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 ** Economics of Penile Enhancement

October 2006

Economics of Penile Enhancement
Your most valuable asset can make others rich!

By Jim Larkins

When weighing results against risk, be aware that, not only can some solutions be a hazard to men with existing health disorders, but many do more to decrease the size of your bank account than increase the size of your penis.

If you delve into the world of oral supplements to increase your "little friend," you won't be alone. Over $100 million is generated annually by the 50-plus companies that per year produce millions of bottles of herbal-based male enhancement pills. But keep in mind: you'll fork over $50 for a bottle of pills that cost about $2.50 to produce.

Want to pump up your pile-driver? The average cost for a penis pump is $150, and for an exclusive trademark, you'll shell out a few bucks more (for a manual pump) and up to $400 for an electric model. These contraptions are not hard to find. Just go to any of the millions of porn sites on the internet and look for links.

Plan to cough up about $300 if you want to go the traction route. For example, the Fastsize Extender, which comes with an instructional CD and spare parts, costs $298.

The most expensive technique by a long shot is surgery, which starts at about $4,000 and can go up to $10,000 for the most contentious of procedures, phalloplasty. And that doesn't include the thousands extra you could end up paying in hospital bills if you suffer infections or other possible complications.

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