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Turkey: Activists removed during protest
Poland: Gay erotic art gets major show
Malawi: Languishing in prison¸ man is 'gravely ill'
India: Journalists arrested after blackmail plot
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Poland: Gay erotic art gets major show

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Beginning this month, Poland's National Museum will mount an exhibition of gay erotic art.
The exhibit, called "Ars Homo Erotica," will include more than 200 works dating from antiquity to the 21st century, including Greek vases with frolicking youths, male nudes by old masters and contemporary gay art.
The exhibit, billed as the most comprehensive exhibition of homoerotic art ever presented by a world-class museum, is a surprising move for Poland, which is regarded as one of the more homophobic countries in the European Union.
The exhibition has been put together by Pawe? Leszkowicz, a noted Polish art curator. He is best known for assembling an exhibit of contemporary queer art several years ago.
"Since the fall of Communism," said Leszkowicz, "the trend of gay and lesbian art has developed here."
In Poland, it is common for politicians of all political leanings to express contempt for gays. Former President Lech Kaczynski, who died in a plane crash last month, was famous for saying that gays would bring about the "end of the world."

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