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Date     Title
Aug '08    Promiscuity's Freedom, or Marriage's Respectability?
    Evaluating the trade in 1953
Aug '08    Marriage Rites vs. Family Rights
By: Michael Amico
    Earlier activists sought to subvert marriage's elite status. Now, GLBT groups are clamoring for access to the club. Lawyer, activist, and professor Nancy Polikoff proposes a more equitable way.
Aug '08    Iran, Nigeria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, USA
By: Bill Andriette
    In June, a divided Supreme Court struck the U.S. off the list of nations where consensual sex can lead to execution
Aug '08    A Kiss & Goodbye
By: Bill Andriette
    Making death the wages of teen sex and internet fantasizing
Aug '08    A Long Courtship
By: Jim D'Entremont
    Gay marriage in the Golden State
Aug '08    California Marriage War
By: Jim D'Entremont
    Will voters put asunder the legal opinion bringing same-sex couples together?
Jul '08    Not Always a Gay Time
By: Frank Laterreur
    How history put the 'pain' in 'Spain'
Jul '08    Beyond Quiet Matrimony
By: Frank Laterreur
    Free to marry, Valencian gays still mount the barricades
Jul '08    Discovering Valencia
By: Frank Laterreur
    Spain is a puzzle, and Valencia among its most intriguing pieces -- often overlooked by visitors. Getting to know Valencia isn't easy, and for casual tourists, maybe impossible. But for sensitive, determined travelers open to the unexpected, this sunny Mediterranean region offers rich rewards, and glimpses of homoerotic life lost in the West.
Jul '08    Revel Without a Cause
By: Frank Laterreur
    For Valencians, fiesta runs in the blood
Jul '08    A Paella for Ya
By: Frank Laterreur
    But you haven't eaten Valencian until you've savored orxata with farts
Jun '08    Swimming and Sunning Naked
    A Sampling of Gay -- or Gay-Friendly -- Nude Beaches
Jun '08    As Nature Intended
By: Jim D'Entremont
    Nudism through the ages
Jun '08    Gay & Naked
By: Jim D'Entremont
    As summer heats up, more and more men will be doffing, their gay apparel, opting to enjoy at least part of their lives without clothes
Jun '08    Surfing Naked
    A Sampling of Naturist Websites
May '08    'Fleeing for my Life'
By: Krishna Rau
    Jamaican activist Gareth Henry seeks refuge in Canada
May '08    Gay Pride Worldwide!
By: Bill Andriette
    Where to march wherever you are
May '08    Come Back to Jamaica?
By: Bill Andriette
    Horrific anti-gay violence on the island has provoked international outrage. But a generation ago, Jamaica's Gay Freedom Movement led the Caribbean's gay agenda. What changed?
Apr '08    The Ten Worst Gay Resorts Worldwide
By: Jim D'Entremont
    This April, The Guide checks in on places best not to visit... unless you dare
Mar '08    Same Sex Desire in the Arab World
    An interview with author Joseph Massad.
Mar '08    Desiring Arabs
By: Bill Andriette
    Same-sex love has enjoyed a place in Arab societies for centuries. But today Western gays associate the Middle East with news of mass arrests, torture, and beheadings. Western GLBT groups have rushed in to protest. Columbia University's Joseph Massad is sparking outrage by saying they're only making things worse.
Mar '08    Unsanitary Foreigners & Visitors in the Night
By: Bill Andriette
    Arabs and same-sex relations
Feb '08    'Garments of the Holy Priesthood'
By: Jim D'Entremont
    The truth underneath the rumors of magic Mormon underpants
Feb '08    Millennia of Male Beauty
By: Staff reports
    A guide to Rome's homoerotic treasures
Feb '08    A Mormon in the White House?
By: Jim D'Entremont
    Once a defender of gay rights and pro-choice, Mitt Romney -- looking to reassure evangelical primary voters -- has changed his tune. Fresh from his win in Michigan in January, Romney's sex-means-procreation faith looms over U.S. politics.
Feb '08    The End is Near?
By: Jim D'Entremont
    If so, you'll know when Jesus appears in Western Missouri...
Feb '08    Mormons on the Web
    Mormon missionaries don't just spread a wild 'n' wacky theology
Feb '08    Openly Gay and Avowedly Mormon
By: Jim D'Entremont
    Some manage to fit the round peg in the square hole
Jan '08    Bisexostan
By: Joseph Couture
    How many stripes does it get on the rainbow flag?
Jan '08    Twice the Fun?
By: Joseph Couture
    A dyed-in-the-wool gay man explores his bisexual side

Total Features Found: 368
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