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Who's using kiddie sex to sell what?

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Date     Title
Dec '08    Even the squeal
By: Blanche Poubelle
    What makes a pig oink?
Nov '08    When 'penis' beats 'cock'
By: Blanche Poubelle
    Negotiating for sex with limited English
Oct '08    Going, going, gouine
By: Blanche Poubelle
    The odd exodus from 'goy' to 'dyke'
Aug '08    Body Talk
By: Blanche Poubelle
    The subtle moves that speak volumes
Jul '08    Jealousy, Shmelousy
By: Blanche Poubelle
    A touch of compersion could make many marriages last longer by encouraging us to honor our partners' needs for sexual excitement and variety...
Jul '08    Sooner Live Elsewhere...
By: Dawn Ivory
    As Sally spouted off about how the homos were trying to sodomize America's toddlers, her Sooner State colleagues were taking legislative aim at Mexicans.
Jun '08    Lesbians v. Lesbians
By: Blanche Poubelle
    Greek isle-dwellers gang up on clit-lickers
May '08    By Any Other Name
By: Blanche Poubelle
    ...A whore can be just as charming
Apr '08    Monkeying Around
By: Blanche Poubelle
    The shapeshifting wild animal between your legs
Mar '08    Funky French
By: Blanche Poubelle
    Of sweaty armpits, unwashed foreskins, and overripe brie
Feb '08    Cherries and Other Fruits
By: Blanche Poubelle
    Stalking the origins of some juicy sex metaphors
Jan '08    The Joy of Insults
By: Blanche Poubelle
    And if they rhyme, it's sublime!
Dec '07    Clearing Bush
By: Blanche Poubelle
    Past the razor's edge of no return?
Nov '07    Queaf, Quief, Quofe
By: Blanche Poubelle
    The sounds of sex.
Oct '07    Rose is a Rose is a Rose
By: Blanche Poubelle
    Except if it's a rose-rose -- then it smells sweeter
Sep '07    Twinks, Bears, and Jocks
By: Blanche Poubelle
    An inquiry into the ascent of gay man
Aug '07    It's Not the Lisp
By: Blanche Poubelle
    The mystery deepens as to how our ears sense sexual orientation so instantly and accurately
Jul '07    Talking About the Bone
By: Blanche Poubelle
    Why do we lump erections with cancer?
Jun '07    Open & Out
By: Blanche Poubelle
    A modest proposal for the alleviation of (bi-)sexual suffering
May '07    Disgusting Conservatives
By: Blanche Poubelle
    How do you get from marriage between two men to sex between a man and a dog?
Apr '07    The Scrotum Puzzle
By: Blanche Poubelle
    Latin words are often paired in English with Anglo-Saxon counterparts, which are considered vulgar. So feces, anus, and vagina are Latin; shit, asshole, and cunt are Anglo-Saxon. We copulate in Latin, but we fuck in Anglo-Saxon.
Mar '07    Flaccid
By: Blanche Poubelle
    If good liberals believe that women should have control over their own bodies and sexuality, doesn't that apply to men and their erections?
Feb '07    Faggots and Fennel
By: Blanche Poubelle
    Though finocchio and "faggot" probably don't actually reflect a medieval history of death-by-burning, they do both derive from pejorative comparisons to worthless, cheap, or undervalued things like bundles of sticks or seeds. Fortunately, etymology is our servant and not our master. Many groups now proudly use labels that originated as pejoratives-- Methodists and Quakers, for example.
Jan '07    No Future for Gays?
By: Blanche Poubelle
    Tatchell argues that defining oneself as gay is a relatively recent development in Western societies and that it is not likely to persist in the future.
Dec '06    The Family Schmuck
By: Blanche Poubelle
    So the etymological route for schmuck is from "treasured thing" to "penis" to "jerk."
Nov '06    Fake Figs?
By: Blanche Poubelle
    How do we get from sweeping, whipping, polishing, and beating to inserting ginger in the anus?
Oct '06    Pushing the Cork
By: Blanche Poubelle
    So which of these meanings is the origin of tapette as "homosexual"? Mousetrap? Flyswatter? Rugbeater? Cork pusher? Printers' tool? Tongue? Ballgame? With enough imagination, it is probably possible to come up with some story to connect each of these to homosexuality.
Sep '06    'Homophile' or 'homosexual'?
By: Blanche Poubelle
    Homosexual is a less comfortable word, but it has the virtue of keeping the sex in homosexuality. A movement based on the liberty to engage in homosexual acts seeks allies among other people with minority sexual tastes-- such as sadomasochists, straight swingers, or cross-dressers.
Aug '06    Juicy Fruits
By: Blanche Poubelle
    An informal count of the buttons available showed 53 with rainbow flags, but only two with pink triangles....
Jul '06    Tom Foolery
By: Blanche Poubelle
    Tipping the Velvet, a terrific novel by Sarah Waters, draws an intriguing portrait of an underground lesbian community in late Victorian England.

Total Loose Lips Found: 127
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