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Baltimore's once-vibrant sex scenes evaporate

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Jul '02    Dick dead?
By: Dawn Ivory
    Do you have to be a knucklehead in order to be an editor of a fag paper? So it would seem to read commentary across the country regarding the priest teen diddling scandal.
Jul '02    I'll have what's she's having...
By: Dawn Ivory
    Dawn has noted with approval new Amstel Lite beer commercials showing a blonde babe quaffing the lo-cal brew while sitting sandwiched between a beefy studmuffin and another girl.
Jun '02    Ordering two large pizzas with anchovies and... mold?
By: Dawn Ivory
    Dawn was startled to read of plans to market "quorn" here in the United States.
Jun '02    Dirt report
By: Dawn Ivory
    For those readers who've put off travel plans to Melbourne, Australia, fearing toilet crime, rest easy: Melbourne police have concluded "Operation Dalliance" wherein over 104 men were arrested on 299 counts of pee-pee touching and such.
May '02    Why bother?
By: Dawn Ivory
    Dawn is not a fan of the TV show "Will & Grace," identifying neither with the faggotry of Jack nor the prudishness of Will. But perhaps the show's writers aren't as clueless as their homo characters.
May '02    What the world needs now...
By: Dawn Ivory
    A recent issue of the Seattle Gay News arrived on Dawn's desk last month. Therein was found a letter "appalled" at the TV show "South Park."
Apr '02    D'oh!
By: Dawn Ivory
    Dawn frequently has occasion to look at Featurettes, a glossy periodical that aims to supply ready-made news items for small, weekly papers looking to fill space.
Apr '02    Kids: Do not try this at home
By: Dawn Ivory
    Dawn receives many clips every month about high school students sex high jinks­ not surprising, since newspapers are eager to splash teen sex in their pages to give readers what they want.
Apr '02    Stuffed cabbage, anyone?
By: Dawn Ivory
    Thanks to the thoughtful reader who sent Dawn a squib from The Economist about the Thai government's plans to promote Thai restaurants around the world, figuring that exposure to that nation's tasty, spicy cuisine will redound to Bangkok's benefit.
Mar '02    Fucking rubs the wrong way
By: Dawn Ivory
    Dawn is all for a diversity of sexual options. Thus, frottage-promoter Bill Weintraub's on-line (available at www.heroichomosex.com/crw/frot/365gay.html) protestation that homos are over-focused on anal sex intrigued.
Mar '02    Extra crispy racism?
By: Dawn Ivory
    Thanks to the reader who sent Dawn a clip about a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, grocery store that apologized for advertising a special on fried chicken in honor of Black History Month.
Mar '02    August company
By: Dawn Ivory
    The US is a party to International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which seeks to protect children's rights.
Mar '02    Who to dupe?
By: Dawn Ivory
    According to a press release that reached Dawn's desk, "in the immediate wake of the first human embryo cloning by Advanced Cell Technology, Inc., a gay man has announced his bid to be among the first humans to be cloned..."
Feb '02    In remembrance
By: Dawn Ivory
    A New York reader was kind enough to send Dawn a link to www.queercompany.com, said reader's "new favorite gay site."
Feb '02    A blow for education
By: Dawn Ivory
    Thanks to the Boston reader who turned Dawn onto "classic WaiWai" (whatever that is)
Feb '02    MYOB
By: Dawn Ivory
    Dawn has read that neighbors in Brantley Harbor, a toney subdivision of Orlando, are trying to have half a dozen "attractive young men" evicted from their house after a neighborhood boy's stray water balloon broke their window.
Jan '02    Homos brave the air
By: Dawn Ivory
    According to polling data from something called the Witeck-Combs/Harris Interactive study, homos are more likely to travel post 9/11 than scairdy cat heteros.
Jan '02    Roy Cohn would be proud
By: Dawn Ivory
    John Ashcroft, the proto-Nazi who serves as Attorney General, has directed all police agencies to "invite" local men of Arab descent in for questioning about their political and religious beliefs.
Jan '02    The crime of pee pee touching
By: Dawn Ivory
    According to police, a 51-year-old New Jersey resident likes talking dirty to children. In April, he acknowledged making obscene phone calls to 12 girls, ranging in age from 8 to 14, and pleaded guilty to multiple counts of child endangerment (which sounds so much worse than "talking dirty on the phone").
Dec '01    News from the bishoprics
By: Dawn Ivory
    Augsburg Publishers is touting their latest release with the teaser, "discover what two old bishops are saying about sex."
Dec '01    Crybaby of the month
By: Dawn Ivory
    Not a day goes by without news of somebody (usually with the help of a "therapist") learning to remember that they were sexually "abused" as a youth by someone who just happens to now be wealthy.
Nov '01    Idiot seeds
By: Dawn Ivory
    The folks at the political humor magazine Funny Times recently sent Dawn a package of seeds promising to yield a "Global Warming Bush" if planted correctly.
Nov '01    Crybaby of the month
By: Dawn Ivory
    Cannon Hawkins, 21, now a junior at Brown University, has filed suit against his prep school, Groton, because they allegedly did not protect him from "sexual assault."
Nov '01    The horror, the horror...
By: Dawn Ivory
    The Stranger, Seattle's alternative rag, devoted an entire issue this summer to things homo. Included therein was an outstanding essay by Sarah Vowell, a self-proclaimed "straight, single, childless, peace-loving woman in her 30s."
Oct '01    Still number one
By: Dawn Ivory
    Despite some local declines, the number of US citizens (now sort of ex-citizens) in jail, on parole, or on probation reached record levels last year. Six and a half million people, one out of every 32 adults, is currently classified as "criminal," by far the highest rate in the world.
Oct '01    Those nasty buttfuckers!
By: Dawn Ivory
    Dawn confesses to not knowing who Charles Kaiser is. A web search suggests he's a author and a political hack (Go, Democrats, Go!), but Dawn first met Chuck as the writer of "The Last Word," The Advocate's antepenultimately paged opinion piece.
Oct '01    It takes one to know one?
By: Dawn Ivory
    Tennis champ Goran Ivanisevic is a clod-- humpy, sexy when sweaty, but still a clod.
Sep '01    Euro porn
By: Dawn Ivory
    Europeans' web habits
Sep '01    Touché, Mademoiselle
By: Dawn Ivory
    Dawn has read of an advertising trend in France termed "porno chic" wherein nude and semi-nude women are used in sexual imagery that would seem shocking in the US, hinting at lesbianism, S&M, and menage a trois's (or more!).
Sep '01    Choice is choice is choice
By: Dawn Ivory
    The New York Times recently ran a piece detailing how Indian immigrants to the US are making use of new scientific techniques to determine the sex of a weeks-old fetus. Use of this technology is illegal in India because of the fear that women there will abort fetuses determined to be female (since Indian culture puts such a high premium on male children).

Total Dirty Dishes Found: 397
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