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Gay Latvia

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Date     Title
Mar '98    Oprah's Scoop
By: Dawn Ivory
    Dawn was startled to hear of a recent promo appearance on Oprah for the movie Good Will Hunting.
Mar '98    Dreadful Gay Rag of the Month
By: Dawn Ivory
    A fan recently sent Dawn a copy of Indiana Word, a handsomely produced tabloid purporting to be from Indianapolis's gay community.
Feb '98    Vile Onanism!
By: Dawn Ivory
    Regular readers know of Dawn's fascination with Mormon boys as sex objects, so a recent feature in the fabulous Celebrate the Self newsletter (dedicated to masturbation) enthralled.
Feb '98    Here Cums the Judge
By: Dawn Ivory
    Dawn doesn't generally think highly of judges (apologies to Dawn's honorable brother); while a recent news item in the Boston Globe doesn't change that prejudice, it does reveal some judicial highjinks that at least humanize those in robes who enforce the police state's rules.
Jan '98    Dildos FX
By: Dawn Ivory
    Astute reviewers of Mark "Marky" Wahlberg's Boogie Nights have noted that the monster 13-inch whang featured in the flick's final scenes seemed a little too much like the prothesis it was.
Jan '98    How's That?
By: Dawn Ivory
    Dawn loves Court TV, but a recent show on the same-sex sexual harassment suit before the US Supreme Court provoked howls of laughter rather than thoughtful legal musings.
Jan '98    More Bad Blood
By: Dawn Ivory
    The Chicago Tribune has weighed in with a particularly inane editorial concerning placebo-controlled HIV trials in non-industrialized countries.

Total Dirty Dishes Found: 397
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