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From our archives

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Total Book Reviews Found: 150
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Date     Title
Jun '10   
Guide recommends Todd Alsup

By: Michael Paoletta
Todd Alsup is on the road these days. His spring tour has focused on colleges and universities in the northeast. The tour culminates June 4 at the Rockwood Music Hall in New York. The trek precedes the release of Alsup's self-released, eponymous debut album (toddalsup.com). The 11 well-crafted songs on Todd Alsup, all penned or co-penned by the artist, are a gorgeous blend of soul and R&B, rock and pop. Consider Alsup the bastard child of Ben Folds and Robin Thicke as produced by the Fray -- or, in the case of Todd Alsup, Steve Greenwell, James Walsh and Jeremy Sklarsky. The lead single, "Let's Have a Party," is an exuberant pop jam. "The Way It Goes" is a heartfelt ballad that spotlights Alsup's late-'70s/early-'80s Billy Joel influences. The disco-splashed "The Only Thing" recalls the vibrancy of Stevie Wonder's "I Wish." Album closer "The Good Fight" is feisty and anthemic. Timeless, too.
Apr '10   
Between the lines

By: John Mitzel
Reviews by John Mitzel
Dec '09   
Aural fixation

By: Michael Paoletta
Rocker Josh Zuckerman has a plain and simple mantra: "Be who you are. It's all about love." Such words form the foundation of his latest work, called Got Love?
Oct '09   
Between the lines

By: John Mitzel
The Guide recommends Citizen Bachelors: Manhood and the Creation of the United States
Jul '09   
Between the lines

By: John Mitzel
Hot under the collar. JC Leyendecker's Arrow collar advertisements often seemed more than a bit homoerotic.
Jul '09   
Treasures of Gay Art

By: John Mitzel
Treasures of Gay Art (All Saints Press, $69.95) is an extraordinary collection celebrating the history of gay male art. Edited by Peter Weiermair, it includes everything from classic male physique photography to overtly sexual images. The breadth of the collection from the Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation is impressive. You'll recognize the names of familiar artists, but there are also plenty of new delights from lesser-known and up- and-coming contributors. And it is sad to reflect that we have lost so many of the great artists in this volume. What's important is that archivists like Charles Leslie and Fritz Lohman have created a historical document and a thing of great beauty. This is a title any serious collector should have on the shelf.
Jun '09    Sex, lies and videotape
By: Michael Bronski

It is almost impossible to convey the sheer terror and insanity of the early years of the AIDS epidemic to people who were not yet alive at the time. I teach a course at Dartmouth College entitled; 'Plague and Politics: The Cultural Impact on AIDS on US Culture,' and am always amazed how little my students -- aged 19 to 22 -- know about the epidemic.

Apr '09    Coral Browne: This Effing Lady
By: John Mitzel
    Coral Browne was a piece of work, as Rose Collis makes clear in her delightful and informative biography.
Jan '09    4 fab books!
By: John Mitzel
    John Mitzel reviews...
Dec '08    Playing history
By: Michael Bronski
    Famed gay historian shows his dramatic side
Nov '08    Frisco Odyssey
By: Michael Bronski
    Gender-exploding author journeys through kaleidoscopic senselessness
Oct '08    Brave bottoms & kinky quakers
By: Michael Bronski
    Surprises from the historical bookshelf
Aug '08    Falsely Normal
By: Michael Bronski
    1950s Hollywood was straight only on the outside
Jul '08    Covers that Scream...
By: Michael Bronski
    ...Insides that whisper subversion
Jun '08    Loosened Up
By: Michael Bronski
    How homoerotics greased the sphincters of American commerce
May '08    An Echoing Boom
By: Michael Bronski
    Gay publishing's canon is still loaded and firing
Apr '08    Pinking the Couch
By: Michael Bronski
    Gayly filling the Freud void
Mar '08    Mnemonic AIDS
By: Michael Bronski
    Remembering an epidemic that's not over
Feb '08    Outlaw's Confession
By: Michael Bronski
    The backstory of gay literary icon John Rechy
Jan '08    The Silver Page
By: Michael Bronski
    New writing on film that's almost as golden-tongued as the best of the '70s
Dec '07    Who Are You?
By: Michael Bronski
    Asking and telling what it means to be gay in today's world
Nov '07    The Glory of Subprime
By: Michael Bronski
    New profitable reads from little-known gay writers
Oct '07    Failure Fine and Dandy
By: Michael Bronski
    Brian Howard left scant literary remains, but his catalytic wit helped the queer-tinged English '20s roar
Sep '07    Potter Peters Out
By: Michael Bronski
    J.K. Rowling's series ends with a gayless whimper
Aug '07    Queering Christ
By: Michael Bronski
    And unqueering a gay porn star
Jul '07    Beyond Makeup
By: Michael Bronski
    Radical transformations hold gay fascination
Jun '07    Midlist Mania
By: Michael Bronski
    A return of the gay book boom?
May '07    How the Twig was Bent
By: Michael Bronski
    Two new books on gay history illuminate fracture-lines persisting in American gay life today by looking at groups and battles of the 1950s that until now have been mostly ignored.
Apr '07    Dizzy on Manhattans
By: Michael Bronski
    Leo Lerman sipped furiously of mid-century, artsy, high-society New York-- often with an extra dash of bitters
Mar '07    Not 90210
By: Michael Bronski
    How commie pinkos from LA remade the world

Total Book Reviews Found: 150
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