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February 2005 Cover
February 2005 Cover

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By Giacomo Tramontagna

Rating: 3 Stars
Directed by J.D. Slater. Edited and photographed by David Hempling. Music by J.D. Slater. Starring Bo Knight, J.C. Carter, Dillon Press, Tony Serrano, Steve Parker, Brendan Austen, and Lance Gear.
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A gifted musician whose scores are among the best ever lavished on gay adult video, J.D. Slater has co-directed a number of Raging Stallion releases with his talented partner, Chris Ward, and has recently begun undertaking projects that are all his own. His solo direction of Hardsex places him on a par with Ward. At two hours and 48 minutes, this video is arguably half an hour too long, but for most of its running time, Hardsex roils with sweat-soaked, semen-splashed sexual exertion.

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The scenario is structured around induction into "The Compound"­ a shadowy play space whose portals are open to men who have learned to "own" their sexuality. In the long, hot opening segment, Lance Gear, looking diabolical in a black jockstrap and boots, puts bearish Steve Parker through the final rigors of pre-Compound sexual training, ordering him to cling unfettered to a metal rack while he slaps and punches his chest; pinches, bites, and applies suction cups to his nipples; squeezes and whacks his cock; and lashes him with a cat-o'-nine-tails.

Unexpectedly, Parker turns around and piston-fucks first Gear, then Australian pig bottom Brendan Austen. Later, at The Compound, Dillon Press and Tony Serrano indulge in reciprocal rimming and fucking; J.C. Carter, Bo Knight, and Parker play with penis pumps; and several cast members confront a "wall of cock"­ at least five disembodied penises poking through apertures in a curtain of camouflage netting. The cast is without exception superb.

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