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From our archives

Why are so many out to suppress this book about teen sexuality?

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Date     Title
Dec '08    Love bugs
By: Bill Andriette
    Why beetles make first-class queers
Nov '08    None dare call it doggerel
By: Bill Andriette
    Poetry anthology elevates canines to 'queernines'
Oct '08    YouMovie
By: Bill Andriette
    Film distributor has a deal for novice gay directors
Sep '08    Pilgrims Go Gay!
By: Bill Andriette
    Puritan memorial queries queer past, September 13
Aug '08    Definitely Queer
By: Bill Andriette
    International Deaf Leather 2008 comes to Philadelphia
Jul '08    Style Felons
By: Bill Andriette
    Luriddigs.com brings justice and counseling to gays without a queer eye
Jun '08    Gay Pride Worldwide 2008
By: Bill Andriette
    Where to march wherever you are
May '08    Berlin: Still a Cabaret
By: Frank Laterreur
    German capital stays sexy despite overdoses of history
Apr '08    Loud, Proud, & Not Covering their Mouths
By: Bill Andriette
    A guide to the growing gay sneezing scene
Mar '08    An American Returns to Paris
By: Frank Laterreur
    And he changes his mind
Feb '08    Good Things, Small Packages
By: Michael Thompson
    Antiquities reveal how tastes can shift, even in matters most basic
Jan '08    Cheering All Teams
By: Bill Andriette
    Do a third of high school football players go on to have sex with men? Ask some cheerleaders...
Dec '07    Art Attack in Sweden
By: Jim D'Entremont
    Once again, neo-Nazis smash 'decadent' gay art
Nov '07    Martyrdom Muddle?
By: Bill Andriette
    The messiness of sorting the whodunit from the deed
Oct '07    Roving Bands of Rubbermen
By: Bill Andriette
    Upcoming events are a chance for rubbernecking -- or for crashing right into the thick of the latex action
Sep '07    Check back next month
    Queer and There will return October 2007
Aug '07    Frankenstein: Gay Hero?
By: Hubert Kennedy
    Controversial new book contends that Mary Shelley-- far from being Frankenstein's author-- helped cut out the monster's homosexual heart
Jul '07    Unsqueezably Sour
By: Bill Andriette
    Anita Bryant's 1970s-era obsession with a supposed homosexual danger to children reverberates in anti- sex campaigning unto the present-- what better time than which to revisit Bryant's career in song, documentary, and exhibition?
Jun '07    Gay Pride Worldwide
By: Bill Andriette
    Where the parades are
Apr '07    Anus Scans New Tool in Fight on Terror
By: Bill Andriette
    Homeland Security hails Washington LGBT leaders for support as new era dawns in safeguarding identity and e-shopping convenience
Apr '07    Protection for All
By: Bill Andriette
    US-mandated anus scans celebrate citizens' individuality
Mar '07    Cocks Aquiver
    A new breed of circumcision clamps are a clear menace to foreskins. Are they a boon to public health?
Mar '07    A Slip of the Scalpel Tongue
    Problem: you are a manufacturer of circumcision clamps in Turkey or Singapore-- for the improvement of public health, or in the service of Allah or Mammon. And penises being penises being penises, you want to sell your device all over the world. How to reach potential customers who don't speak your language?
Feb '07    Our Lady of the Transfiguration
By: Bill Andriette
    Who's invited to FORGE-Forward? FTM+'s and their SOFFAs. That is to say, anyone on the path from female to male, whatever their psychological or physical station-of-the-cross (that's the "plus" part), and "Significant Others, Friends, Family, and Allies."
Jan '07    Sperm Like Sperm
By: Bill Andriette
    A bodily orifice oozing cum can be a comely sight-- entirely on its own terms, not to mention nostalgia-evoking for guys of a certain age. But a spooge-weeping orifice isn't just attractive to mankind: from a sperm's-eye point of view it looks pretty inviting, too.
Dec '06    Serving with Honor
    The first annual, first-ever International Escort Awards was long in coming.
Nov '06    Plug Ugly
By: Jim D'Entremont
    Know-nothing high court lets Lone-Star lawmakers gang up on dildo-loving Texans
Oct '06    Toward More Succulent Spooge
By: Bill Andriette
    How do these flavors wend their way, for good or ill, into semen, anyway?
Sep '06    Pride Midst War
    No gay pride march has been as geopolitically star-crossed as Worldpride Jerusalem-- which, muted and reduced-- nonetheless pulled itself off August 6 to 12-- sans parade but otherwise without incident.
Aug '06    Scandalized Scandinavians
    Swedish LGBT group joins neo-Nazis in denouncing gay mag. What's going on?

Total Queer n There Found: 195
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