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Kennedy Bares It!

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Total Dirty Dishes Found: 397
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Date     Title
Nov '08    Wall Street walker
By: Dawn Ivory
    Madame X has reported developed a package for former Masters of the Universe: humiliation via "domestic service training"
Nov '08    Will u b mine?
    "My love for you is like diarrhea, it flows like a river."
Nov '08    Catching 'pre-criminals'
By: Dawn Ivory
    Remotely-diagnosed pulse rate, breathing pattern and facial expressions to detect "pre-criminals"
Nov '08    Sometimes a cigar...
By: Dawn Ivory
    "I can start indulging some bad habits," Frank told the Post.
Nov '08    Black sheep?
By: Dawn Ivory
    Since animals do not legally qualify as "persons" or "individuals," zoophiles in Michigan will not, for the time being, have to inform neighbors, police, and employers of their wooly predilections.
Oct '08    Ouch!
By: Dawn Ivory
    Will we treat prisoners as well as farm-raised mink?
Oct '08    Adventurous siblings
By: Dawn Ivory
    New meaning to 'brotherly love'?
Sep '08    Move to France?
By: Dawn Ivory
    Avoid catering to those sexual buzz-kills, the dreaded "families"...
Sep '08    Speaking of P'town...
By: Dawn Ivory
    A perfect encapsulation of the hypocritical self-congratulatory smarminess that infects so many "liberal" institutions and individuals...
Aug '08    Another Twisted Sister?
By: Dawn Ivory
    When Rible is discovered in some highway rest stop woods, his knees dirty and his face covered with the jizz of seven truckers, a homeless guy, and a chubby convenience store operator from Asbury Park, some will be quick to point an accusing finger...
Aug '08    Bible Stories
By: Dawn Ivory
    One man in Michigan is trying to use the anti-hate-speech rationale against a novel target: Bible publishers
Jun '08    Summer's Eve for Butt Pirates
By: Dawn Ivory
    Vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry?
Jun '08    Team Spirit
By: Dawn Ivory
    Wienerschnitzel on parade
Jun '08    Spiking the Punch
    Rumor has it that Grace had a vial of LSD with which she planned to spike the Nixon wedding bowl
Jun '08    Young Hustler
By: Dawn Ivory
    The crime meriting years in prison and lifetime registration as a sexually dangerous person? A kiss.
May '08    Briar Patch Ads
By: Dawn Ivory
    "Warning: May result in huge, hard, long lasting erections!"
May '08    Shrink Rap
By: Dawn Ivory
    Why try to be institutionalized?
Apr '08    What Was He Thinking?
By: Dawn Ivory
    What are high-priced whores for if not discretion-minded politicians?
Apr '08    De mortuis nil nisi bonum... Not!
By: Dawn Ivory
    William F. Buckley, Jr.: championing racism and anti-gay bias for decades...
Mar '08    Mediterranean Sensibility
By: Dawn Ivory
    What's the difference between an Italian straight guy and an Italian gay guy? The answer, of course: a bottle of Chianti....
Mar '08    Less is More?
By: Dawn Ivory
    When viewing porn, Dawn often longs for a wider, less proctological camera angle...
Mar '08    Bet on Ted?
By: Dawn Ivory
    Meth-buying, male-whore-hiring, right-wing nut-job Ted Haggard has been dis-invited to continue efforts at his heterosexualization.
Mar '08    A Salute to the Log Cabin Clubbers
By: Dawn Ivory
    Romney's exit reflects the rare good sense of Republican voters who proved they can, at least occasionally, smell the shit when it stinks enough.
Feb '08    Tattooed Dick Seduces Surgeon
By: Dawn Ivory
    It seems absurd for anyone who has had his penis stenciled with ink-filled needles to assert that having the handiwork photographed is "the most horrible thing I ever went through in my life."
Feb '08    Cock Tale?
By: Dawn Ivory
    Nothing makes a homophobe's pecker say howdy quite like watching videos of guys doing the nasty with each other....
Jan '08    Lexus, sexus...
By: Dawn Ivory
    It's absurd to think anyone would confuse a cum-hungry Swiss hottie with a two-ton Japanese car that can park itself.
Jan '08    Fuck! Shit!
By: Dawn Ivory
    The Bush administration, after losing a lower court ruling, is suing the Fox Network to prevent broadcast of the words "fuck" and "shit."
Jan '08    Peter's Briar Patch?
By: Dawn Ivory
    Peter, darling: Dawn has a few words to reflect upon....
Jan '08    Ay-ay-ay-ay
By: Dawn Ivory
    Dawn has read a fair amount of American history, but Dolores's comments were a revelation....
Dec '07    Profiles in Cowardice
By: Dawn Ivory
    Senate endorses torturer for AG

Total Dirty Dishes Found: 397
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