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This is a high school quarterback playing with his hard-on

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Date     Title
May '98    Porn Quiz!
By: Ed Karvoski, Jr.
    The porno quiz that separates hard-core fans from fast-forwarders
Apr '98    Statuary Love
By: Bill Andriette
    This April, The Guide explores a little-known fetish. Meet the men who get their rocks off with statues and monuments
Apr '98    Blazing a Role of His Own
By: Ed Karvoski, Jr.
    Jack Simmons got hooked on porn at 15. Later, the guys he idolized became his colleagues. Now he's settling into the director's chair. He talks with Ed Karvoski Jr. about crossing porn's color line
Mar '98    A Boy Named Chi Chi
By: Ed Karvoski, Jr.
    Those of you who read this column regularly are well aware of porn director and drag star Chi Chi LaRue.
Feb '98    Is There a Sex Panic?
By: Liz Highleyman
    Are we in the midst of a sex panic, a new moral crusade and intensified crackdown on gay sex? A number of queer activists think so. But is the current anti-sex harassment part of a distinct new panic, or simply more of the same old erotophobic routine? And if a sex panic does indeed exist, who are its real targets?
Feb '98    The Enchanted Forest
By: Reed Hearne
    The directions are remarkably similar everywhere in the world. Follow the path to the end of the beach, park, promenade, pier, mall, tracks, tunnel. Cross, climb, duck under, hop over, go around, or through the boulders, trees, wall, hedges, dunes, or caves.
Jan '98    'Righteous Testosterone': New Censorship Drives Target Bookstores
By: Jim D'Entremont
    In as many as 40 cities from coast to coast, Barnes & Noble and Borders bookstores have recently been visited by angry protesters.
Jan '98    Parole for Life
By: Bill Andriette
    The knock on the door came at 9:30 pm. The armed officer announced a search. Within a few minutes, he found a copy of The Best Gay Erotica of 1996, a drag zine called My Comrade, and a Boyd McDonald anthology of sex histories, Scum.

Total Features Found: 368
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