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July 2008 Cover
July 2008 Cover

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The Joy of Cunt-Lapping
By Boyd McDonald

Some summers ago I was cruising a small rest area in a forest preserve in a far western suburb of Chicago which often provided pleasant entertainment for those on the prowl.

There was one area very secluded where one could sunbathe nude or whatever else one wanted to do.

Soon I came upon this middle aged man sunning in the nude and he gave a very cheery greeting, so I stopped to talk and survey a possible pleasure candidate.

He suggested that I strip too and join him on his blanket. I did.

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Soon our talk turned to matters sexual and he suggested we play. He told me that he was married and he and his wife were both bisexual and liked kink when they could manage it.

They also had two sons away at college. He related that the family had always been very liberal and open sexually and they encouraged their sons to have a happy sexual life.

We started out 69ing and eventually moved into his fucking me with a very heavy, fat cock. I loved being fucked and so provided him with a good exciting ride.

Before we broke up we even had a bit of water sports.

Now came the interesting question. He said that I was very good sex, totally uninhibited and perhaps even an exhibitionist. He knew his wife would appreciate that. He asked me to come over to his house soon some evening for sex with him and his wife. We exchanged addresses and phone numbers.

I said that sounded like fun. He went on to say that his wife loved cock -- the more the better -- and kinky sex.

A few days later he phoned me and set a date. Come for supper and then....

I got there at the appointed time and hubby met me at the door nude and his wife came forward also nude and we started being "friendly."

She was about 5 ft. 6 and had enormous tits, very round, firm beauties. I immediately had to have a taste of them while they started to undress me.

I very seldom wear underwear so pretty soon she grabbed my 7-inch cock and started to play with it as I played with her tits and hubby's cock.

Well, we decided to stop playing for now have a cocktail and supper, with each other for dessert.

I think both us males were hard with anticipation through most of the meal.

Supper concluded, we went to their basement, which turned out to be their playroom.

He put on some of his favorite movies to get us in the mood. One movie was a sex film of my host and hostess which a friend had made of them and which they told me their sons had frequently watched with gusto.

Well, she suggested that her hubby and I put on a male sex demonstration for her, which we gladly did, but she did not stay inactive too long, for when he started to fuck me doggie style she crawled under me and gave me some very good head while I was treated to her perfumed pussy, in 69 position. She would also suck her hubby's balls and tongue around us as he mounted steam fucking me.

He blew a good load but told us not to worry for after a brief rest he was able to cum several times during the night.

I had not cum yet -- I'm pretty good at holding back.

She now wanted me to start fucking her both in her cunt and ass hole; so we did for awhile as hubby encouraged us on with his comments. His big fat cock had erected again so he stuck it in his wife's mouth to keep her happy.

Then he and I swapped places as he gave her a good wild fuck and I sucked on one of her gorgeous tits.

She was getting pretty excited and started having her orgasm, moaning almost deliriously.

Now I started to cum too and I shot it all over her face and tits as she finished me off.

We rested now for an hour or so watching some of their movies and discussing our tastes. It turned out that I was just one more male on her list of sex pals.

She said she had one pal who is black and a marvelous stud for kinky tastes and he lived not too far away. If I'd like him to join us this night, she would ring him and see if he were free to come over.

So she called Andy and sure enough he was free and would come shortly.

In about a half hour the door bell rang and here appeared this handsome 6 ft. 5 hunk, very dark skinned, with a very smooth beautifully proportioned body. He was wearing white shorts and I could detect a very healthy mound.

It did not take him long to undress and when I saw his swelling cock, uncut, I knew we were in for a really good time and treat.

We all took turns blowing him. Then she lubed herself for easier entry. She decided to ride him so we could play with her tits and she could be sucking someone.

What a display that was -- this very fair skinned woman with this very dark big stud. It was a sight to remember.

After this evening of pleasure we decided to get together on a monthly basis and this great fun continued for 22 years until his work transferred him. But we still keep in touch by mail or phone and hopefully we will rendezvous soon.

Author Profile:  Boyd McDonald
Born in 1925 in South Dakota, Boyd McDonald entered Harvard as a high-school dropout after serving in the army in World War II. Jobs with Time, IBM, and several Wall Street firms preceded Boyd's career as a chronicler of gay sex. He was the founder and editor of Straight to Hell (alternatively the Manhattan Review of Cocksucking), and later published a number of anthologies of true sex histories. Boyd died in September 1993, two months after completing his final book, Scum.

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