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Baltimore's once-vibrant sex scenes evaporate

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Jun '10   
Get a good night's sleep

By: Damon Brown
If you're a regular traveler, sleep deprivation becomes a normal, almost ritualistic thing. Jet lag screws up your internal clock, foreign beds often feel weird, and work anxiety keeps you awake. Sleep seems to escape us when we need it the most. Insomnia is funny like that.
May '10   
Gaming on the go

By: Damon Brown
Let's face it: traveling is hard. There are flight delays, uncomfortable seats, long lines and mediocre food. It's important to have good distractions when you're on the road. One of the best things you can do for yourself is pick up a gaming device to pass the time.
Apr '10   
Do you really need an iPad?

By: Damon Brown
On January 27, the biggest question was which people were more concerned about, the Apple iPad announcement or President Barack Obama's first State of the Union address? Yeah, it was that big of a deal.
Mar '10   
New year, new phones

By: Damon Brown
The Apple iPhone ran last year, the year before and, well, the year before that, but 2010 is bringing in some serious competition for your favorite smartphone. The coolest phones are usually announced around the time of the Consumer Electronics Show, the Las Vegas-based expo that rings in the new year with the latest tech gadgets and electronic wizardry.
Feb '10   
Keeping clean on the road

By: Damon Brown
Stinky breath, wrinkled clothes and dark eye circles are all a part of traveling, but, as we road warriors know, that's no excuse to be a mess when you get to where you're going. In fact, most business travel is done to seal the deal -- something that's not going to happen when you look like you just took a redeye.
Jan '10   
The year of the tablet

By: Damon Brown
It might be a bit early in the year for predictions, but it looks like 2010 is going to go down as the year of the tablet. The iPhone revolutionized how we traveled. We played and we communicated on the small scale, and now companies are pushing us into a new era of portable computing. Tablets are larger than a phone, but smaller than a laptop, and operate via touchscreen like the iPhone. As one pundit put it, "it should comfortably fit in a pocketbook, but not in your pocket."
Dec '09   
Tweet when on the road

By: Damon Brown
Twitter is now the best way to keep track of what's happening while you're gone. Sure, last year it was Facebook, and before that MySpace and so on, but the 140 character, bite-sized vignettes are a perfectly digestible way for you to be abreast of the rest of the world. Who has time to read an article or even a blog entry while globe-trotting?
Nov '09   
Apps to help you hook up

By: Damon Brown
The world is getting smaller, which means that the barriers between America and Australia or England and Romania are as thin as a plane ticket. Romance has always been beyond language, too, especially when it comes to the bedroom. However, it does help to have some social lubricant to break the ice in a new city or country.
Oct '09   
Eco-friendly world travelers

By: Damon Brown
Comfort on the road comes first -- and these days that means bringing along our power-sucking music players, high-tech cell phones and other electric toys. But when we consider our pollution-based "carbon imprint," travel for business or pleasure seems to run against Mother Nature herself.
Sep '09   
Phones get into the groove

By: Damon Brown
The average portable music player can hold hundreds of songs, but as road warriors can attest, those tunes become old after two or three straight weeks on the road. Variety is the spice of life -- and, sometimes, a key to sanity while traveling.

Total Travel Tech Found: 18
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