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From our archives

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Date     Title
Apr '10   
Are gay ghettos really healthy?

By: Michael Scarce
When I schedule my itineraries for work-related travel to major cities across the United States, I typically make a corresponding list of sightseeing excursions I can take in my free time on the road. Most of these include at least quick visits to well-known, historically gay neighborhoods, like Dupont Circle in Washington, South Beach in Miami, the French Quarter in New Orleans and Boystown in Chicago.
Mar '10   
Sun, sand and summits

By: Michael Scarce
When life stresses me out, I often think, "If only I could get away from all this for a little while,I'd feel so much better." Travel affords the ability to take such a break, calling a time-out from the pressure and tension of everyday life. Distance can give perspective and clarity like nothing else. I suppose that is why I am a self-described "retreat queen."
Feb '10   
All aboard the "Rx Express"

By: Michael Scarce
All roads on the map of health care reform lead back to the same central issue: money. Economic disparity and quality of health go hand in hand, and desperate times demand far-reaching solutions. Although most of us think of travel in terms of either leisurely recreation or expense-account business trips, there is a less common but equally significant reason.
Jan '10   
Heading to "Club Meds"

By: Michael Scarce
I recently rejoined the ranks of the employed, and my new job entails a fair amount of air travel. The part of flying I dread the most is the ritual hazing conducted by airport security personnel as they require travelers to undress, unpack, submit and abide by a set of rules that are both obscure and idiosyncratic.
Dec '09   
Locker room sex etiquette

By: Tony Valenzuela
Years ago I had a membership at 24 Hour Fitness in West Hollywood during a "crack down" on the sex in the steam room. The management placed an attendant right outside the door and made the men--9 out of 10 were gay--wear bathing suits. I was sitting in the steam room during this stepped up policing and struck up a conversation with the guys about it.
Nov '09   
The stigma that I wear

By: Tony Valenzuela
Sociologist Erving Goffman defined stigma, in part, as an "attribute that is deeply discrediting." It's when Sade sings, "He didn't know what it was to be black; 'Till they gave him his change; But didn't want to touch his hand." If you're queer you know stigma, just like if you're poor or HIV positive or transgender or of color...
Oct '09   
Opening up about sex work

By: Tony Valenzuela
When I told my mother some dozen years ago that I was a sex worker she said, "Oh Tony, prostitution?" She'd, by then, heard it all from me -- I was gay, I was HIV positive, I was an unabashed liberal and now this.
Sep '09   
To kiss, or not to kiss?

By: Tony Valenzuela
Rob and I were walking our dog, Boo, through Runyan Canyon one afternoon several years ago when a woman approached us and exclaimed, "Isn't love grand?"
Aug '09   
A reminder of dark days

By: Tony Valenzuela
Many months before the North American Housing and HIV/AIDS Research Summit in Washington DC, the Ontario HIV Treatment Network in Canada requested travel waivers for its HIV- positive members who planned to attend. The US Department of Health and Human Services told them that the "designated event HIV waiver" was on its way.
Jul '09   
The souvenir nobody wants

By: Tony Valenzuela
You've just arrived for your vacation in some monument-filled world capital or palm-shaded tropical resort. Before heading out on your first day's itinerary, a burning sensation while you pee fills you with a familiar dread. Suddenly you remember your Adam4Adam trick of a few days earlier and let out a sigh of regret. What do you do?

Total To Your Health Found: 16
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