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Polygamists and gays: Bedfellows?

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Total HIV Digest Found: 626
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Date     Title
Dec '08    Myths about HIV-positive spitters
    An HIV-positive man was sentenced to 35 years in jail after spitting on a Texas cop
Dec '08    Nanosuspension long-acting, well-tolerated
    Could a single antiretroviral dose maintain activity for months?
Dec '08    41% on antiretrovirals have renal insufficiency
    Black patients appeared less likely than white patients to experience kidney complications
Dec '08    Rapid HIV test has high false-positive rate
    Of 39 patients with reactive results, 31 agreed to confirmatory testing and just five proved to be HIV-infected
Dec '08    Total cessation of HIV replication?
    Modern-day HAART may have finally robbed HIV of its main weapon against us: its ability to evolve.
Nov '08    Another vaccine trial bites the dust
    A pared-down version of the PAVE-100 study might still be approved
Nov '08    Drug resistance testing urged
    IAS-USA urges clinicians to conduct drug resistance testing whenever a patient is diagnosed with HIV
Nov '08    Doctors miss early HIV symptoms
    48 percent of HIV patients who had sought medical attention for their early symptoms were not diagnosed
Nov '08    Wine and beer a problem with meds?
    'I don't drink everyday but definitely drink 2-3 glasses of wine at night, 3-4 days a week at (sometimes beer). Is this too much? '
Nov '08    New salvage drugs
    A "dry period" in HIV drug approvals that will last around three years
Oct '08    Treatment as prevention
    Can meds stop transmission?
Oct '08    Weed for pain
    Despite this alleged lack of scientific validation, many patients routinely use "medical marijuana," and in many cases this use is for pain related to nerve injury
Oct '08    'Mindful meditation' keeps CD4 count stable?
    Complementary treatment is group-based and low-cost
Oct '08    Oral sex, oral cancer
    Some scientists say that giving both men and women the new HPV vaccine currently only recommended for females could wipe out HPV-associated oral cancers in both sexes
Oct '08    Head of UNAIDS rails against homophobia
    'We will be nowhere with our AIDS activities if the gay rights agenda is not progressing'
Sep '08    Addicts Adhere to Treatment Regimens
    Users of illicit drugs are less likely to be prescribed lifesaving anti-HIV meds
Sep '08    Efavirenz with Tenofovir May Increase Liver Risk
    Efavirenz and tenofovir make up two of the three drugs in the popular fixed-dose combination pill Atripla
Sep '08    Free HIV Drugs Slash Death Rate in Malawi
    In the eight months after the free clinic opened in remote Karonga Town in June 2005, overall adult mortality in the study area fell by 10 percent
Sep '08    HIV Treatment Before CD4 Drops Below 350
    Benefits of early anti-HIV reaffirmed
Sep '08    Research Halted on Once-Promising HIV Med
    KP-1461 was found to have almost no HIV-fighting ability
Sep '08    Growth Hormone for Side Effects?
    Fighting increases in belly fat, elevated blood pressure, and high triglyceride levels
Aug '08    New Immune Treatment
    Can the newly sero-positive benefit from therapeutic vaccine?
Aug '08    Thwarting HIV
    Can a new drugs block HIV's invasive tricks?
Aug '08    Ten Non-AIDS Cancers More Common Among Poz
    Watch out for your anus, colon, rectum, kidney, liver, lung, mouth, throat and vagina!
Aug '08    Can More Sex Lower HIV Rates?
    Are international HIV organizations wasting their time talking about politically correct concepts like gender issues and victimization?
Jul '08    Black, Gay, Poz Activist Celebrates 'Carnal Aspect of Living'
    Washington's candid essay ruffled a few feathers...
Jul '08    'Undetectable' Does Not Equal Zero
    The findings lend credence to arguments supporting several "phases" of viral decay
Jul '08    Gardasil Vaccine for Gay Men?
    I was even laughed at by one health care provider: "Don't you know that's only for girls? Ha ha!"
Jul '08    Oral, Anal Gonorrhea Goes Undiagnosed
    Thirty-five percent of rectal gonorrhea infections and 25 percent of oral gonorrhea infections may go undiagnosed and untreated...
Jun '08    Poz Heart Attack Rates Not Rising
    Awareness may be the key

Total HIV Digest Found: 626
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