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Total Movie Reviews Found: 150
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Date     Title
Jun '10   
Guide recommends

By: Jesse Monteagudo
The Guide recommends...
May '10   
Hot and buttered

By: Michael Bronski
Guide recommends.
May '10   
On screen

By: Jesse Monteagudo
Founded in 1998, Channel 1 Releasing has become one of the world's largest producers of gay adult movies. Its most famous co-owner is director Chi Chi LaRue, the Alfred Hitchcock of gay porn. Among C1R's video lines are Rascal Video (LaRue's own imprint), All Worlds Video, Dirk Yates, Electro Video and Catalina Video. There's also the company store, Chi Chi LaRue's, which opened in West Hollywood in 2008.
Mar '10   
Aural fixation

By: Michael Paoletta
Dance machine: Christopher Connelly, Rich Dejong, Shane German, Mike Harbin and Alexia Kauffman of Soft Complex are known for "moody synth-pop that's made for dancing."
Mar '10   
On screen

By: Jesse Monteagudo
Each year, Raging Stallion Studios releases a gay adult movie of epic proportions. The film combines high production values, good acting and directing and even something of a plot. This year's blockbuster, the two-part Focus/Refocus, is a film-noir thriller that deserves to stand alongside its predecessors, Grunts and To the Last Man. Like To the Last Man, Focus/ Refocus has proven controversial because of its sometimes-violent plot, which includes several rapes and murders. Fortunately, those who do not want to mix violence with their porn can opt out of the gory scenes and just enjoy the sex.
Feb '10   
The Guide recommends

By: Michael Bronski
While personal ads requiring that respondents be "straight acting and appearing" are frequently spotted in gay publications, no self-respecting gay man wants a straight man to act and appear as straight as the main characters in Humpday.
Jan '10   
Movers N Shakers

By: Jesse Monteagudo
Hot House Entertainment was founded in 1993 by Falcon Studios legend Steven Scarborough. Unlike other studios, Hot House doesn't promise cinematic thrills or artistic vision or even much of a plot. Instead, Hot House movies adhere to one basic formula: hot men having hot sex. (This is, of course, what consumers of porn look for in the first place.)
Dec '09   
The Guide recommends

By: Jesse Monteagudo
Lucas Entertainment was founded in 1998 by porn superstar Michael Lucas. The first open Jew to achieve success as a gay porn performer, Lucas is also a fervent Zionist whose blog promotes Israel as much as it does his own movies. Therefore it's no surprise that Men of Israel, the first gay porn movie filmed in Israel with Israeli performers, is as much a love letter to the Jewish State as it is a great dick flick. Lucas himself calls it "a bold move to promote Israeli culture and tourism."
Nov '09   
The Guide recommends

By: Michael Bronski
The very idea of this film is delicious: the Woodstock music festival, a coming out story, a Jewish family drama, rock music and cute hippie boys taking their shirts off, rolling around in mud and burning their draft cards. What could be better? Taking Woodstock delivers all this and more.
Aug '09   
Hot & buttered

By: Michael Bronski
Guys being guys. The Hangover is the latest in a long string of comedies about the highs and lows of friendships between men.
Jun '09    Night Watchmen
In addition to its Falcon brand, Falcon Studios also produce gay adult movies under a variety of specialty brand names. Mustang Studios showcases mature, muscular models. Night Watchmen, from Mustang Studios, is written and directed by Paul Barresi and features some of the hottest men under contract with Falcon (or anywhere else). Just the sight of Jason Michaels's hairy ass in the first scene got me off, and this is before he and top Nick Capra did anything. Though his ass made the rest of Night Watchmen anti- climactic (so to speak), the movie features the combined talents of Josh West, Wolf Hudson and Coby Mitchell.
Jun '09    Asylum
Falcon Studio's Asylum is one of those near-perfect dick flicks that combines hot men, hot action and even an interesting story. Director John Bruno filmed Asylum at the abandoned (and creepy) Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles, which gives it authenticity even when it's obvious the performers are putting on a show. Muscle-bound Erik Rhodes plays an investigative reporter who goes undercover in a mental institution where the doctors and orderlies abuse their patients. (Not that the patients seem to mind.) Along the way, Erik (and we) are treated to all sorts of hanky-panky at the hands and other body parts of Diesel Washington, Leo Giamani, Dominic Pacifico and Falcon discovery Ty Colt. As a narrative, Asylum lacks resolution -- but who cares? With so much hotness around, plots don't matter.
Jun '09    The Guide recommends Falcon Anthology:Series: The Best of Matthew Rush Volume 1
By: Jesse Monteagudo
Falcon Studios (www.falconstudios.com) is one of the world's most successful producers of gay adult entertainment. At the moment, the company's biggest success is Matthew Rush. Rush first signed up with Falcon in 2000 and became a Falcon Lifetime Exclusive in 2002. But lifetimes are short in porn, and earlier this year Rush ended his contract with Falcon to pursue other endeavors.
Jun '09    Road Trip Volume 8: Napa Valley/Road Trip Volume 9: Palm Springs
Falcon's Jocks Studios specialize in twinks. Jocks's Road Trip series takes director Peter Romero and a bunch of young performers to various California locales where they match up for our enjoyment. Road Trips 8 and 9 take place in Napa Valley and Palm Springs, respectively. Each movie has three couplings and one orgy scene -- not at the end, as in most movies, but somewhere in the middle. The actors run the gamut from so-so to scorching hot, depending on their looks and enjoyment of the action. Two worth mentioning by name are Justin Taylor in Napa Valley and Danny Parker in Palm Springs. These two obviously like dudes, have been around the block a few times, and know what to do in front of a camera.
May '09    The Guide recommends

The Reader

May '09    Hot and buttered
By: Michael Bronski

Check out Lolita, You Are Not Alone and Capturing the Friedmans

Feb '09    Twilight
By: Michael Bronski
    A hyper-romantic, lush, sorta-silly, teen vampire film.
Feb '09    Daughters of Darkness
By: Michael Bronski
    The grandmother of all lesbian vampire films -- and what a treat. The incredible, French leading lady Delphine Seyrig plays the legendary Countess Bathory who is out to seduce and not-abandon until she has drained the pretty young wives.
Feb '09    Interview with the Vampire
By: Michael Bronski
    An adaptation of Anne Rice's novel of a very slightly coded gay love story between Tom Cruise (before we thought he was creepy) and Brad Pitt as fang-buddies with a complicated relationship.
Feb '09    The Hunger
By: Michael Bronski
    What could be better than this: androgynous glam-rocker David Bowie and beautiful Catherine Deneuve play John and Miriam, two elegant euro-trash vampires who prey on the disco set in trendy 1980s Manhattan.
Dec '08    The band plays on
By: Michael Bronski
    A 1960s classic out fresh on disc
Nov '08    Allen's gay woody
By: Michael Bronski
    In new film, famed director points appreciatively to gay mores
Oct '08    Deadly, queer half-pints
By: Michael Bronski
    Young homos you don't want to cross
Sep '08    High Church Homo
By: Michael Bronski
    A cinematic homage to Evelyn Waugh relieves a dry, hot summer
Jul '08    Love Surpassing
By: Michael Bronski
    A film about Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy shows there's life in gay documentaries
Jun '08    Bong Hits
By: Michael Bronski
    Seeing through stoner flicks' homo haze
May '08    Matron Lust
By: Michael Bronski
    Why up-the-butt is not cinema's final frontier
Apr '08    Oscar Blues
By: Michael Bronski
    Dissecting an Academy Awards more muggle than fey
Mar '08    Now Screening in the Pantheon
By: Michael Bronski
    Obscure queer classics now on DVD to tide you over while Hollywood snoozes
Feb '08    A Dress is Where It's At
By: Michael Bronski
    Gays bring transvestism out of pop culture's closet

Total Movie Reviews Found: 150
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