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Total Gay Video Reviews Found: 1181
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Date     Title
Jul '03    Mano a Mano  2 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    On a sparely furnished black-box set, four pairs of young, quasi-Latin New Yorkers wrestle, grab each other, shove each other around, pull each other's clothes off, administer blow jobs, and fuck.
Jul '03    Dicktronic: The Brazilian Secret  2 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    In Brazil, where the nuts come from, a miracle product is said to render fat guys thinner, make thin guys more shapely, and transform weak twerps into devastating power studs.
Jul '03    Navy Blues: Deeper in the Brig  3 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    "Please! No, sir! I'll do anything," cries young Seaman Mitchell (Brent Everett). "Please don't send me to the brig, sir!"
Jul '03    Frathouse Bash  2 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    The direction is by Csaba Borbčly; the subtitles are by Salvador Dali.
Jun '03    Monster Cock on Campus  1 Star
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    In distributing this three-part defecation, Video 10 doesn't just hit bottom, it punches a hole in the bottom and lands in the gunk below.
Jun '03    Legionnaires  3 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    This Oh Man! International import is a hardcore stepchild of Claire Denis's homoerotic theatrical feature Beau travail, a film that transposes elements of Melville's Billy Budd, Foretopman into a tale of manly strife at a Foreign Legion outpost in Djibouti.
Jun '03    Cockbuster  2 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    Stubble-faced, gently muscular Antonio Vega has a big, dark uncut dick, Aztec eyes, and a soft lewd smile.
Jun '03    Sand Gods  2 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    Sometimes a story, no matter how odd, lame, or stupid, grounds sex scenes in context and provides models with personae that feed a viewer's fantasies.
Jun '03    The Dirty Director  4 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    Michael Soldier, in the title role, sits nude on the edge of a sling, expatiating soberly on his métier as he smokes a cigarette.
Jun '03    Pitchin' a Pup Tent  2 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    This assemblage from Stud Pups, a low-end Falcon subsidiary focused on models in their late teens and early twenties, packs about ten sex loops into 75 minutes.
Jun '03    Mirage  2 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    On "the hottest day in Southern California, ever," Marc Stone's air conditioner conks out.
May '03    Position Granted  2 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    This middle-drawer, military-themed outing lacks the kinkiness, passion, and narrative quirkiness of writer/director Paul Barresi's better efforts (Goodfellas/Badfellas, The Underboss), but the sex passes muster.
May '03    Crack Snackers  3 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    The title straightforwardly spells out the unifying kink of these flavorful, well-crafted sketches.
May '03    Jay Bear's Fur Fun  2 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    "I've always had a healthy relationship with my dick," says Jason Berringer, a.k.a. "Jaybear."
May '03    On the Make: The Best of Jim Bentley  3 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    Video 10 has been recycling product recently, cranking out compilation videos unified by star, director, or sexual bent. This one, showcasing Adult Video News hall-of-famer Jim Bentley, uses footage from five 1995-'96 releases. It's worth watching.
May '03    Full Expedition  3 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    Three young climbers sip tea at a country inn before rappeling down the gorges of Eastern Europe. Beni Laczko remarks that "climbing a rock face where no one has been before" must be the world's greatest pursuit.
May '03    Dreamers: An Erotic Journey  4 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    Dreamers, Kristen Bjorn's 28th feature-length production, runs two and a half hours, encompasses five episodes, and serves up several dozen freshets of ejaculation.
Apr '03    Prick Tease  2 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    In the opening shot, Australian model Robert Harvey peers into the camera and says, without snickering, "Someone once told me, 'When it comes to sex, it's all about tease. Prick tease.'"
Apr '03    Sexus  4 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    Few adult video directors know as much as Chris Ward knows about making the most of a small, select cast.
Apr '03    Ricco's Erotic World  2 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    African-American director Steven A. Love narrates this sometimes tedious, sometimes effective account of a day in the life of insatiable, unpronounceable Ricco Blk.
Apr '03    Stiff Security  3 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    In a non-sexual role, Chang Ling portrays a wry, portly porn auteur who hires three testosterone-packed straight boys (Hugo Toledo, Renato de Giorgio, and Jorge Rios) to intercept intruders while he shoots gay sex loops al fresco on a green, resorty island off Brazil.
Apr '03    Boys at Sea  2 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    Voiceovers tell us that Adam and Steve, a pair of cute but generic Eastern European models, are "sea villagers who live on the Croatian seashore... a paradise for young boys wanting to have fun."
Apr '03    Wrist Rider  3 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    Director Chris Ward brings the gamy flavor of his all-sex productions for Raging Stallion Studios to this four-act fist fest assembled for Falcon's Hot Hand subdivision.
Mar '03    L'Elisir d'Amore  2 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    In Donizetti's L'Elisir d'Amore, a two-act comic opera first performed in 1832, a village lad named Nemorino loves Adina, a well-to-do lady betrothed to Belcore, a military man.
Mar '03    First Crush  3 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    The reputation of Tony Alizzi's MSR Videos rests on its fierce depictions of thirtysomethings in heat.
Mar '03    Pledges: It's a Man's World, Part 2  2 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    This is the second volume in a series that threatens to revisit all those male spaces that have been done to death in gay porn.
Mar '03    Telling Tails  3 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    Early Saturday afternoon, four friends compare notes on Friday-night exploits.
Mar '03    Big Reward  3 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    Frizzy-haired, hobbit-sized Julien LeCoq has disappeared.
Mar '03    Wacky Wack-Offs, Volume 2  2 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    This second Bruce Stanton compilation of purportedly offbeat solos, released in 1996 and recently reissued, is better than the first.
Mar '03    Pucker Up: The Best of Vince Rockland  2 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    This compilation documents Vince Rockland's roles in five mediocre videos directed by Sam Abdul in 1995-'96.

Total Gay Video Reviews Found: 1181
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