts and nature reserves in the area make this a year-round destination. It’s no surprise that there’s also a growing gay population.

The city is a lot less dominated by the Mormon Church than the rest of the state, but the liquor laws are strict. Taverns and lounges sell beer only. Mixed drinks are served at “private membership” clubs. You can buy a two-week membership card or get someone at the door to “sponsor” you.

Hotel Monaco (15 W 200 South) downtown boutique hotel, special gay package deals.
Parrish Place B&B (720 E Ashton Ave) restored Victorian, generous in-room breakfast, near shops, restaurants, attractions.
Peery Hotel (110 W Broadway) Victorian-era lodging, boutique style, gym, spa, gay-friendly vibe.

Bars & clubs
In the midst of a generally conservative society, gays mingle in ways you won’t see in more liberal parts of the country. Men and women, straights and gays, and all races and ages mix a little easier here.
Area 51 (451 S 400 West) straight dance club, Tuesday gay night.
Babylon Saturdays @ Bliss (Bliss club, 400 S West Temple) diverse crowd, straight most nights, gay dance each Saturday.
Cast Party SLC (Club Manhattan, 5 E 400 South) Saturday night showtunes, cabaret performances, torch- song classics.
Club Try- Angles (251 W 900 South) lively mix of bears and other folks, DJ weekends, dance floor, smoking patio.
Gossip! Fridays @ Club Sound (Club Sound, 579 W 200 South), two dance clubs in one, 18+ and 21+, summer rooftop terrace.
Jam (751 N 300 West) nicely designed neighborhood bar, outdoor patio, live music Thursdays, dancing weekends.
MoDiggity's (3424 S State St) sports bar for women.
Paper Moon (3737 South State St) women’s weekend dance bar with patio.
Radio City (147 S State St) the city’s oldest gay pub, unassuming and friendly vibe.
Rage Saturdays @ Depot(Depot, 13 N 400 West) gay dance party, underwear events, porn stars.
Tavernacle (201 E 300 South) gay and straight crowd, piano and karaoke bar.
Trapp (102 S 600 West) older crowd, cheap beer, country-western ambience.
Trapp Door (615 W 100 South) mixed dance club, lounge and patio, theme parties, Latin and hip-hop nights.
W Lounge (358 S West Temple) alternative indie music dance club, occasional live music.

Au Naturale (900 E 2100 South) dine-in, drive- through and take-out joint, healthy gourmet sandwiches, salads and soups.
Cafe Med(420 E 3300 South) Mediterranean specialties, Sunday brunch, breakfast burritos, steak and eggs.
Cedars of Lebanon (152 E 200 South) weekend belly dancers, vegetarian-friendly menu.
Market Street Grill (48 W Market St) fine seafood restaurant, popular brunch.
Mestizo Coffeehouse (631 W North Temple) coffee always brewing, open mic nights, spoken-word performances, jam sessions.
New Yorker Club (60 Market St) award- winning American cuisine, great steaks, “to-die-for” soufflés, elegant vibe, excellent service.
Off Trax (251 W 900 South) internet café, salad bar, weekend breakfasts after the bars close.
Red Iguana (736 W North Temple) flavors of all regions of Mexico, tasty burritos to smoldering mole sauces.
Sage's Cafe (473 E 300 South) vegetarian and organic food and wine, open every day.
Tin Angel Cafe (365 W 400 South) bistro fare, fresh sandwiches, tasty salads, live music, local art, wireless internet.

Q Salt Lake has gay and lesbian news and listings.

Utah Pride Center (361 N 300 West) is Utah’s gay community center.

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