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Total Gay Video Reviews Found: 1181
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Date     Title
Sep '09    Boy Country
By: Jesse Monteagudo
Another by Buckshot, Boy Country is also directed by Kristofer Weston. Set at a lakeside summer barbecue, Boy Country (like most Buckshot productions) is divided into four sex scenes: the Dock, the Rock, the Swing and the Fling. Boy Country is one of those movies that resembles the new Falcon more than the old COLT, which is fine if you like the new Falcon (and we do). A case in point is cover boy Bobby Clark, who would fit well in a classic Falcon flick but does a good job in this Buckshot film (thanks to bottom David West). Other performers who make Boy Country worth a visit include COLT faves Andrew Blue, Colton Steele and Guy Parker.
Sep '09    MuscleHeads
By: Jesse Monteagudo
COLT Studio Group is the most famous name in gay porn. COLT has been called the gay Disney, and for good reason. Like Disney, it makes much of its profit from the sales of movie- related products like clothing, toys, leather items, magazines and calendars.
Sep '09    Inside Out
By: Jesse Monteagudo
In COLT's Inside Out, pairs of men do their thing on a yellow wicker bed that is inexplicably located in the middle of an open field. In spite of this, Inside Out does not fail to deliver, if only because the men on the oddly placed bed are COLT men through and through. Directed by John Rutherford, Inside Out features hunks Eric Valentin, Jasper Van Dean, Tom Chase, Darin Hawk, Mitch Branson and -- in a sexy threesome -- Luke Garrett, Ricky Parks and Sky Thompson. In this climactic encounter, muscular top men Garrett and Parks have their way with eager Thompson, making him the envy of every bottom in North America.
Sep '09    Aural Fixation
By: Michael Paoletta
During a recent conversation, the charismatic Colton Ford was visibly wrecked (in the best sense of the word, that is). The day before, the singer-turned porn star-turned singer received an email from REM frontman Michael Stipe. In a nutshell, the gay rocker thanked the gay dance artist for his 'fantastic version' of 'Losing My Religion.' Stipe, writing on behalf of the chart- topping trio, added, 'we're really superhonored [sic].' Ford is really super honored, too. 'It's not every day that you receive such a note from Michael Stipe,' Ford says.
Mar '09    On the Job  4 Stars
By: Jesse Monteagudo

In On the Job (Raging Stallion), director Tony Dimarco creates a series of vignettes with hot macho men in hot sex scenes.

Mar '09    To the Last Man  4 Stars
By: Jesse Monteagudo

Raging Stallion Studios (RagingStallion.com) continues to break the boundaries of gay adult movies.

Mar '09    Maximus  3 Stars
By: Jesse Monteagudo

JD Slater's Centurion Pictures is Raging Stallion's line of 'muscle' movies (as if the others don't have any 'muscle' in them).

Mar '09    Latin Jocks  2 Stars
By: Jesse Monteagudo

Though Raging Stallion has its share of Latin exclusives -- like Damien Crosse and Antonio Biaggi -- most of its performers are white.

Dec '08    Head Hunters, Inc.  3 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    Wild squirts a gusher of semen up and down the center of Crow's face
Dec '08    The 4th Floor  3 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    The 4th Floor's most incendiary moments are worth waiting for
Nov '08    Steel Curtain  2 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    Tyson has a scene where he lures bottom-boy Fly Guy up to his room and proceeds to put him through some strenuous body work, with emphasis on sphincter muscles.
Nov '08    Verboten, parts 1 and 2  3 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    The action encompasses rivulets of sweat, gobs of spit, verbal abuse, open-handed slaps, upside-down fellatio, rightside-up fellatio, and manic fucking
Nov '08    Marine Crucible 2  3 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    The sex is hot, but Jim Gary's script makes Iraq seem light years away.
Nov '08    Make Love Not War  2 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    The flimsy plot involves a rescue mission somewhere in the Brazilian jungle
Oct '08    Hung Country for Young Men  3 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    'Don't let your dick think for you...'
Sep '08    Fleet Week
By: Jim D'Entremont
    Jude Collin, a newcomer straight out of Caravaggio, looks good enough to eat
Aug '08    Tiger's Eiffel Tower: Paris is Mine  4 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    Key to this production's charm is Tyson himself, a performer endowed with a bright mercurial smile, a big friendly dick, and a dulce de leche complexion
Jul '08    Bi Pole Her  3 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    The quality is uneven, but generally superior to the run of the polymorphous mill.
Jul '08    Jet Set Fraternity Gangbang 2  2 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    The cast is attractive, though in some cases a bit long in the tooth to be playing college undergraduates.
Jul '08    Waterbucks 2  3 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    The videography and editing showcase the work of Mr. Pam, the most talented woman working behind the scenes in gay porn.
Jul '08    High Voltage  2 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    Four lukewarm servings of cross-cultural sex involving city dwellers and gym-toned Indians
Jul '08    The F Word  3 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    The F Word's sexual component peaks with the third of four episodes, a three-way for Owen, Saint, and Majors
Jul '08    Piss Me Up, Taste My Sperm  3 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    Some viewers will be put off by safety issues -- there's condomless fucking, and models frequently ejaculate or urinate into each other's mouths.
Jul '08    Proven Straight  2 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    Inspired by Petrov's demonstration of his non-gayness, his buddies assert their own hetero credentials by having sex with one another all over the house.
Jul '08    Jockstrap  3 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    Mike Roberts expropriates a jockstrap abandoned on a bench, presses it to his nose, rubs it up and down his torso, and launches into a solo so ecstatic that many viewers will stop caring whether or not the jock's owner ever returns...
Jun '08    Basic Plumbing 3  3 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    Full service servicemen...
Jun '08    Endless Crush  3 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    Concludes on grace note...
Jun '08    Bear Xing  2 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    A better-than-usual range of body types and styles of facial hair
May '08    Oliver Twink  3 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    "Please, sir-- more?"
May '08    Rich Kid  3 Stars
By: Giacomo Tramontagna
    Several models show signs of acting talent; it's too bad there's no real script

Total Gay Video Reviews Found: 1181
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