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U.S. Gov't Scans Anuses to Fight Terror

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Jul '02    Quiz Time
By: Lester R. Grubé
    Often while I'm having breakfast I like to mull over some of the more memorable moments from the previous night's T.V. viewing. There is a particular commercial that comes on from time to time that always gives me pause.
Jun '02    Know Your Place
By: Lester R. Grubé
    There was a time not that long ago, as President Reagan once pointed out, when race wasn't an issue. People knew where they fit in, and things ran along smoothly.
May '02    Mom's Generous Offer
By: Lester R. Grubé
    It has come to the attention of my mother that some publications have gone way overboard in terms of sexual explicitness and detail. This unfortunate trend seems to be especially evident among certain periodicals catering to the gay and lesbian community.
Apr '02    Ending the senseless waste of life
By: Lester R. Grubé
    It's time for someone to have the courage to speak up and speak out against the shocking toll in human life and misery that thoughtless individuals with their self-indulgent behavior are visiting upon our community.
Mar '02    Never to early to learn
By: Lester R. Grubé
    Mom always pointed out to new parents that no child was ever too young to start learning about the evils of sex. Sometimes when changing a diaper she might catch a male infant displaying an erection. A few gentle swats on the behind would help this bad baby begin to understand that such behavior is not to be tolerated.
Feb '02    Finding Mr. Right
By: Lester R. Grubé
    Once again I'll he spending this February 14th with my all-time favorite valentine, Mom. But I know many of my readers may not be as fortunate as I, and still may be searching to find that special person with whom to spend that all-important day. Since I consider myself to be really, almost an expert, in affairs of the heart, I thought the least I could do is pass along some tips on how to find and keep Mr. Right.
Jan '02    Dress Code
By: Lester R. Grubé
    Although the gay community faces many challenges today, I think most people would agree that none is more urgent than the need to upgrade our appearance through the adoption of some sort of dress code.
Dec '01    Holiday guidelines
By: Lester R. Grubé
    The holiday period can be such a difficult time for those of us who, as I like to say, march to the beat of a different drummer. We are often thrust into a variety of family and social situations in which we are expected to carry on as if we were normal. Playacting can be very difficult if we haven't given it sufficient thought beforehand. So in a spirit of helpfulness, I've drawn up a few guidelines and ground rules to help prevent awkward questions or circumstances.
Nov '01    Profile of Courage
By: Lester R. Grubé
    Each of us, I'm sure, has a particular favorite story of courage and perseverance in the face of adversity. My own special hero in this department is a certain Harry Sfincter-Niles.
Oct '01    Control your appetite
By: Lester R. Grubé
    Recently I had dinner with my dear friend Dynette Sett and her significant other, Margene Lurkapoodis. These two gals are well known throughout the Boston area for their fine work as the co-founders of the Lechmere chapter of People Repudiating Unnecessary Disgusting Everpresent Sex (PRUDES).

Total Speaking Out Found: 24
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