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Mar '99    'Abuse' Under-reported!
By: Dawn Ivory
    Dawn has been amused reading coverage of a University of Pennsylvania study that reveals that sexual "abuse" of boys is vastly under-reported and that as many as one in five boys is sexually "assaulted."
Feb '99    Hat in Hand
By: Dawn Ivory
    Plans by the Human Rites Fund® and the Metropolitan Homo Churches to gather in Washington, DC, in 2000 have elicited some criticism and well as confusion.
Feb '99    A Clear Agenda
By: Dawn Ivory
    Speaking of the agenda of the Human Rites Fund®, Dawn notes that their quarterly glossy peddles "Equality Denim Shirts" ($42), "Equality Bears" (stuffed with fluff, not the breathing, hirsute, hefty bar-going types) ($29), Equality Ties ($45), and four full pages of other "Equality" items.
Feb '99    Two Babes
By: Dawn Ivory
    One last note about the Human Rites® fund: its director Liz Birch and her main squeeze (music censorship activist Hilary Rosen) have announced the acquisition of two infant twins.
Feb '99    Those Whacky Folks at the Times
By: Dawn Ivory
    Dawn was amused reading an editorial in the Gay and Lesbian Times of San Diego urging Clinton to resign. His sin? Lying.
Feb '99    Brain Dead?
By: Dawn Ivory
    The Gay and Lesbian Interest Group of American Mensa (the group for those with a high IQ) now boasts 300 members, "including Annise Parker, a city councilwoman and elected official in Houston, Texas," according to recent press blurbs.
Feb '99    Updike on Incest
By: Dawn Ivory
    Speaking at a Lehigh University seminar, author John Updike, queried about incest, remarked...
Feb '99    Aim High!
By: Dawn Ivory
    A Washington State Air National Guard member has resigned and six fellow guard members face disciplinary action after Air Force investigators accused them of stripping off their clothes during training flights.
Jan '99    Sein Kampf
By: Dawn Ivory
    Hitler spelled out his final solution to the "Jewish problem" for the entire world to read a decade before he controlled enough power to actually carry it out.
Jan '99    Right Idea, Wrong Target
By: Dawn Ivory
    What drove Timothy McVeigh to blow up that federal building in Oklahoma City? To judge from letters he wrote his sister Jennifer, Timothy was deeply disillusioned with a government he increasingly viewed as a sinister Big Brother.
Jan '99    G-Man Talks Sense!
By: Dawn Ivory
    Rarely does Dawn have a kind word for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, prone, as they are, to persecuting political dissidents rather than prosecuting real crime. So it seems only fair to recognize whatever flickers of integrity G-men do show.
Jan '99    The KlaasKids Kit
By: Dawn Ivory
    Parents are being urged to "fingerprint and photograph" their kiddies by the "KlaasKids Foundation," a group ostensibly dedicated to protecting children from predatory monsters (but really being exploited to inculcate totalitarian values and desensitize the population to police state tactics).
Jan '99    OJ's Fucked Up Sexual Values
By: Dawn Ivory
    Regular readers are aware of Dawn's appreciation of the verdict in the OJ Simpson case...
Dec '98    A Moment, Please
By: Dawn Ivory
    Remember the Sudanese "nerve gas" factory (a.k.a., a pharmaceutical plant) that Clinton bombed to distract the country from his blowjob and rimming woes?
Dec '98    The Real Question
By: Dawn Ivory
    Playboy, commenting on the Baptists' anti-gay boycott of things Disney...
Dec '98    Ooops
By: Dawn Ivory
    Apologies to readers for, in last month's item on monogamy, incorrectly giving Focus on the Family's Kommandant Dobson's first name as "Donny." It's Jimmy.
Dec '98    Bingo
By: Dawn Ivory
    Dawn's bumper-sticker of the month...
Dec '98    Zero Brains
By: Dawn Ivory
    A school principal in Thornton, Colorado, claimed a "Zero Tolerance" policy about sexual harassment...
Dec '98    More Lunacy
By: Dawn Ivory
    If the Colorado principle in the above item seems loony, consider the Sandy, Utah, elementary school principle who suspended an eight-year-old boy...
Dec '98    Marriage Bribes
By: Dawn Ivory
    Marriage as in institution is in bad shape. Shotguns, social ostracism, and tax policy have all been used to force people into this most unnatural of arrangements.
Dec '98    As Boring as Straight
By: Dawn Ivory
    Suncoast Resort Hotel (an "upscale" resort for fags and dykes) co-owner Lester Wolff tells the Associated Press, "Nothing lewd is going to be happening here."
Dec '98    What Did He Put Where?
By: Dawn Ivory
    Dawn admits to being baffled by a recent item in the Chicago Tribune.
Nov '98    Foreskins: A Cash Crop?
By: Dawn Ivory
    Malaysia's minister of "Culture, Arts, and Tourism" Sabbaruddin Chik thinks there's money to be made by selling tickets to group circumcision ceremonies, evidently popular in this largely Muslim country.
Nov '98    Homo Hijinks in the Coast Guard
By: Dawn Ivory
    Thanks to the loyal reader who sent the clip from the Boston Globe detailing "lewd hazing" aboard the Coast Guard cutter Spencer.
Nov '98    Have Your Cock and Eat It, Too....
By: Dawn Ivory
    After extensive study, a Purdue University sociologist, Kenneth Ferraro, has concluded that church-goers tend to be fatter than non-goers.
Nov '98    Time for the Lone Star Republic Again?
By: Dawn Ivory
    A Texas State Representative with the apt last name Pitts has, in response the heterosexual teen murder spree in Jonesboro, Arkansas, last March, called for a new state law that would allow for sentencing kids as young as 11 to death.
Nov '98    Ladylike Fags
By: Dawn Ivory
    Thanks to "Mike" in Montreal for alerting Dawn to an intriguing back and forth...
Nov '98    No Fuckers, Please
By: Dawn Ivory
    Judging by looks (unfair, but who doesn't?), Special Inquisitor Ken Starr seems a Presbyterian.
Nov '98    America's Prisons: Number One and Growing!
By: Dawn Ivory
    Among the sobering stats about America's prisonmania kept by the Coalition for Federal Sentencing Reform:
Nov '98    Born Again Through Christ?
By: Dawn Ivory
    The First Amendment triumphed in a recent Ocala, Florida, jury's decision to acquit a record store clerk accused of wearing an "obscene" t-shirt.

Total Dirty Dishes Found: 397
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