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Druggy, young, male, combative: Can Copenhagen's Christiana survive?

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Date     Title
Jun '10   
"Kiss of love without end"

By: Matthew Link
One moonlit night in Ghana, I visited an outdoor dance recital at a village I knew. The dancers came out in a line, plunging their arms to the ground and back up and turning around. A row of young drummers fluctuated beats like a hypnotizing orchestra. The white gauze of the African sky arched high above.
May '10   
The fortress of Molokai

By: Matthew Link
Apr '10   
The kindness of a stranger

By: Matthew Link
Saunas in Hong Kong are worlds unto themselves. What the former British colony lacks in gay bars and clubs, it makes up for in cozy, apartment-sized bathhouses, where young patrons find sweet refuge from homes crowded with nosey family members.
Mar '10   
A naked friend at Burning Man

By: Matthew Link
A completely naked man stood at a small booth and instructed me to stop my car. I rolled down the window. A gust of white dust filled my lungs, and the setting sun glittered off his body. The wide desert sky pressed down from above, and he grinned and said, "Welcome to Burning Man."
Feb '10   
A parked car in Palm Springs

By: Matthew Link
The sun was setting in Palm Springs, turning the mountains pink. It would be dark soon.
Jan '10   
Dissecting a human heart

By: Matthew Link
We were all standing in Speedos around a pool aboard a cruise ship, while the great Pacific whooshed in the background. There was no land in sight. We were a portable island of gays traversing the great seas, clad in little more than thin strips of material over our loins, naked to the elements. I was more exposed and vulnerable than I realized.
Dec '09   
My promises in paradise

By: Matthew Link
The flight attendant bent down and handed me a Coke, smiling at me. There was a white flower behind his left ear, and his Polynesian skin was tan and sensual against his sky blue uniform. His eyes, dark brown and as dark as volcanic mountains, lit up at me.
Nov '09   
Antarctica and icy hearts

By: Matthew Link
When I told my friends I was going to Antarctica, everyone just looked at me strangely, except for my photographer friend Luke. He told me flat out "I'm going with you."
"I don't know, I'll have to see," I back-peddled.
Oct '09   
Across the dark Russian steppes

By: Matthew Link
I boarded the night train in St Petersburg with my backpack wrapped around me like a shield. It was right after Soviet communism had expelled its last breath and puttered out into the hazy rear view mirror of history.
Sep '09   
Small-town boy from Senegal

By: Matthew Link
Outside my room, the boy looked up at me with piercing yet puppy-dog eyes. He was bent over an air- conditioner unit, the dry African sunshine beating down on his sweaty brow. He had on tight jeans and a white T-shirt and was on his haunches working alongside another man. Although I'm used to being stared at as the token white person when I'm in certain countries, this boy's gaze seemed to last a few sexual beats too long.

Total Road Warrior Found: 17
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