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From our archives

Lesbians frightening horses

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 Sex Histories from the Archive Hide Summaries  
Total Sex Histories Found: 162
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Date     Title
Jan '10   
Story of my life

By: Michael Amico
Porn star Aiden Shaw opens up about his life behind the cameras.
Dec '09   
Talking it over

By: Michael Amico
Tommy Atz works to get young men to open up about sexual intimacy.
Nov '09   
Taking on taboos

By: Michael Amico
Jacob Smith Yang fights to keep Asian Americans from being invisible
Mar '09    The bottom monologues
By: Michael Amico
    When it comes to sex, 25-year-old gay men's health activist Trevor Hoppe says that young gay men "take everything for granted." It's hard, he says, to get them to come out into the streets over their sexual identity.
Dec '08    'I tried to cover it with my foot but there was just too much'
By: Boyd McDonald
    Just as I had finished someone else walked in....
Nov '08    'Not only a hunk but a gentleman too'
By: Boyd McDonald
    Excerpted from Lewd, Boyd McDonald's 12th volume of true sex histories.
Oct '08    The pain outweighed the pleasure
By: Boyd McDonald
    Excerpted from Lewd, Boyd McDonald's 12th volume of true sex histories
Sep '08    A Night at the Theater
By: Boyd McDonald
    Excerpted from Lewd, Boyd McDonald's
12th volume of true sex histories
Jul '08    The Joy of Cunt-Lapping
By: Boyd McDonald
    Excerpted from Lewd, Boyd McDonald's 12th volume of true sex histories
Jun '08    Miasma Transcendental
By: Boyd McDonald
    Excerpted from Lewd, Boyd McDonald's 12th volume of true sex histories
May '08    'I'm Going To Bury My Face in His Sweet Puerto Rican Ass'
By: Boyd McDonald
    Excerpted from Lewd, Boyd McDonald's 12th volume of true sex histories
Apr '08    Male Slut in Scottish Sauna Sticks Finger in His Ass
By: Boyd McDonald
    Student's armpit hair sends professor 'reeling'
Mar '08    Black, 34, with Wife 'n' Kids Pisses in Librarian's Mouth
By: Boyd McDonald
    There I'd be, in front of him, ready and waiting on my knees for the sight of his eight-inch, uncut dick, which he'd push into my mouth while he emptied his bladder....
Feb '08    His Sneer is Attractive But His Asshole's Like 'Raw Sewage'
By: Boyd McDonald
    This hot stranger was writhing in ecstasy as the train roared on and I kept glancing at the door, fearing intrusion....
Jan '08    Man, 55, Plays with Worker's Butt Hole
By: Boyd McDonald
    While he was lying on the king sized bed I asked him to get an erection....
Dec '07    Teen Tickles Another's Butt Hole While Sucking
By: Boyd McDonald
    I was so horny I put my hand in my pocket & shot a load into my underwear while rubbing my dick....
Nov '07    'He Told Me to Smell His Ass'
By: Boyd McDonald
    It smelled just right-- not like shit but like just the right amount of pent-up sweat and shit residue.
Oct '07    Soldier Sucks 347 Cocks, Gets Sucked Off by 745 Men
By: Boyd McDonald
    The following is excerpted from Lewd, Boyd McDonald's 12th volume of true sex histories
Sep '07    Youth Wearing Watch Asks What Time It Is
By: Boyd McDonald
    The next day I'm not sure which hurt the most, my head or my butt.
Aug '07    He Punched Me in the Face
By: Boyd McDonald
    One day a boy named Lamont asked me to play psychiatrist with him in the woods so I went up in the woods and he asked why I act that way (fem) and I said I take after my mother. He asked me to pull down my pants....
Jul '07    'He Pulled Out His Prick and Slapped Me with It'
By: Boyd McDonald
    At one time Denver had a terrific mall called Southglen that I would frequent....
Jun '07    Jacks Off 'Country Boy'
By: Boyd McDonald
    The young man paid no attention and continued to masturbate very slowly. His cock got stiffer and stiffer but his rhythm stayed the same. His huge fist moved slowly up and down the long, thick shaft....
May '07    Gets Sucked by Three at Once
By: Boyd McDonald
    Outside we introduced ourselves as I got my shirt back on in the chilly San Francisco evening.
Apr '07    Prefers Catholic Gymnasia
By: Boyd McDonald
    What got me hot were the ten high school boys I saw out jogging this afternoon. They were of varied height and build but all of them were shirtless and running hard on their cross country exercises.
Mar '07    The Sex Life of a Masseur
By: Boyd McDonald
    Mind you, I don't believe that I am engaging in prostitution. I just fool around with an occasional client....
Feb '07    Another Married Man Wants Some Dick
By: Boyd McDonald
    Don't forget us fake straights. We're out there with mouths ready to stuff and virgin assholes ready to get plugged. Come get me.
Jan '07    Sailors, Marines Suck Each Other Off
By: Boyd McDonald
    My current lover, who lives in Washington, D.C., urged me to write to you. I am a Marine (USMC) on active duty. My lover is a Marine also....
Dec '06    Youth, 18, Wants to Get Sucked Off in Public
By: Boyd McDonald
    A closer glance told me that he was not cut as I had thought, but that the silky cover was too fragile for the total weight and had slipped back almost to the rim.
Nov '06    A Golden Shower in the Baths' Golden Era
By: Boyd McDonald
    My most satisfactory experience with piss took place when I met a young guy at the Barracks, a bath in the Times Square area.
Oct '06    Tales of a 'Natural-born cocksucker'
By: Boyd McDonald
    For the first time in my life I felt like a woman and realized more or less what a woman experiences while she is being fucked.

Total Sex Histories Found: 162
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