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Town bans criminal element

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Date     Title
Jul '09   
Time for another march?

By: Michael K Lavers
Look back in anger. The first national march in 1979 had a defiant tone, coming as it did in the wake of the Harvey Milk slaying and efforts by Anita Bryant and others to strip gays of their civil rights.

Jul '09   
Romanian gays make some strides European Union nudges

By: Mircea Ticudean
 More than twice as many police as participants showed up at the annual gay pride march in Bucharest, Romania. Gay leaders said this wasn't necessarily a bad thing.
Jul '09   
Gay groups angry over legal move

By: Mark Sullivan
Leaders of all the major gay organizations expressed outrage last month when the Obama administration fought against the repeal of the anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act using the same arguments advanced by the George W Bush administration.
Apr '09    Marriage up for vote?
By: Mark Sullivan
    A pair of California college students want to stop the state from issuing marriage licenses altogether.
Apr '09    Oral sex riles politicos
By: Jesse Monteagudo
    Taking time off from dealing with the state's budget crisis, members of the Georgia Legislature attacked professors at state universities who teach a range of courses, including queer theory.
Apr '09    Cheap thrills
By: Michael K Lavers

Online hook-up sites have become an increasingly popular way for gay men to connect during the deepening recession.

Mar '09    Working hard
By: Michael K Lavers
    As the recession deepens in the United States, more gay men are turning to dancing, massaging and other forms of body entrepreneurialism to stay afloat.
Mar '09    Caught on video
By: Mark Sullivan
    A training video produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints reveals that the religious organization led an all-out effort to strip marriage rights from same-sex couples in California, activists said in January.
Mar '09    NYC gays blast cops
By: Jesse Monteagudo
    It was a day Robert Pinter says he will never forget. Pinter's visit to Blue Door Video in New York City's East Village turned into a nightmare when the young man who cruised him turned out to be an undercover vice cop who arrested him for prostitution. Pinter is 53 years old.
Mar '09    Gay v Gay
    Sam Adams's election last November as mayor of Portland, Oregon, was one of the victories in the 2008 races -- the first time an out gay candidate was picked to lead a major US city. But in January, after Adams admitted he'd lied about a gay relationship with a young man, many of his former allies were pushing him to step down.
Feb '09    When 'morality' has a dollar value
By: Jesse Monteagudo
    Police busts against adult business are not limited to "red states" like Tennessee. In New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg seems determined to carry on the anti-sex campaign begun by Rudolph Giuliani.
Feb '09    Search snoops
By: Bill Andriette
    In December, Yahoo announced plans to reduce the time it keeps logs that can link individual users to "tranny bondage," "hardcore pee" or any other search query.
Feb '09    Can't call it hate
By: Bill Andriette
    On November 4, California voters stripped same-sex couples of marriage rights when they passed Proposition 8. The day before, a high school principal in Big Bear Lake, California, stripped Mariah Jimenez of her T-shirt. Jimenez, 16, says she was nervous coming to school in a T-shirt she'd hand-emblazoned with the slogan "Prop 8 equals hate."
Feb '09    Tough times for gay culture
By: Michael K Lavers
    As the impact of the recession deepens, gay community centers, cultural institutions and theaters across the country are feeling the pinch.
Jan '09    Taking to the streets
By: Bill Andriette
    Has the California referendum result sparked something even more momentous than the Stonewall riots of 1969?
Jan '09    The blame game
    Bloggers are heaping vitriol on the No on 8 organizers, the Human Rights Campaign and other mainstream groups. Fairly?
Jan '09    Cyber Street
    Building barricades bit by byte
Dec '08    2008 Election review
    Change was the theme; what can we expect? Wayne Besen, Liz Highleyman, Doug Ireland, and Paul Varnell muse....
Dec '08    Jan 10 -- protests at all 50 US state capitols
    Join the protests January 10, 2009
Dec '08    Stonewall redux?
By: Bill Andriette
    Protesting marriage-rights defeats, US gays mount barricades
Nov '08    Huge increase in HIV infection rate reported
By: Joseph Couture
    The New York Health Department grants that "the analysis technique is new and the estimates may be imprecise."
Nov '08    The Guide honored at the Sexies
By: Bill Andriette
    "This piece makes anti-sex laws relevant to the average person and complex legal issues accessible for lay people," the judges said.
Nov '08    Iraqi gay activist assassinated
By: Bill Andriette
    Supposed security gains are not protecting gays in theocratic Iraq
Nov '08    Former Mr UK in cannibalism trial
    Prosecution cites 'troubled' sexuality
Nov '08    Uncle Sam's long arms
    Proposed US law would put visiting foreigners in prison for legal sex
Oct '08    Biden' time in the Palinolithic
By: Jim D'Entremont
    The VP choices seem stuck in the past and on the right
Oct '08    Red-blooded lesbian
By: Bill Andriette
    Del Martin, who helped found Daughters of Bilitis, dies in San Francisco
Oct '08    Joe Biden: A gay-rights liberal
By: Jim D'Entremont
    Obama's VP has checkered history
Oct '08    Is Palin queer?
By: Jim D'Entremont
    An odd choice to be a heartbeat away?
Oct '08    Gay gold in Beijing
    Diver nails final dive

Total News Found: 271
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