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Total Letters Found: 172
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Date     Title
Apr '10   
Thanks for the emotional openness

I really liked the emotional openness of Matthew Link's end piece in the January issue of Guide magazine, Dissecting a Human Heart. I'm starting to feel that Guide has become one of the best gay magazines on the market; it has really come a long way. I thought the writing in Link's piece was beautiful, and his line "my heart broke open and I realized I loved him" resounded for me. I have felt that way a few times in my life.
Apr '10   
Stop aid to Uganda

I think it's far past time to contact our senators and representatives and ask them to co-sponsor a bill to stop all financial aid to Uganda now (Death penalty sought for gays, February 2010). These human rights violations are totally unconscionable by anyone's standards, and there are many decent -- mostly Democratic -- elected officials who will do something on our behalf in this horrible situation. My senator, Sherrod Brown in Ohio, is one. Don't forget to contact your members of Congress. Use them now and help save our Ugandan gay brothers and sisters.
Mar '10   
Thanks for the comprehensive coverage

While today's news coverage is dominated by the internet, with no exception for the gay community, print media has the power to attract in a unique way. The January issue of Guide magazine gave unique, and indeed, comprehensive coverage of the sad and untimely demise of the Washington Blade (Gay Media Empire Crumbles, January 2010).
Mar '10   
Give mutual massage groups a try

I wanted to thank you for running the article on massage-exchange groups in the November edition of Guide magazine (Healing Touch, November 2009). I've always enjoyed massages under the hands of professional licensed massage therapists, but have found the cost of regular appointments prohibitive. Your article took some of the mystery out of the idea of mutual massage exchange. In particular, the information the article provided about basic technique gave me confidence in my ability to contribute to a session.
Feb '10   
The talented Mr. White

I just read your article called A Man's Own Story (December 2009) via a link on Facebook. I admire Edmund White's work. After reading the interview, I feel I understand the author better. Mr White is an exquisite node in the fraternal band of free-thinking men, and I appreciate any opportunity to tie myself tighter into his insights and experiences. Thanks for a great piece about a great author.
Feb '10   
Reading from cover to cover

I picked up the January 2010 issue of Guide magazine at the New York City Gay Community Center earlier this week and read through it today -- every story, which is rare for me. I wanted to tell you how good and relevant I found the issue. I liked Mark Sullivan's column on the death of gay media, Jim Baxter's piece on struggling gay newspapers, Steve Bolerjack's Palm Springs essay and the interview with pornstar Aiden Shaw, which finally shows what he looks like now (not bad).
Jan '10   
The church's ugly words and deeds

I was raised Catholic, though I went to an evangelical college after a "born-again" time in my teens. One of my professors introduced me to the Episcopal Church, where I discovered the beauty of the liturgy and more kindred souls. He was also a married man who took untoward interest in impressionable young men like me.
Jan '10   
Religion's inflammatory teachings

The Catholic Church drips with toxic rhetoric and inflammatory teachings. Unfortunately, it's not alone. With few exceptions, religions oppress and stir hatred. Just take a look at the countless wars fueled by the belief that "our imaginary friend is better than your imaginary friend."
Dec '09   
Prague is a cabaret, old chum

It was great to pick up a new issue of Guide magazine and find interesting, well-edited articles. I especially enjoyed the story on Prague ('Life is a cabaret,' October 2009), which I visited a couple of years ago. By luck I happen to know the author, which was a pleasant surprise.
Dec '09   
Still more work to be done

I agree with your editorial about the National Equality March ('New activist generation,' November 2009), and the last sentence: 'The march may be over, but the hard work continues.' The coverage of the march is good. And the proof that there is still work to be done is not only the failure of the marriage issue in Maine and California, but, as you report, the bar raids in Texas, Tennessee and Georgia, which we thought were a thing of the past.
Nov '09   
Clinton's lack of integrity

Last issue's editorial reminded me again of why I don't remember the Clinton presidency as fondly as many of my liberal peers, gay and straight alike. I thought I'd heard it all from the big dog of spinners, but to hear him blame his gay supporters for his complete and total abandonment of their interests during his presidency was shocking. The fact is that candidate Clinton pledged to end the ban on gays serving in the military entirely, but, according to the Servicemen's Legal Defense Network, a minimum of 6,716 gay or bisexual military personnel were discharged under DADT during Clinton's tenure as Commander in Chief of the armed forces. The number of those discharged in 1994, the first year of the policy, was 617 across all five military branches. In 2000, the last year of his presidency, 1,241 were discharged.
Nov '09   
Planning my next trip

I'm planning a trip to Spain and have been to Barcelona already so I was happy to read John Rambow's piece about Seville (Under the radar, October 2009). We will use Seville as our entry point and will focus on the south of Spain near there. I also read with interest about Nice and Hong Kong. Since China is becoming an economic force, I'm very curious to visit the country.
Oct '09   
Safe sex, 30 years later

Thanks for Michael Bronski's review of the documentary Sex Positive (Sex, Lies and Videotape, June 2009), but I want to correct one thing Michael got wrong: How to Have Sex in an Epidemic, which I co-authored with Dr Joseph Sonnabend and Michael Callen in May 1983, and which is now regarded as the invention of safe sex, clearly stated that the cause of AIDS was not then known, and that our guidelines were based on a theory outlined in our booklet. We did not dismiss the possibility of a new virus being "the cause" and we presented that view as best we could.
Oct '09   
A victory that still resonates

"After 10 months of turmoil and struggle I was finally able to get away for some much needed rest and relaxation. In Fort Lauderdale I saw a copy of the current Guide and was surprised to see my fight and victory still resonating around the country (Change close to home, August 2009). Thank you for including my fight in your piece. Your five-paragraph synopsis of the Campaign to Stop the False Arrests moved me as though it had happened
Sep '09   
Don't just boycott the beer

I want to respond to your article about boycotting Red Stripe beer and other products from Jamaica (Say no to the boycott, June 2009). The initial idea about the violence in Jamaica had nothing to do with beer. Hello? Is anyone listening, or are your heads stuck in the sand with the rest of the ostriches? Gay people are being killed regularly in this island country. Why should we spend our gay dollars where they hate us? That's the only point.
Sep '09   
Looking for the next big thing

I've never written to your magazine before, but I was so impressed with article called The Next Big Thing (June 2009) that I felt I had to. It was great to hear about US vacation destinations that are not just gay friendly, but have a good ratio of gay people in their community, especially in places like Arizona and Indiana.
Aug '09   
More victories to be won

Michael Bronski's article on his thoughts on the 40th anniversary of Stonewall (Stonewall was a riot, June 2009), when a typical police raid on a gay bar got a very untypical response, was very good. It hopefully will lead young homosexual men and women to think about what those people who were there and "reacted" to the raid did for their civil rights.
Aug '09   
Mattachine wasn't the beginning

I agree with Michael Bronski that the earlier homophile groups were important in their way, and helped prepare the way for gay liberation (Stonewall was a riot, June 2009). I knew such homophile leaders as Prescott Townsend, W Dorr Legg, Jim Kepner, and Arthur Warner, and greatly appreciate what they did.
Aug '09   
Putting Stonewall in perspective

I am writing to thank you for publishing Michael Bronski's "Stonewall was a riot" in your June edition. I read it just in time for pride day. It was a refreshing view of the riots, particularly when the incident has been subject to mythologizing and revisionist history. I really appreciated the historical perspective Bronski adds. It was so evocative to those of us who lived in those exciting and tumultuous times.
Jul '09   
Gay liberation lives on

Michael Bronski's recent Guide article (Stonewall was a riot, June 2009), a tribute to the Gay Liberation Front, is greatly appreciated by those of us who were involved back then. However, Bronski injects unnecessary pessimism by lamenting the way the movement has evolved. The current movement is much more than the black-tie parties of the Human Rights Campaign, which I have never attended and have no desire to attend.
Jul '09   
Think twice about boycotts

I agree 100 percent that outside activists need to be informed before acting (Say no to the boycott, June 2009). Having already written extensively about the Jamaica boycott and its problems, I agree that the Jamaica boycott organizers did not do their homework and were not well informed.
Jul '09   
Kudos for a job well done

I picked up a copy of the Guide at a bar in New York City this week because I have an upcoming trip to Amsterdam. I was impressed. Okay, I was very impressed by the look and feel and the overall moderation of the magazine. I will definitely pick up the magazine when I am out and about, and will pass it along to my friends, who are all big travelers.
Jun '09    Greetings from South Florida
I happened to pick up for the first time a copy of the Guide magazine while on South Beach recently. As one of the few openly gay elected officials in South Florida, I congratulate you on a great publication.
Jun '09    Don't forget about Belgium
I'm just receiving the Guide of April 2009, which is very interesting and I congratulate you for it.
Jun '09    Are the thrills really cheap?
Michael Lavers' article called 'Cheap thrills' (March 2009), about the increasing number of gay men turning to internet cruise sites during this economic downturn, misses an opportunity to explore the repercussions of this trend: the increasing number of gay men contracting and transmitting sexually- transferable diseases and infections.
May '09    The hottest place in Akron

I've always found your magazine to be very informative. However I have to say that you totally missed the mark in the March issue with your story on Akron, Ohio. You barely mention the bar Square, truly the best thing to happen to Akron. It won the best gay bar in Akron for 2007 and 2008. This bar is upscale, hip and very popular. It is not just a neighborhood bar, it is the hottest place to be in Akron.

May '09    Colorado's focus isn't on 'Family'

I enjoyed February's editorial entitled 'Freedom from religion.' However, I felt compelled to comment on the statement, 'Colorado's Focus on the Family.' This suggests that the entire state owns this unbelievable narrow-minded group. That is simply not the case.

May '09    Lessons from South America

In your March 2009 issue, there is a very accurate piece entitled 'Court extends rights to gay couples.' I was in Colombia visiting my family at the end of January when the ruling occurred. The celebrations in Bogota were very simple and the whole city just accepted that full human rights are part of the constitution.

May '09    Shout out from Houston

I wanted to tell you the new look and feel of Guide magazine is really refreshing. I have advertised my business, Black Hawk Leather, in the Guide for years. Keep up the great job, guys. I look forward to your coverage of Houston.

Apr '09    Change you can believe in

You all took the theme of "change" quite seriously! The new redesign of The Guide has not only a great look, but a wonderful, new feel as well!

Total Letters Found: 172
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