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From our archives

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Sep '06    The Porn Factory
By: Brad Nolan
    After punching-in on the job, Brad Nolan fucked, sucked, and pushed butternut squash up his ass-- at the beck and call of customers halfway around the world. A behind-the-scenes look at the people bringing you live, real-time, 24/7 cyber porn.
Aug '06    Letter from the Publisher
By: Edward Hougen
    Despite the many gains over the past 20 years in terms of gay people being integrated into society at large, these advances have often come at too high a cost.
Aug '06    Gay Latvia at 14
By: Thomas Kilduff
    Despite difficulties, gay people in Latvia are stretching their limbs and finding their dancing feet-- often at a club that sounds like 'Pervs' and means 'swamp'
Jul '06    Sexy Like a Graveyard
    Gay porn stars often hit the circuit, making guest appearances at bars, baths, and gay events to meet fans and drum up interest in their flicks. What'll they do now that they have to compete for attention with muscle-bound morticians?
Jul '06    Sex Offender Registries: Invitation to Vigilantism
By: Jim D'Entremont
    Aiming through a living room window at 3:00 a.m. on April 16, 2006-- Easter Sunday-- Stephen A. Marshall shot and killed Joseph Gray. The victim had been dozing on a couch at his home in Milo, Maine. Five hours later, Marshall knocked on the door of William Elliot's vinyl-sided mobile home in Corinth, 24 miles away. When Elliot appeared, the 20-year-old assassin fired at point-blank range.
Jul '06    From Mondale to Marshall: Manufacturing Monsters
By: Jim D'Entremont
    Since the 1970s, a positive feedback loop of public indignation and media heat has fostered the illusion of a pandemic of child abduction, rape, and murder.
Jun '06    Gay Pride Worldwide
By: Bill Andriette
    Gay pride parades around this world!
May '06    Gay & Gray
By: Joseph Couture
    Joseph Couture used to be afraid of getting old, until he learned the secrets of his elders who were scoring more than he was
Apr '06    Asexuality 101
    Chatting with Jay David, founder of Asexual Visibility and Education Network
Apr '06    Some Like it... Not!
By: Jo Frohbieter-Mueller
    As asexuals organize and build solidarity with each other, are they actually modelling themselves on the world's most sexually active folks­ gay men?
Mar '06    An American Embarrassed
    An American in Paris? Not exactly. With Spanish un poco, and only vague reasons for leaving a sorta contented life in San Francisco, Jason Shamai moved to Mexico City for adventures.
Mar '06    Name & Shame
    The gay movement's success-- like the North's victory over the slaveholding South in the American Civil War-- has produced huge and burning resentments. America today doesn't have much in the way of lynchings or a Ku Klux Klan-- these long-lived bastard-children of that terrible war. But that's just because post-1960s resentment has aerosolized, like hairspray, with the resulting flammable fog set alight by the right-wing.
Feb '06    A Sexual Romp Through Poland
    Poland right now has Europe's most anti-gay government. But between the sex and the politics, the streets are alive. Frederick Hall checks out the action
Feb '06    Not a Polish Joke
    Poland legalized homosex in 1932, and prostitution is not a crime. But with the election of a hard-right government last October, Poland stands out today in Europe for most thoroughly weaving anti-gay sex hysteria into its politics.
Jan '06    Living 'La Vida' Leather
    'Cuban culture is typified by masculinity, aggressiveness, passion, and romance,' says Will Castillo, Mr. Florida Leather 2005, 'so it was a natural fit for me to identify with the leather scene.' What happened next?
Jan '06    Homocyclopedia
    Online encyclopedias are in the air lately, with the phenomenal rise of Wikipedia
Jan '06    Sex Panics North-American Style
By: Tom Reeves
    The same day last summer Canada's parliament voted for gay marriage, it also passed a censorship bill that could send readers of online erotic fiction-- anywhere in the world-- to prison in Canada for years. An even more draconian anti-porn law is set to pass US Congress this month. As progress for formal gay equality marches on, so does a vicious anti-sex backlash, centered on 'protecting children.' A throwback to an earlier time?
Dec '05    Gay Sweden
By: Jim D'Entremont
    Humane, progressive, über-tolerant-- Jim D'Entremont explores the complications of life in Scandanavia's gay paradise
Nov '05    Balls & Chains
By: David Thorstad
    It's been a year since G.W. Bush was reelected on the coattails of anti-gay-marriage bigotry. Time for a second look, David Thorstad contends, at the marriage sellout.
Oct '05    Pictures at an Execution
By: Bill Andriette
    Iran's hanging of two teenagers for sodomy sparked gay outrage and a yawn from the mainstream. Do Iran & America actually see eye-to-eye?

Sep '05    Falling Bodies
    Anyone who thinks the gay movement has carved out safe space for homosex amongst consenting adults should think twice-- all across the country right-wing politicians, ambitious prosecutors, and unscrupulous media are once again targeting adult gay men for prosecution under archaic anti-sex laws and life-destroying media smears. Are we rushing back to the persecution and paranoia of the 1950s? Consider these cases:
Sep '05    Down a Slippery Slope?
    Two men, police say, were having sex in a car on the deserted Baltimore waterfront when they were arrested. Now one of them is dead. The other faces up to ten years in prison for 'perverted practice.' Yet gay groups have been silent. What's happening in Baltimore happens all over America. Are we rushing back to the witchhunts, persecution, and paranoia of the 1950s?
Sep '05    Bloggers to the Barricades
    You've probably already seen this picture. The July 19 torture and execution-by-hanging by Iranian authorities of two teenage boys convicted in a homosexual-sex case showed the power of bloggers to set the gay agenda-- and unleash gusts of bytes and pixels in which mainline groups end up blowing and twisting.
Aug '05    No Gay Youth Sex Pride
By: Michael Amico
    Lousy sex-ed? Broken ties with their gay elders? The fetish of 'appropriateness'? Whatever-- it seems the only way young gay guys can get real with each other about sex-- and then just barely-- is by getting blasted together in a dorm room
Jul '05    The New Pope
By: Jim D'Entremont
    Is there anything for gay people to like about Benedict XVI?
Jun '05    Gay Pride Worldwide!
By: Bill Andriette
    The most exhaustive list of 2005 gay pride parades anywhere!
May '05    2005 Global Gay Pride Calendar
By: Bill Andriette
    The most comprehensive list anywhere of 2005 gay-pride marches.
May '05    The Show Trial of Paul Shanley
    In the nadir of the made-in-Boston Catholic sex scandal, Paul Shanley was convicted for crimes that couldn't possibly have occurred. Jim D'Entremont examines how hysteria and ambition made a mockery of due-process and the guarantee of a fair trial.
May '05    'Closure' & Blood Lust
    Paul Shanley's sentencing took place on February 15. Shanley now refers to the session as "my hanging."
Apr '05    Horny Little Helpers
    Maybe your libido runs like greyounds at the track, without nudge or prod. (Maybe you are 19 years old.) Or maybe it feels more like a sleeping dog-- one that you're not content just to let lie. Do you have any new tricks for making old Fido wag his tail and drool?

Total Features Found: 368
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