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Total International News Found: 77
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Date     Title
Jun '10   
Turkey: Activists removed during protest

Turkish civil rights activists held a protest after a government minister called homosexuality a "disease."
Jun '10   
Poland: Gay erotic art gets major show

Beginning this month, Poland's National Museum will mount an exhibition of gay erotic art.
Jun '10   
Malawi: Languishing in prison, man is 'gravely ill'

One member of a gay couple that was arrested after holding a public engagement ceremony is gravely ill, international civil rights activists assert.
Jun '10   
India: Journalists arrested after blackmail plot

Two journalists who allegedly blackmailed a university professor with a tape of him having sex with another man have been arrested.
May '10   
Saudi Arabia: Man to be flogged for 'gay' video

A Saudi Arabian man will be given 1,000 lashes for appearing in a homemade video in which he pretends to be a police officer who demands "physical comfort" in return for setting a suspect free.
May '10   
Malawi: Couple wins international support

A gay couple that was arrested after holding a public engagement ceremony is garnering more support from the international community.
May '10   
Slovenia: Three guilty in attack on gay business

Three men who were part of a mob that tried to burn down a Ljubljana gay cafe have been sentenced to 18 months in jail.
May '10   
Canada: 'No room at the inn' for gay couple

A Canadian court will hear a complaint from a couple who say the owners of a bed and breakfast refused to rent them a room.
Apr '10   
Kenya: Six arrested over rumors of gay wedding

After hundreds of people took to the streets in protest, police arrested six men who locals believed were holding a same-sex wedding.
Apr '10   
Croatia: EU hopefuls need to protect gays

The European Parliament stated last month that nations hoping to join the European Union must modify national law to protect gays from discrimination.
Apr '10   
Uganda: Official says he would kill a gay child

At a human rights forum held in Kampala, a Ugandan Member of Parliament said he would kill his son if he discovered he was gay.
Apr '10   
Costa Rica: New president calls for unions

Costa Rica's first female president-elect said she supports gay civil rights but doesn't want gays "to touch an institution like marriage."
Mar '10   
China: Officials cancel pageant

An hour before it was set to begin, authorities in China shut down the first-ever Mr Gay China competition.
Mar '10   
Malawi: Pair accused of indecency after wedding

Attorneys representing two gay men who celebrated a wedding ceremony in Malawi have asked the government to review its ban on homosexuality.
Mar '10   
Canada: Porn flicks marked 'return to sender'

The Canada Border Services Agency is once again refusing to allow certain gay porn films into the country. Raging Stallion Studio's fetish flick Piss Off was recently deemed to be "obscene" by Canada's border censors.
Mar '10   
Russia: Government snubs rights court

Russian government officials said last month they have not had time to prepare their defense against a gay group's charges of discrimination.
Feb '10   
Russia: Official: Let Moscow gays rally in Berlin

In a bizarre twist, Russia's commissioner for human rights announced that he favored allowing the country's gays to hold Pride marches -- as long as the marches were held somewhere other than Russia.
Feb '10   
India: Director asks censors to OK gay movie

The director of a film containing what is thought to be the country's first gay love scene is hoping it passes the censors.
Feb '10   
Argentina: Court blocks same-sex nuptials

Two gay men who had planned to marry were already being fitted for their tuxedos when a judge brought the proceeding to a crashing halt.
Feb '10   
Uganda: Death penalty for gays dropped

International outrage over a proposed law that would sentence to death those convicted of being gay has helped to prompt changes from its sponsors in Uganda.

Total International News Found: 77
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