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May 2004 Cover
May 2004 Cover

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The Bouncer
By Giacomo Tramontagna

The Bouncer
Rating: 3 Stars
Produced, written, and directed by Blue Blake. Videography by Andre Adair. Edited by Michael Zen. Music by Rock Hard. Starring Jake Gianelli, Jim Slade, Ben Campezi, Tony Valentino, Jason Hawke, Viktor Perseo, Gage Blake, Tony Cage, Sara Diaz, and Blue Blake.
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Jake Gianelli plays Tony, a bodybuilder who works as a bouncer in a Hollywood club and traffics in steroids on the side (or so it seems). Blue Blake's script isn't fully thought through, but it's edgy and subversive. The screenplay snagged a 2004 GVN award nomination despite a surprise ending that feels like a salvage job. Gianelli's readings of lines like "Keep your fuckin' mouth shut or I'll cut your balls off" may leave some viewers convulsed with laughter, but he has a potent, bullish physicality, and some of the sex is first-rate.

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Blake is fond of throwing Gianelli under a shower head and letting the camera savor him as he soaps up. The star appears in two of the half-dozen sex scenes. In a locker room, Gianelli tops supple young Jason Hawke. In his own bedroom, he tussles with Latino landscapers Viktor Perseo and Ben Campezi (whose real-life wife, Sara Diaz, appears briefly as Tony's girlfriend). There's also a segment where bald-pated, Dumpster-mouthed Tony Valentino puts straight hunk Jim Slade through coercive sexual rigors leading up to a juicy facial cumshot. Solo sequences feature newcomers Gage Blake, masturbating on a rock ledge whose contours complement his musculature, and Tony Cage, flexing in a string bikini that sets off one of the most exquisite posteriors in recent memory.

The script disdains steroid abuse and at the same time presents for our delectation bulked-up models playing characters whose size, it is suggested, owes something to steroids. "Nice steroid dick," Gianelli says as he shoves his fat member in Jason Hawke's face. The best solution is to shut your brain off (and possibly the sound) and let the visuals take over.

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