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Date     Title
Apr '05    Faxes from the Future
    How did the number-crunchers up in Accounting expect us to do it? How did they expect The Guide production staff to get through the stressful days before deadline without a lot of snowy through-the-nose stimulation, some calming single-malt whiskeys down-the-hatch, the ministrations of masseurs on our knotted lumbars, and hustlers-on-call for refreshing quickies up-the-butt in the editor-in-chief's toilet?
Mar '05    Homothugs
By: Matthew Phillp
    The Warehouse can be found up an alley from the Grand Concourse in the Bronx, the poorest borough of New York City and the birthplace of hip-hop. Its outside has no distinguishing features except a rough, unfinished wall of solid rock, painted grey. The entrance is a small, mirrored door marked only by the skeleton of an awning and a hanging canvas sign that flaps in the breeze.
Feb '05    Was The Father of Our Country A Queen?
By: Charley Shively
    C.A. Tripp's new book on Lincoln's 'intimate life' has caused a stir. Tripp marshals the evidence that Lincoln­ as poet Carl Sandburg put it a half-century ago­ 'had a lavender streak.' But did Lincoln just follow in George Washington's footsteps? Veteran Walt Whitman scholar Charley Shively argues that the queer leanings of the presidents whose birthdays are recalled this month changed the course of American history.
Feb '05    Rob Romoni
    Rob Romoni at a glance:

Date of birth: October 12
Astrological sign: Libra
Place of birth: Perth Amboy, New Jersey

Jan '05    Privatizing Armageddon
By: Jim D'Entremont
    The official story, the version anointed by mainstream media, suggests that at a time of war, economic turmoil, and suspended civil liberties, the US Presidential election of 2004 was decided on sexual and reproductive issues. John Kerry, a gay-tolerant, pro-choice quasi-Catholic, supposedly lost to George W. Bush, a gay-squeamish, anti-choice evangelical Protestant, because a majority of Americans oppose gay marriage and abortion.
Jan '05    Witches' Soup
By: Jim D'Entremont
    These are among the myriad right-wing organizations, religious and secular, linked directly to the dministration or engaged in promoting the Bush agenda.
Dec '04    Bernie Baran's Fight for Freedom
By: Jim D'Entremont
    Being a gay teenager-- anytime, anywhere-- has never been easy. But few have paid as terrible a price for their sexual orientation as 19-year-old Bernard Baran did in 1984. Twenty years later, Baran is still paying that price behind bars
Dec '04    The Curse of Fells Acres
    The Baran case produced the first of many bogus sex-abuse convictions of American daycare workers. But Bernard Baran's arrest was hardly the first in that '80s wave of hysteria. His prosecution was steeped in media hype surrounding the Amirault case in Malden, Massachusetts; purported sex rings in Bakersfield, California (see The Guide, April 2004), and Jordan, Minnesota; and the immense McMartin case in Manhattan Beach, California, a case that finally resulted in no convictions after the longest, costliest trial process in US history.
Dec '04    Genesis of a Lynching
    Since December 1999, when The Guide first ran an account of Bernard Baran's plight, additional details have bolstered the case for his innocence and illustrated the extent to which the execution of justice in Berkshire County is skewed by ineptitude and corruption.
Nov '04    New Rules for Porn?
    US courts struck down most legal impediments to sexually explicit expression in the late 1960s. Since then, people pursuing assorted agendas have sought to regulate pornography by various means. In the spring of 2004, an occurrence of HIV transmission in the porn industry kindled a blaze of regulatory efforts focused on disease control.
Oct '04    Poppers Ahoy
    As if having some big muscle stud's cock up my ass wasn't pleasurable enough, there's something that can make it even better. They're called poppers, and one good snort I'm begging to have the living shit pounded out of me.
Sep '04    Leather Scene in the USA & Canada
    Homosex has, for good or ill, squarely entered the mainstream. But when gay celebrity gossip grows tedious, when metrosexuals are hogging every Nautilus at the gym, when too many GWM-25s-seek-same-for-romantic-dinners, when the gay world seems like it's fading to vanilla white, that's when you have to thank heaven for leather.
Aug '04    Gay Camping
By: Jim Farmer
    Gregory Chisholm remembers the first time he made the trek to a gay campsite. It was roughly ten years ago at a location in New York, and he recalls only a handful of other gay men around...
Jul '04    Achtung Amerika!
By: Jim D'Entremont
    Germany and the US have cultural traits in common. Emancipatory and authoritarian impulses coexist in both national psyches, sometimes falling into equilibrium, sometimes bursting into conflict, always generating internal tension. Jim D'Entremont looks at Germany's gay history lessons.
Jun '04    Gay Pride Worldwide
By: Bill Andriette
    The list of gay pride events around the world this season suggests that gay life is essentially concrete and local. You don't need a wide gay circle to know people who've taken a fist up their ass, dripped wax on a trick, love eating out assholes, or otherwise done things that nobody ever gave them permission to. These are experiences relatively ordinary among gay men but still shocking in the world beyond. Gay pride day happens in hundreds of places around the world where these networks of subversive sensibility quietly exist. See you at the parade!
May '04    Canada Swats Sex Gadfly
By: Bill Andriette
    Vancouver sex police tried for nine years to put Robin Sharpe in prison for his gay stories in a case that galvanized Canada. Now they're finally succeeding. The Guide takes a look at the words and the writer too hot for Ottawa
Apr '04    Fun with Porn
By: Tom Reeves
    One Montreal company is proving that wholesome values coupled with models given the freedom to be themselves can spell success in the astonishingly popular world of online porn
Mar '04    Oh, Lords
    For the Right, the Lords mythos is a rich source of propaganda. The website of the 'International Organization of Heterosexual Rights' prominently links the Californian series, complete with its original subhead-- 'Powerful gay men. Vulnerable teenaged boys. Murder'
Mar '04    The Devil in Kern County
By: Jim D'Entremont
    Bakersfield, California, generates homosexual scandals as thick and furious as the byways of Salem, Massachusetts, were once thought to spawn witches. As one of these scandals unwravels 19 years after an innocent man was sent to prison, why are Kern County prosecutors still clinging to their belief that there's a demonic gay underground in their midst?
Feb '04    Sex on the Brain
By: Bill Andriette
    Is sexual orientation rooted in biology? Researchers keep finding clues, but critics insist solid evidence isn't there. Openly gay neurologist Simon LeVay helped open the field when he found small differences in brain structure between gay & straight men. A dozen years on, where does the controversy stand?
Jan '04    Among Gay Friends
By: Mitchell Luna
    The beat, the highs, the friends & lovers­ a bittersweet anthem of the Club Life
Dec '03    The Trouble with Cheryl
By: Jim D'Entremont
    As prosecutor and state legislator, Cheryl Jacques made putting people in jail for imaginary sex-crime the center of her political career. Under one law she championed, gay men who cruise Massachusetts parks face life in prison. Jim D'Entremont investigates the extraordinary record of the woman tapped to lead America's richest and most powerful lesbian & gay lobby group.
Nov '03    Yaoi: Redrawing Male Love
By: Mark McHarry
    Some of today's edgiest male homosexual images and stories are being composed by women and girls-- for their own pleasure. Because it's (mostly) young women who've thronged to the burgeoning yaoi underground.
Oct '03    Tricked!
By: Brad Nollant
    Torontonian Brad Nollant picked up work in Amsterdam as a high-end whore. His new-found patron turned out to have wholly serious connections.
Sep '03    Vive La France
By: Jim D'Entremont
    Jim D'Entremont rekindles his love affair with the country of fraternité & liberté
Aug '03    Sodomy & the Supreme Court
By: Bill Andriette
    While gay people are still humming along to its music, the US Supreme Court's ruling striking down sodomy laws also strikes some sour notes. It's not clear the justices who signed on really know their score. Do they really believe its high-flown principles, or just find them convenient to say?
Jul '03    Puritanical Massachusetts
By: Jim D'Entremont
    "It's true," wrote columnist Alexander Cockburn in a May, 1997 issue of The New York Press. "There are more loathsome people per square foot in Massachusetts than in any other state of the union. The downmarket Nazis and racists are worse. The upmarket liberals are worse.
Jun '03    Gay Pride World Wide
    As the exhaustive list here proves, gay pride marches are sprinkled around the world like fairy-dust. Or, more cynically, like branches of McDonald's or Citibank.
May '03    My Cousin Justin
By: Will Knott
    I'm not Catholic-- but a priest, a confessional, and absolution for my sins would be nice right about now. Not unlike a lot of Catholic priests these days, I'm about to get caught in a little sex scandal of my own. The story involves my cousin Justin, a bottle of rum, and a guest house.
Apr '03    Family Affairs
By: Bill Andriette
    Ever wander through a crowded bar or a gay pride march and wonder, "How many of the guys here have ever tasted the cum of a brother, an uncle, or their father?"

Total Features Found: 368
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