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May 2006 Cover
May 2006 Cover

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Beyond Perfect
By Giacomo Tramontagna

Beyond Perfect
Rating: 4 Stars
Produced by John Rutherford and Tom Settle. Written and directed by Jerry Douglas. Videography by Max Phillips and Mr. Pam. Edited by Max Phillips. Music by Rock Hard. Starring Brad Patton, Jason Kingsley, Jason Crew, Marc Sterling, Danny Lopez, Andy Briggs, Timmy Thomas, Adam North, Brad Benton, Justin Gemini, Chad Thomas, Pete Ross, Joe Gage.
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Brad Patton, long and blond, returns home to find his boyfriend, fuzzy-chested Jason Kingsley, whomping a stranger on their conjugal bed. The spouses soon wind up in the office of couples counselor Joe Gage. In the course of therapy, they present, Rashomon-style, competing versions of their common past. Recounting their initial meeting at a sex club, or describing extramural flings, each depicts the other as the bigger slut. But fidelity issues aren't really the point. The problem is that each partner defines himself as a top.

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Their therapist brokers a solution by providing Kingsley and Patton with bulbous Lucite butt plugs that prime them for the long, impassioned siege of flip-flop fucking that concludes this latest gem from writer/director Jerry Douglas. Preceding scenes include two versions of their fateful sex-club encounter; Patton's adventure with Marc Sterling at a construction site; Kingsley's dalliance with Brad Benton in a garage; and a revelatory visit to neighbors Pete Ross, Timmy Thomas, and Justin Gemini, whose three-way relationship owes its success to a shared belief in sexual versatility.

Patton, a Swedish-born ex-figure skater, and Kingsley, a working musician in his native South Africa, are natural performers whose chemistry results in sexual nitroglycerin. They're backed by a supercharged supporting cast. In his carefully judged non-sexual role, veteran porn director Gage, a trained actor, combines professional detachment with deadpan wit. The presence of Joe Gage (L.A. Tool and Die), one of the rare directors of gay erotica who knows how to integrate story elements and sexual content, pays tribute to Jerry Douglas, one of his most skillful peers.

DVD extras include commentary by Douglas, executive producer John Rutherford, and Patton, who's viewing Beyond Perfect for the first time.

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