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January 1999 Cover
January 1999 Cover

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Argentine Tangle
By Giacomo Tramontagna

Argentine Tangle
Rating: 2 Stars
All Worlds Video. Produced by Mike Donner and Jean Rivera. Photographed and directed by Marco Antonio. Edited by Bob Bradley. Starring Javier Duran, Vladimir Stopar, Erick O'Brien, Nicolas Medrano, Maximiliano Paz, Emmanuel Aldao, Fernando Costa, Mariano Ramirez, Adrian Valdez, Enzo Pettoruti, Alan Montanaro, Marcos Saint-Germain.
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Marco Antonio, the faun-like star of Latins: A Love Story and Club 18-23, moves behind the camera in Argentine Tangle to orchestrate half a dozen sex scenes. Shot on location in Buenos Aires, along the Rio Tigre, and at a country villa, this is an uneven though promising directorial debut. The models-- several Argentineans, a Uruguayan, and an Irishman-- are largely unfamiliar, but you will probably hope that most of them are heard from again. There's a variety of physical types, and a welcome presence of body hair.

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The estate where most of the action takes place is supposed to be the ancestral summer residence of dark-haired, gimlet-eyed wood sprite Javier Duran. "I like to invite some friends over," Javier explains, "because they are very quiet and entertain themselves." Except for an interlude in a city apartment, we're treated to vignettes of Javier's friends entertaining themselves with abandon all over the house and grounds. Standouts include lithe Emmanuel Adao, who practically devours Duran (who wouldn't?), and hairy-chested Marcos Saint-Germain, who wears his long blond hair tied back in a braid.

Unfortunately, Antonio's videography is less accomplished than his direction. His hand-held camerawork is amateurish. He has an unnerving habit of zooming in on elements he wants to stress, like the models' ejaculations, and losing focus in the process. He's also not quite adept at handling multi-partner sex; a foursome never quite fuses, and a threesome ends with the participants jerking off in isolation. Producer Mike Donner or someone also should have told him that if he wanted viewers to get involved in the romantic foreplay between Saint-Germain and Adrian Valdez, it might have been a good idea to ask Valdez to get rid of that wad of gum he keeps chomping on between smooches.

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