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Polygamists and gays: Bedfellows?

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May '09    Passage to India
The country's gay community is still largely closeted, but the screws on the door are loose, and it's ready to burst wide open
May '09    Africa sees backlash
By: Mark Sullivan

Thousands of people took to the streets of the capital of the small country of Burundi, demanding that homosexuality be outlawed.

May '09    'A most unusual film festival'

You might say that Jeffrey Escoffier thinks a lot about sex. His writings onthe subject have appeared in such scholarly sources as Qualitative Sociology,the Journal of Homosexuality, and the Encyclopedia of Prostitution and Sex Work. Well known for books like American Homo and Sexual Revolution, Escoffier this month marks the publication of his newest book, Bigger Than Life: The History of Gay Porn Cinema from Beefcake to Hardcore. The following is an excerpt from the second chapter, which covers the birth of the gay adult filmindustry.

May '09    Message received
By: Michael Amico

Luis Guerra just might be a better activist for having only lived in the United States for six years.

May '09    Therapists still 'treating' gays
By: Jesse Monteagudo

In the United Kingdom, a major survey published in the March issue of BMC Psychiatry revealed that a significant minority of mental health professionals continue to offer their patients 'treatment' for homosexuality.

May '09    Into the streets
By: Jonathan Vatner

In response to reports of growing antigay violence, a group of activists is calling for a boycott of Jamaica. Others, however, question the wisdom of the move.

May '09    Study: many gays living in poverty
By: Jonathan Vatner

The widespread notion that gays are more affluent than their straight counterparts is a myth, according to a recent national study.

Apr '09    Greasing up, Getting off
By: Bill Andriette
    Lube gives permission. It greases the hinges on pleasure's gates. It helps parts mesh like clockwork in ways no clockmaker intended. Lube makes everything slippery -- including preconceived ideas. A touch of Crisco turns a cucumber from foodstuff to plaything. And how many of us first learned the pleasures of our cocks and assholes by the slipperiness of soap?
Apr '09    Take it from the top
By: Michael Amico
    Eric Leven uses video to spread his message about safer-sex.
Apr '09    Chile heats up
By: Matthew Link
    Chile has emerged from its tragic past to become one of the region's most attractive places for gay travelers.
Apr '09    Continental divide
By: Michael Luongo
    South American countries have made great strides to extend rights to their gay and lesbian citizens in recent years.
Mar '09    Gay Sex in Kenya
By: Dan Allen
    It feels a bit odd to call Kenya a microcosm of Africa, as if this expansive and wondrous and magical land where humanity itself got its start could ever be considered anything in miniature. And yet microcosmic is exactly what Kenya is.
Mar '09    Those gay puritans
By: Greg Bradford
    Our image of the Puritans as bible- toting fanatics is accurate. But of course there was same-sex behavior at Plymouth, and researchers are ferreting examples from the records.
Mar '09    The naked party
By: Joseph Couture
    It is one of those deep-freeze winter days that I dread, extremely overcast and dark, pretty depressing all around. The only unusual thing on my agenda today is an invitation to a nudist party. A journalist friend involved with a group of gay nudists is hosting. It's a somewhat daunting invitation. I have never been to a nudist party before, but I figure it can't be much different from being naked at a bathhouse.
Feb '09    Milk: lessons for organizing
By: Michael Bronski
    Nationwide groups such as Join the Impact (which was organized, to a large degree, on Facebook to fight for same-sex marriage in light of the passage of California's Prop 8) cite Milk as both an inspiration and a template for their work. Is this an amazing turn of events? A harbinger for the future of queer organizing? Or simply a happy cosmic coincidence of the right hit film at the right political moment?
Feb '09    The new activism
By: Liz Highleyman
    It's been called Stonewall 2.0, The Gay Awakening, The New AIDS, and A Paradigm Shift in the Movement. The sudden upsurge in activism following the November 4 passage of California's Proposition 8, eliminating the right to marry for same-sex couples, took many by surprise -- including the participants themselves.
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Feb '09    The other New York
By: Jonathan Vatner
    Gay life in the outer boroughs can be unpretentious, fun, and far different than anything available in Manhattan. Next time you're in New York, give these three neighborhoods a try.
Jan '09    All I could bare
By: Craig Seymour
    I spent much of those first few weeks at Secrets trying to find my comfort zone. It was about figuring out what kind of stripper I was going to be.
Jan '09    Discovering the undiscoverable
By: Michael Bronski
    Lesbian and gay history is, well, queer. It is and it isn't. It's important and illusory, and not all at the same time.
Jan '09    Within the system
By: Michael Amico
    Thirty years of increasingly conservative US culture has had an effect on young activism, especially on campus, says Jordan Osserman.
Jan '09    North America strips
By: Staff reports
    Dancers, from youthful first-timers to gym-buffed pros of all sizes, races and orientations, jump onto bars, stages or pool tables all over North America for tips stuffed into g-strings, socks or more intimate places.
Dec '08    Rare pleasures
By: Bill Andriette
    10 paraphilias you didn't know you might have
Dec '08    Fighting for love of whips and feet
By: Bill Andriette
    But 'absexuals,' please go get help
Dec '08    Sex's varied hinterlands
By: Bill Andriette
    A rough guide for off the beaten track
Nov '08    In praise of older men
By: Joseph Couture
    How love and desire can leap across a gap
Oct '08    The 2008 election
    From gay travel to gay pocketbooks
Towards a more perfect union?
Sep '08    Kinky Beyond Gay
By: Joseph Couture
    A tour around a pan-sexual SM party where the guests come not for sex but instead for savage whipping, torturous tickling, exotic fire play -- and the aprs -play snacks

Sep '08    What Would Jesus Fund?
By: Jim D'Entremont
    Money for golf and 'faith-based' chastity programs flows while contraception and GLBT programs are ignored
Sep '08    Hoods and Hoodlums
By: Bill Andriette
    Cutting foreskins offers protection... like a mob racket, claims a new study

Total Features Found: 368
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