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Baltimore's once-vibrant sex scenes evaporate

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Date     Title
Sep '09   
Loving leather

By: Michael Amico
Demetri Moshoyannis gets a kick out of running the Folsom Street Fair
Sep '09   
Maine marriage campaign seeks volunteers

Maine marriage campaign seeks volunteers
Sep '09   
Library fights would-be censors

By: Joseph Erbentraut
Directors says that gay books are "there for a reason."
Sep '09   
Turning the page

By: David Nellis
As Don Weise remakes Alyson Books, many believe that the future of gay publishing rests on his shoulders.
Sep '09   
CBS head: 'We need to do better'

Responding to a failing grade issued by a media watchdog group, CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler said this month that the network would work on increasing the number of gay characters in its programs.
"It's an area we need to work on, need to focus on, and hopefully we'll do better next year," Tassler told reporters.
Sep '09   
California: no nudes is good nudes

By: Jesse Monteagudo
If you head to the beach in California, don't forget your swimsuit.
Sep '09   
Venezuela: Legislators to ban discrimination

The Venezuelan National Assembly is moving ahead with plans to ban bias against gays.
Sep '09   
Lithuania: Parliament overturns veto of anti-gay law

Overriding a presidential veto, the Lithuanian Parliament put in place a law that they say is intended to shield children from "propaganda" about gays.
Sep '09   
We interrupt this broadcast
By: Jim Baxter
Zapping Walter Cronkite changed the way television news covers gay issues
Sep '09   
India: Court upholds landmark ruling

The Indian Supreme Court this month upheld a lower court's ruling that voided a 150-year-old sodomy law.
Aug '09   
Is the honeymoon over?

By: Michael K Lavers
Despite grumbling from some corners, most gay activist still back Obama
Aug '09   
An Empire's Lasting Legacy

By: Jesse Monteagudo
The sun hasn't set on sodomy laws put in place almost 150 years ago by the British Empire
Aug '09   
Remember to pack light

By: Matthew Link
Clothing is optional on a nude cruise, but sooner or later everyone joins in.
Aug '09   
No charges for Portland mayor

By: Joseph Erbentraut
Openly gay Portland Mayor Sam Adams avoided criminal charges last month. The state attorney general announced that a six-month investigation had found "insufficient evidence" that he broke the law with his relationship with a former legislative intern.
Aug '09   
Down Mexico Way

By: Michael Parker-Stainback
Mexico City is a fantastic juxtaposition of grandeur and squalor, often in the same block
Aug '09   
We are the robots

By: Michael Amico
Sam J Miller knows a lot about the things people try to sweep under the rug.
Aug '09   
Biologists: birds do it, bees do it

By: John Rambow
The secret's out: humans are hardly the only animals that find the same sex appealing, at least once in a while.
Jul '09    Our bodies, ourselves
By: Michael Bronski
One of the country's largest publishers of sexually oriented magazines is turning a page -- or rather, closing a chapter -- in gay history as it ceases publication of many of its gay titles.
Jul '09   
The next big thing

By: Matthew Link
Are these up-and-coming gay destinations really hip, or is it all just hype?
Jul '09   
Laughing out loud

By: Michael Amico
Comedian Casey Ley says nothing is off-limits in his stand-up routine
Jul '09    Party Animals
By: Jonathan Vatner
A couple of promoters have made sure that you won't want to go to bed in the city that doesn't sleep
Jun '09    Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are
By: Michael K Lavers
No matter what part of the globe you happen to occupy, there's probably a pride celebration nearby
Jun '09    Eastern Europeans battle over marches
By: Jonathan Vatner

Moscow Pride stands up to mayor's prejudice.

Jun '09    A kinder, gentler GOP?
By: Michael K Lavers
A kinder, gentler GOP?
Prominent Republicans are urging the party to tone down anti-gay rhetoric
Jun '09    Log Cabin too liberal, new group says
By: Jonathan Vatner
A new group is breaking away from Log Cabin Republicans, claiming that the longtime gay organization just isn't conservative enough.
Jun '09    Make yourself at home
By: Gilles Marchildon
'You let a perfect stranger sleep in your home?' asked my incredulous friend.
I thought my friend's shock was rather ironic given that over the years, he's invited a great number of perfect strangers over for his own brand of late-night hospitality.
Jun '09    STONEWALL was a riot
By: Michael Bronski
That night 40 years ago was important, but let's not forget what happened before and after those angry gays took to the street of New York
Jun '09    Come out, come out
By: Michael Amico
Ryan Schiffer helps young people communicate with their parents
Jun '09    Everything by the book
By: Jesse Monteagudo

Despite some fierce opposition, the country's largest gay library opens.

May '09    Celebrating the body
By: Jonathan Vatner
The building on the southwest corner of 23rd Street and Sixth Avenue is, for the most part, unremarkable. Like many of New York City's pre-war structures, it has an achingly slow elevator that can accommodate two people who don't care about personal space. A nail salon is on the second floor, while offices occupy the third. On the fourth floor, however, naked men can often be glimpsed through the picture windows with their arms -- and their asses -- in the air.

Total Features Found: 368
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