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Think abstinence... and think butt-fucking
Think abstinence... and think butt-fucking

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Teen Sodomy [Back to Magazine Feature]
Is 'Abstinence Ed' producing an 'epidemic' of oral sex?
By Bill Andriette
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Abstinence = Seperation: Bad Idea
By willdecker
01/26/04 04:55 PM
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Abstinence isn’t such a good idea is it? What is going to happen to us in this culture of separation? Are we going to loose that nurturing time that keeps us in touch with our humanity? I actually joined Troop 69 back in 1954 when I was 12. That very first night I knew I was going to like it. I was standing with my best friend whom I had come with on the steps that led down to the basement gym where the troop was meeting.

All the other 25 or so boys were on the gym floor where they had divided up into opposing lines about 20 feet apart with a wad of tied up jeans in the middle, the bacon. They were getting ready to play “Steal The Bacon”. The lights were all turned out there was a rush of boys against each other, wrestling and pushing and shoving, all in the dark. I thought it was to get the bacon.

When they turned the lights back on there was one of my other school friends standing right before us completely naked except for his left sock, not one hair on his body. I knew I was going to like troop 69. I stayed until the church’s women requested the troops removal when I was its scoutmaster many years later.

It was a nurturing ground without the oxygen of women burning us up with fear causing us to self-regulate ourselves into showering with our underwear on.

In this culture of separation we are in now with millions of dollars to keep our boys abstinent what is going to happen? Who are we going to become? What are the women and now the men raised in separation turning us into?

This little town never has had a good football team. I wonder why, were the boys more Cupid than Mars and that is the way we grew up? It is my humble opinion we need a lot more of Cupid than we to of Mars in this world. Cupid is the god of love. Mars is the god of war. What do you think?

Go Troop 69. Abstinence/Separation is bad for our health … mental health that is.

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