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This is a high school quarterback playing with his hard-on

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Mar '06    Jess...
By: John Mitzel
    The other morning I woke up with a strange and urgent desire. I had to obtain a copy of the catalogue from the Jess show I had seen in 1993. I had had two copies once, purchased at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts after seeing the show; I had sent one to a friend and the other went missing. I went on-line, to an out-of-print book vendor, and found a copy. Cost me $85.00. Why this sudden obsession with the work of an artist from a show I had seen over twelve years ago? I cannot explain it. Things like this just happen.
Jan '06    The Golden Rule Pleasure Club
By: Blanche Poubelle
    In 1892, a certain Reverend Charles Parkhurst of New York engaged on a campaign to clean up Manhattan-- largely by trying to shut sexually oriented businesses in the city, and also by showing that the police and local politicians were being paid off to allow these businesses to stay open.
Jul '05    Hair Today...
By: Blanche Poubelle
    Miss Poubelle was interested to see that a recent compilation-- The Big Book of Filth-- lists about a hundred slang terms for a woman's pubic hair. Many of these are quite obscure, but many readers will recognize muff and beaver among them.
Feb '03    Think First Before Coming Out
By: Lester R. Grubé
    Since the Supreme Court's decision outlawing gay sex, there's been a lot of nonsense bandied about to the effect that gay people, particularly those in prominent positions, need to come out of the closet. Of course, my readers are by now very familiar with my personal distaste for those militants who find it necessary to flaunt their orientation. What these kamikaze activists seem to lose sight of is the fact that if important people were to come out of their closet, they would completely lose their effectiveness.
Jan '03    Harry Hay was wrong
By: Lester R. Grubé
    It is reassuring indeed to discover that some organizations spawned by the gay rights movement are willing to observe a modicum of good taste and decorum. Their actions on behalf of all of us, to straighten out our collective image, often go unheralded. This is a shame. I think our community would greatly profit by taking note of their efforts.
Dec '02    HOt HOmosexual HOliday Hints
By: Lester R. Grubé
    So many people admire the way I'm always able to remain so serene during the hectic holiday period. This year I thought, "Why not share a few of my secrets with my devoted readers and fans?"
Nov '02    Test for Intellectual Compatibility
By: Lester R. Grubé
    Often while I'm having breakfast I like to mull over some of the more memorable moments from the previous night's TV viewing. There is a particular commercial that comes on from time to time that always gives me pause. It's the one about Negroes that ends with the observation that it's a terrible thing to waste a human mind.
Oct '02    Halloween masks
By: Lester R. Grubé
    Faced with the daily guilt and torment of our abnormal condition, life can be a living hell for us gay people. Perhaps no holiday is more poignant in underscoring this emptiness than Halloween.
Sep '02    How I put the terrorists at bay on my vacation
By: Lester R. Grubé
    Like many Americans, in light of the threat of terrorists I've had to alter my vacation plans this year. I fully intended, as I have in past seasons, to spend a week soaking up the atmosphere and history of Sturbridge Village, that lovely central Massachusetts replica of colonial times. But then I got to thinking: what more likely target could there be for terrorists in this country than Sturbridge Village?
Aug '02    Please Stop Advertising
By: Lester R. Grubé
    It's shocking how insensitive and inconsiderate some people can be. Let me explain.

Total Speaking Out Found: 24
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