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 ** In the Belly of the Beast

December 1999

In the Belly of the Beast

By Bob Chatelle

When I visited Baran for the first time at the Bridgewater Treatment Center, I asked him about visiting rules. "I don't really know much about them," he said. "No one ever comes to see me except my mother."

On March 3, 1999, in a letter, Baran said: "At times Bob I feel so all alone. I also do believe people have tried to help me but life moves so fast out there that I seem always to get lost in the process. I'm not saying that you would do this to me. It's just how it has gone so far. So I fear the hope that others bring into my life because I'm always left alone in the pain."

For 15 years, Bernard Baran has been lost in the process. Recently, public defenders John Swomley and Pamela Nicholson have become interested in Baran's plight and we hope that they will write a new trial motion. The process will move slowly, and we need help.

Donations and inquiries can be sent to the Bernard Baran Justice Committee, c/o Swomley and Wood, 83 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02110 USA. I can be reached by email at kyp@ultranet.com. A web site is in process at www.ultranet.com/~kyp/baran.html.

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