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From our archives

U.S. Gov't Scans Anuses to Fight Terror

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Date     Title
Mar '99    Cigar Smoke Lights His Fire
By: Ed Karvoski, Jr.
    The "Best Top" title was be stowed upon Cole Tucker at the 1998 Probie Awards, but actually the 45-year-old porn star defies such narrow categorization.
Feb '99    Lean, Serene Mr. Clean
By: Ed Karvoski, Jr.
    He's well travelled, he's well educated, and-- well-- he's got one of the most well-defined, lean bods in the adult video biz. He's Jackson Phillips, nominee at 1997's Gay Erotic Video Awards for Best Top, as well as Best Erotic Scene for his work in Forum Studios' A Love Story.
Feb '99    Bathhouse 101
By: Joseph Couture
    In many ways the pursuit of happiness is really the pursuit of sex-- and it's everyone's duty to increase the amount of happiness in the world. For my contribution, I attempt to corrupt the young with a beginners' guide to hedonism. I offer a tour of one of Toronto's most popular bathhouses (there's probably one in your city!), and share the insights of a seasoned tub veteran.
Jan '99    Exploring Coprophilia
By: Bill Andriette
    It has all the elements of sexual drama-- shattering taboos, a pungent assault on the senses, and plenty of cozy warm wetness. Plus it involves rectum and anus, not just organs of elimination, but-- for gay men especially-- gateways to pleasure.
Jan '99    The Pedophilia of Everyday Life
By: Richard D. Mohr
    The hysteria over kiddy porn is not simply the result of America's epicyclical prudishness about matters sexual. Rather it's the result of our general worries about purity, innocence, and identity-- who we are.
Jan '99    Laying with Beasts
By: Bill Andriette
    For some people, "the birds and the bees" isn't a euphemism. When it comes to sex and affection, it's where their passions lie. Well, not birds and bees, usually, but Great Danes, Shetland ponies, billy goats, St. Bernards, and Siamese cats.
Jan '99    The Guide Interviews Camille Paglia
By: Bill Andriette
    Critic and dyke Camille Paglia is a popular success, but she'll be welcome in lesbian-and-gay literary circles only when hell freezes over. Why is she so hated among card-carrying queers?
Jan '99    America's Sex Gulags
By: Bill Andriette
    For nearly three years, 62-year-old Leroy Hendricks has gone to sleep each night in his ten-foot-square cell in a locked ward of Larned State Hospital, the state mental institution serving western Kansas. There's a good chance that Larned State is where Hendricks will die.
Jan '99    Straight, But Not Narrow
By: Ed Karvoski, Jr.
    When it was announced that retired porn star Rex Chandler was going to take over the starring role in the play Making Porn, theatergoers buzzed with a litany of questions.
Jan '99    Give Dick A Hand
By: Bill Andriette
    Will a $969 sex machine change the face of masturbation? The Guide straps in to the Venus II
Jan '99    Houses with Boys
    You don't have to know the rules or speak the language to enjoy a Dutch gay brothel. A nervous American finds out
Jan '99    Salem's Shadow
By: Bob Chatelle & Jim D'Entremont
    America's first sex witch hunt, 300 years ago, lasted only a summer. The current hysteria has gone on for more than 15 years. Among its first victims was a gay teen, who remains in prison. What's going on?
Jan '99    Sex Solitaire!
By: Bill Andriette
    Taking their hands and minds away from other pursuits, 171 Guide readers answered our survey on masturbation (November, 1998 issue).
Jan '99    Seven-Year Itch
By: Ed Karvoski, Jr.
    Controversy... gossip... politics. All this can mean only one thing: award season for the gay adult entertainment industry is in full swing!
Dec '98    Hidebound And Hot to Trot
By: Ed Karvoski, Jr.
    The intense, sizzling heat of Arizona cramped Mark Jennings' style. "I came up in the leather-sex community," notes the Phoenix native. "But when it's 110 degrees out, who wants to be in chaps and full leather?"
Dec '98    Hate-Crime Laws are a Bad Idea
By: Bill Andriette
    What could be wrong with making it a special crime to assault or kill someone because of their sexual orientation, race, or religion? A lot.
Nov '98    Sex Solitaire!
By: Bill Andriette
    Everyone's done it, just about. Some folks enjoy it a lot. But even in these frank and salacious times, masturbation can be a squeamish subject. Like homosexuality, it's about pure sex-- sex for pleasure's sake, not tying knots or making babies.
Nov '98    From Russia With Love
By: Ed Karvoski, Jr.
    How does Russian-born porn star Adam Rom compare men from his homeland to guys from other parts of the world?
Oct '98    Cremation
By: Bill Strubbe
    It's a bit much; pumping all sorts of icky embalming fluids into your veins, a hairdresser trying to remedy terminally pillow hair, and they could have gone a little lighter on the rouge. Then there's cremation; no fuss, no muss, so sensible!
Oct '98    Clone Your Cock!
By: Scott Seomin
    "Our functional rubber models are so life-like that you could whip out your penis, hold it against the model and you could virtually not tell the difference between the two,"
Sep '98    Porn's Probing Question
By: Ed Karvoski, Jr.
    "Finally, I won something for my hard-working ass!" exclaimed Matthew Anders as he claimed the Most Cuddly Stud honor at the third Annual Men in Video Awards, held in July at the Probe, a popular dance club in the heart of Hollywood.
Sep '98    Prison Sex
By: David Savard
    In prison, sex is something that everyone thinks about. Most convicts revert to masturbation to satisfy their needs, but a lot of sex goes on, too.
Aug '98    The Supreme Court's Indecent Decision
By: Jim D'Entremont
    In Orwellian double-speak, the Court has sanctioned viewpoint discrimination and, at the same time, provided a basis for denying that any such discrimination has taken place. The goal is to disarm critics across the political spectrum.
Aug '98    AIDS Update from Geneva
By: Robert Folan-Johnson
    With tens of thousands of attendees viewing thousands of presentations, the 12th world AIDS conference was held June 27th through July 3 in Geneva, Switzerland.
Jul '98    Human Rights Wrongs
By: Bill Andriette
    What would Oscar Wilde have thought? Suppose the brilliant author, broken by the time he spent in an English prison for sodomy, were returned from the dead and plunked down in New York last May 28th.
Jul '98    Porn Quiz 3
By: Ed Karvoski, Jr.
    The porno quiz that separates hard-core fans from fast-forwarders
Jun '98    Gay Pride worldwide
By: Bill Andriette
    Gay pride day happens in hundreds of places around the world where our precious networks of subversive sensibility quietly exist. See you at the parade!
Jun '98    Porn Quiz! 2
By: Ed Karvoski, Jr.
    The porno quiz that separates hard-core fans from fast-forwarders
May '98    Architects of Identity
By: Richard D. Mohr
    "The key challenge was to capture the neighborhood's identity in a way that respects and celebrates the gay community," explains architect Edward Windhorst about his design for the world's first ever gay streetscape.
May '98    The Toilets Of Tomorrow
By: French Wall
    Chicago made history last year when city parents entertained design proposals to architecturally note the homosexual contribution to building that burg's big shoulders.

Total Features Found: 368
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