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Date     Title
Jun '10   
My heart in San Francisco

By: John-Manuel Andriote
Tony Bennett sang about leaving his heart in San Francisco in his 1962 hit song. Many a '60s hippy happily heeded Scott McKenzie's invitation to "wear some flowers in your hair," pointing their VW bugs west in search of love-ins, whacked weed and the freedom simply to be.
Mar '10   
Culture shock for a city boy

By: John-Manuel Andriote
Coming home to the boondocks of eastern Connecticut has been a culture shock for this city boy.
Jan '10   
Discovering the gay golden boys

By: Steve Bolerjack
"Soon you'll be retiring to Palm Springs, wearing muumuus and sipping mimosas."
Dec '09   
It's time to end gay blood ban

By: Scott Galvin
Since 1985, gay men have not been able to legally donate blood in the United States. This policy was instituted by our government in the earliest, most fearful days of the AIDS epidemic. When so little was known about the disease, reactionary officials instituted the ban as a way to ensure the nation's blood supply would remain 'clean.'
Nov '09   
To smoke, or not to smoke

By: Trevor Hoppe
It's been three weeks since I stopped buying cigarettes. It was a bit of a collective decision between me and three friends who decided that, at the very least, smoking was costing us a fortune. But more than just financial rationality, I think we all were grappling with a variety of concerns regarding our health. But I need to explain a few things first before I get there.
Oct '09   
Trading evil for more evil

By: Wayne Besen
In the not too distant past, most Americans couldn't tell a Pashtun from a cartoon, a Sunni from a Moonie or a Kurd from bean curd. Then came 9/11 and we learned our very survival depended on securing freedom for people we barely knew existed. Exorcising the region's demons through democracy was so important, we were told, that the United States would pay for the effort in blood and bankruptcy.
Sep '09   
Don't put on the brakes

By: David Mixner
There is a new chapter within the LGBT civil rights movement that can only be described as the "Oh Lord, Not Now!" movement.
Aug '09   
Exporting homophobia

By: Cary Alan Johnson
Despite the global recession, the US is promoting and aggressively selling a costly product overseas: homophobia. Uganda, one of the closest US partners in Africa, is currently home to vicious and violent attacks on its citizens based solely on their sexual orientation and gender identity. The high cost in terms of individual privacy and freedom of expression is mounting daily.
Jul '09    Finding ex-lovers in your in-box
By: Jay Blotcher
Facebook has only enabled a habit I've had for many years. I stay in touch. People from my past -- ex- partners, ex-partners and a fleet of tricks-turned-friends -- inhabit my current life. Some hover around the edges, others participate on a daily basis. They have become pals and confidantes due to the elastic nature of relationships in the gay male community. While lesbians are better known for keeping lovers close and ex-lovers closer, gay men certainly come in second.
Jun '09    Say no to the boycott
By: Jason
We at the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays thank our international allies for their continued interest in the state of affairs in Jamaica. Your support over the years has strengthened our voice and made it possible for us to make progress where we hardly thought it possible. One of the most significant ventures in which our international allies have collaborated with us was the Stop Murder Music campaign that started in 2004, and which culminated in a local debate about the appropriateness of violence and hate in Jamaican music played in public places. Despite the occasionally homophobic rant by rogue deejays, we have seen a general decline in the level of homophobia in new music from Jamaica. We have also seen corporate sponsors withdrawing their support from music that promotes violence or discrimination against any group.

Total Just Saying Found: 15
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