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Pretty at Tubby's

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December 2008 Email this to a friend

Fort Myers

By Staff reports

Tubby's, Fort Myers
Steve, Ray & Jason at Tubby's

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Fort Myers!

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NOTE: This is an archive article. For an updated and expanded Fort Myers article click DailyXtraTravel

Click on the link for a handy PDF version of our December 2008 Florida travel feature!

Set along the Caloosahatchee River, Fort Myers is a gateway to the Gulf of Mexico. The sugary sands of Fort Myers' beaches crawl with handsome, curious men on cruise control. You'll want to have an abundance of sunscreen to slather on at Bunche Beach and Bowman's Beach (a.k.a. "the Nude Beach"), while Jaycee Park in nearby Cape Coral is jammed with hot guys exploring nature's gifts.

There are direct flights into town from both Germany and Canada, giving Fort Myers an international flavor and enriching the pool of potential amorous adventures.

Summer homes of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford have been preserved and enshrined as museums here. Stories of this inventive duo's "close friendship" still permeate the town's lore. Famous photographs of these two icons of American history nuzzling each other look as though they are straight from the pages of The Guide!

Paradise beckons less than two hours' drive from both Tampa and Fort Lauderdale, and a magical three-hour ferry ride from Key West. Fort Myers is no problem to get to, but you may find it difficult to leave.

Going out

Tubby's (4350 Fowler Street; Tubbysbar.com) is as laid-back and neighborly as bars get, but when it's party-time, owners Rick and Rick and their adorable, capable crew know how to let their tresses down. Tubby's maintains the loyalty of the locals and creates new devotees out of casual visitors every day. Happy hour is "2-4-1" from 2 to 8 pm. Get loose on the dance floor with DJ Kenny on Friday. Fierce karaoke is in full effect on Saturdays and after the t-dance on Sunday. Pool tourneys put a stick in your hand and a smile on your face. Check out their website for a calendar of special events. Or better yet, just come on in.

Office Pub (3704 Cleveland Avenue; Officepub.com) is another exceedingly friendly bar that shares and fosters the good vibes that power Fort Myers' gay scene. Bears and cubs have the first Sunday of every month designated as their own, but can be found there at any time. Uniform, leather, strip-pool and underwear parties energize the slightly sleazy and totally sexy buzz at The Office. Happy hours and drink specials are offered throughout the week. Their website offers a schedule of events, including the famed Blackout Parties.

Bottom Line (3090 Evans Avenue) boasts the largest gay entertainment complex in southwest Florida. Over 20 years in business, they are doing everything right with wild drag shows, live music, hot mixed crowds and major involvement in the gay community.

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