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By Jesse Monteagudo

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Robert Van Damme's
Cocks in Paradise
Czech-born Robert Van Damme is a porn entrepreneur. Discovered by Blue Blake, the openly bisexual Van Damme achieved stardom performing in films produced by Falcon and Hot House. In 2008, Van Damme launched his own studio, RVD Films, where he stars in, writes, directs (with Gino Colbert and Gio Caruso) and produces his own movies. RVD performers, recruited by FabScout -- a talent agency best known for providing escorts for a recent Fort Lauderdale appearance by Connie Francis -- include some of porn's biggest names, most notably Matthew Rush. Like Van Damme himself, RVD men tend to be big, muscular and in their 30s -- the type of men who know what they want to do and who to do it with.
Robert Van Damme's Cocks in Paradise is RVD's best release so far and is further proof that South Florida is fast replacing Southern California as America's dick-flick capital. Filmed at Fort Lauderdale's Coral Reef Guest House, Cocks in Paradise is a 90-minute advertisement for the clothing-optional resort and for Fort Lauderdale. Partners Van Damme and Rush play tourists at the Coral Reef, only to find their relationship strained by all the hot men who hang out by the pool, in the rooms and in the showers. But even the most monogamous couple would be hard pressed to stay faithful at the Coral Reef, populated as it is by the likes of Drake Jayden, Revel Milan, Dallas Reeves and newcomer Brenn Wyson. Hot daddy Tim Kelly and Asian muscle-boy Neo almost steal the movie from Van Damme and Rush with their performance in the Coral Reef's outdoor shower. It's a scene you'll want to see again and again.

Robert Van Damme's
Private Party
RVD's Private Party trilogy is this company's most ambitious project. Here's the set-up: some of the industry's best and hottest stars are invited to a private party by a mysterious and secretive host. Being porn stars, these dudes spend their time at the party doing what they know best, which is fine by me. In addition to the ever-present Van Damme, Private Party 3 features a virtual Who's Who of dick-flick superstars: Tyler Saint, Rick Hammersmith, Arpad Miklos, Jessie Balboa, Aron Ridge, Antonio Milan and my favorite muscle-bear bottom, Coby Mitchell. The story ends with Van Damme's long-anticipated bottom scene, in which Mr RVD gives it up to Tyler Saint.

Robert Van Damme's
Anal Intruder
Produced in 2008, Robert Van Damme's Anal Intruder is the very first RVD production. The movie begins with a literal intruder -- Cayden Banks -- who gets into two types of hot water when he takes a dip in Van Damme's hot tub without an invitation. The rest of the movie features anal (and oral) intrusions by would-be porn stars auditioning for a then--unnamed RVD production: CJ Madison, Peter Axel, Josh West, Antonio Milan and Dean Tucker. As a bonus, Anal Intruder includes an extensive “interview” with Mr Van Damme, during which the auteur talks about himself, his porn and his philosophy.

Robert Van Damme's
Butt Bouncers
The action in Robert Van Damme's Butt Bouncers, the company's second production, takes place in an unnamed bar. Though the first scene, in which Van Damme fucks scrawny bottom Brodie Newport, leaves much to be desired, the action picks up steadily until we get to the movie's explosive climax where bouncer Tyler Saint fucks colleague Coby Mitchell like there's no tomorrow. Also appearing in Butt Bouncers are RVD staples CJ Madison, Peter Axel, Josh West and Dean Tucker.

Author Profile:  Jesse Monteagudo

Jesse Monteagudo is a South Florida-based author and gay film buff.

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