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Disgusting Conservatives

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Date     Title
Dec '08    Price peg
By: John Mitzel
    The peg houses of San Francisco
Nov '08    Queer eye for the silver screen
By: John Mitzel
    Remembering Parker Tyler
Oct '08    Instant adoration
By: John Mitzel
    That certain man
Sep '08    Long Schlong
By: John Mitzel
    Big problems?
Jul '08    Ex-Lad Syndrome
By: Blanche Poubelle
    Growing up is hard to do
Jun '08    Better Threads
By: John Mitzel
    Look the part
May '08    Jonathan Williams
By: John Mitzel
    An appreciation
Apr '08    The Swimsuit 'Issue'
By: John Mitzel
    Back by popular demand!
Mar '08    Déjà  Vu Redux
By: John Mitzel
    How time turns infamy to relic
Feb '08    State of the Union
By: John Mitzel
    Thumbs and brains at odds?
Jan '08    Present(s) at the Creation
By: John Mitzel
    How baby-boomers made the gay movement
Dec '07    All in the Family
By: John Mitzel
    A Hemingway horror show
Nov '07    Roll 'Em
By: John Mitzel
    Filmdom's Fascination
Oct '07    Break-King News
By: John Mitzel
    The sexual behavior of men does not change. The state can put the entrapment officers all about to enforce whatever our moral-code-of-the day is. What's the point?
Sep '07    What's New?
By: John Mitzel
    In an attic under the summer sun, the answer is: what's old
Aug '07    Camelot & Company, Inc.
By: John Mitzel
    JFK's gay secret
Jul '07    Dark Screens
By: John Mitzel
    How my life at the movies led me to books
Jun '07    Greatest Generation
By: John Mitzel
    What we got from the gay pioneers
May '07    Lonely Hunters of Memories
By: John Mitzel
    On the great plains of amnesia...
Apr '07    Forty Candles
By: John Mitzel
    Dull minds can't dim bright lights
Mar '07    A Simple Majority
By: John Mitzel
    As I get older, I have decided that these features of our society-- super-sized individualism (how else can you explain a person like Howard Hughes, a citizen Gore Vidal once referred to as "a genuine American shit"?) and religiosity-- are here to stay. Too bad.
Feb '07    'Little Me' Looms
By: John Mitzel
    The Little Me has taught me how to shut out all those things that I loathe, find culturally intrusive, just disgusting-- it's a long list.
Jan '07    Fame
By: John Mitzel
    Fame can last for a long time; think of poor Greta Garbo, who tried to escape from her fame cage but couldn't.
Dec '06    Snap Shot
By: John Mitzel
    An e-mail can be copied, posted, and blasted around the world in seconds. Communication on steroids.
Nov '06    Three-in-One
By: John Mitzel
    I would like to think that the hypocrisy angle of the Mayor and the Congressman was the lead item in this story. But it isn't. It's the purely salacious aspect-- "gay sex scandal."
Oct '06    Voted Off
By: John Mitzel
    Money can buy most everything in the culture, but money can't buy it all. And before we all get into an orgy of voting people off, wouldn't it be swell to actually let all-and-every exercise the franchise, including the good folks in Ohio, Florida, and other showcases of electoral virtue?
Sep '06    The Measure of Things
By: John Mitzel
    Why was the game of "Musical Chairs" played when I was a child? What was the point? Do elementary schools still have the children compete to sit down? Is this to get them to Measure Up? Darwinian survival-of-the-fittest as a life lesson at age six? As memory serves, the little gay boys and the dumpy girls were the first to get cut-- and the last to be called at Red Rover. Is there not a better way? Must the children's games presage the rat-race that awaits us in our adult years?
Aug '06    Howl-ette
By: John Mitzel
    Timing is all. It's hard for a poem to get famous. Just as hard for a poet. Ginsberg went on to read "Howl" in venues around the world. Ginsberg became something larger than just another American poet. He became an icon, not something I would aspire to. But the poem spread to everywhere.
Jul '06    Riffs & Ecstacy
By: John Mitzel
    I was listening to the radio the other day; actually I listen every day of my life. It was a pop station aimed at aging boomers. The DJs will often give little histories of the song or artist they are about to play.
Jun '06    Carbon Copies
By: John Mitzel
    I was listening to a pop radio station while busy with tasks at work. The music segued into a weather report. The announcer informed us it was a beautiful, sunny spring day, something I already knew. As to the forecast for the morrow, he said: "It will be a carbon copy of today." I had to stop when I heard this. Carbon copy? It not only didn't sound right, it seemed wildly dated.

Total Common Sense Found: 130
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