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From our archives

Why are so many out to suppress this book about teen sexuality?

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Date     Title
Sep '01    AOL- Snooping on you
By: Dawn Ivory
    America On Line, the anti-gay cyber biz that inexplicably has millions of homo users, has admitted to using "web bugs" to monitor users' viewing habits and histories.
Aug '01    Basketball in the nude
By: Dawn Ivory
    Dawn has read that three former basketball players at Rutgers have won the right to sue their coaches for "violating their civil rights." The coaches crimes? Requiring the lanky pair to take part in a free-throw shooting contest wherein an article of clothing would be forfeited for every missed shot.
Aug '01    Tits enliven Toronto
By: Dawn Ivory
    A recent article in the New York Times credits Toronto's colossal gay pride festivities with revitalizing that burg's once puritanical reputation. And key to the tremendous increase in the homo holiday crowds, says the Times, was a court decision allowing women to go topless (as long as it's not for money).
Aug '01    Flush-o-vision
By: Dawn Ivory
    Dawn has spent hours loitering in toilets. While waiting for something interesting to happen, many crossword puzzles have been squibbed, books read, ideas contemplated. But Dawn confesses to often being bored while toilet trawling. So news from Britain about a "Viewrinal" intrigued.
Jul '01    You say 'asshole,' I say 'arsehole'
By: Dawn Ivory
    Dawn loves a good cat fight. And Dawn loves gossiping about sex. So last month when Michelangelo Signorile (a darling of the straight press because he trashes gay male sexual culture) launched an attack suggesting that Andrew Sullivan (a darling of the straight press because he trashes gay male sexual culture) was sticking his willy (or wrapping his arsehole) where it shouldn't ought to be, Dawn was transfixed.
Jun '01    Flushed with Pride
By: Dawn Ivory
    Thanks to the attentive reader who sent Dawn a little clip concerning urban planning in the British town of Reading, just to the west of London.
Jun '01    Snips and Snails
By: Dawn Ivory
    In another item from Britain, comes news from The Independent of a cross-country crackdown on "net paedophiles" (or more accurately, those thought guilty of looking at naughty pictures).
May '01    MACT gets it
By: Dawn Ivory
    Dawn has shared laments with readers about the dumbing down of so many gay groups. Thus, it was with pleasure that Dawn read an April press release from Men of All Colors Together/New York. Their lead item? Coverage of "Lobby Day" in Albany; for once, the lobbying wasn't for homo marriage or demands to be able to join the army and go kill people in foreign lands. No, MACT/New York was agitating for repeal of the "Rockefeller Drug Laws," horrid legislation that treats possession of drugs more harshly than violent assault.
Apr '01    No Shit?
By: Dawn Ivory
    The science of modern psychology has blessed us with the knowledge that the root of virtually every social ill can be traced to early childhood sexual trauma. But in the previous century, doctors and sociologists labored under the now-laughable delusion that crime, suicide, nervous exhaustion, insomnia, headaches, bad skin, gum disease, cancer, and spinsterhood were all caused by poor bowel hygiene.
Mar '01    Poor Dick's Wisdom
By: Dawn Ivory
    Dawn has long been fascinated with Ben Franklin, the old man of the American Revolution.
Feb '01    Speak Free... and Resign
By: Dawn Ivory
    While Dawn doesn't actually advocate killing cops, the sentiment is all-too-easy to appreciate given routine police abuse that mayors and other politicians regularly ignore-- or endorse. So when newly elected New Hampshire state representative Tom Alciere owned up to penning anti-police screeds on the web, Dawn took note.
Feb '01    Not Enough
By: Dawn Ivory
    A Texas prisoner sued Penthouse magazine last fall. This is not news, for prisoners tend to be a litigious lot (understable, what with all the time on their hands and their familiarity with, and respect for, the courts' power).
Jan '01    Hail to the Thief
By: Dawn Ivory
    Dawn is sometimes accused of being unpatriotic. But Dawn recognizes that America is a truly remarkable country. Where else could an illiterate, coke-sniffing, alcoholic, loser partyboy who wants to soak the poor to feed the rich be elected president... without actually winning the election!?!
Dec '00    The Plantation Solution
By: Dawn Ivory
    The only good thing about the Bush/Gore presidential contest is that one of those sacks of shit will lose (as of Dawn's deadline it wasn't clear which SOS it will be).
Dec '00    The Jockstrap Solution
By: Dawn Ivory
    These are hard times for many of our nation's schools. Despite huge surpluses, political will seems to dictate that tax money flow only to prisons and police (as well as tax cuts for George and Al's country club friends), not to schools.
Dec '00    Your Tax Dollars at Work
By: Dawn Ivory
    Steven Bosacker, aide to Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura, pled guilty last month to charges that he had touched his pee pee in a health club steam room. The alleged pee pee touching was observed by some twisted sister who called the cops, who evidently responded to the call!
Dec '00    Dogs, not Ladies
By: Dawn Ivory
    Heaven knows Dawn loves young homos, and from the ephebic looks of Patrick Price's publicity shots, his beauty and vitality would appeal. But why do children think they can write books about relationships (as Mr. Price has done in Husband Hunting Made Easy)?
Dec '00    The Food Chain
By: Dawn Ivory
    Dawn is asked to handle many info requests, so when a puzzled reader wanted to know what "farming" meant in relationship to coprophilia, Dawn felt obliged to find out.
Nov '00    It's the Gay Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!
By: Dawn Ivory
    When town officials in Cuzco, Peru, made noises earlier this year about changing that thin-aired burg's rainbow-striped city flag, Dawn was amused. Did they really think tourists would confuse the former Inca capital for a gay Mecca?
Nov '00    Mangled Metaphor
By: Dawn Ivory
    After watching Cheney v. Lieberman, faggotty talking, plastic-surgery-addicted, right-wing grease spot Gary Bauer wasted no time firing off a press release condemning GOP veep nominee Dick Cheney for his suggestion that gay and lesbian people should be allowed to live.
Nov '00    The New Texas Plantations
By: Dawn Ivory
    Long-disgusted with America's prisonmania, Dawn was struck by Justice Policy Institute President Vincent Schiraldi's recent letter to the New York Times
Nov '00    Crybaby Sues
By: Dawn Ivory
    Officials at the University of Vermont have their panties in a knot after allegations of hockey team hazing have launched a federal lawsuit, a state investigation, and much campus turmoil.
Oct '00    Latin Self-Lovers
By: Dawn Ivory
    Regular readers know of Dawn's appreciation of The Economist, the British business rag that delivers conservative financial news without the pro-life/anti-sex clutter of so much American media.
Oct '00    You lookin' at me?!
By: Dawn Ivory
    Elsewhere in British news, a BBC report from Iran also amuses. Riots were triggered this summer in the town of Qir after a judge ordered the arrest of a grocer. The peddler's crime? "Flirting" with the judge's wife while the two were shopping at a local bazaar.
Oct '00    Truly obscene
By: Dawn Ivory
    A charming animation video from France features the fleet-footed and quick-witted West African baby Kirikou. Over 300,000 copies of Kirikou and the Sorceress have been sold in Europe, and the video has won enormous critical praise for it's artful animation and clever story line.
Oct '00    Loyal, brave, kind, honest... and a damn good lay?
By: Dawn Ivory
    News that the Boy Scouts are losing many traditional funding sources because of their stand that only heteros can be morally straight gives Dawn only limited pleasure.
Oct '00    Puke
By: Dawn Ivory
    Hero magazine, the rag for guys who wish they were straight, is offering a homo "wedding guide" complete with "tips on how to make the wedding night memorable." Dawn shudders.
Sep '00    He should know...
By: Dawn Ivory
    Dawn's mom calls those who vote with the rich GOP-- and against their own more modest economic interests-- "nickel Republicans."
Sep '00    Shocking!
By: Dawn Ivory
    With depressing regularity Dawn is sent clips like the recent item from New York Newsday reporting that three six graders in a Harlem elementary school have been arrested and charged with felony sex offenses (meaning that they could be required to register for life as "sexually dangerous persons").
Sep '00    Making modesty pay
By: Dawn Ivory
    Not usually one to take a keen interest in sports, Dawn does, nonetheless, often feel compelled to tune into men's swimming (and diving) competitions-- athleticism conducted almost in the nude creates a certain synergy that attracts a larger audience.

Total Dirty Dishes Found: 397
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